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RSR ROBBINS Research - Canada Politics May 29, 2007
  May 29, 2007

Once again tag team hitmen ROBBINS/Van Rassel expose Liberal environmental 'fraud' strategies in order to save Burke Mountain and ensure sustainable development in Coquitlam. Should ROBBINS and Van Rassel commence to wearing Superman cape and tights while protecting citizens from evil Liberal city councillors?
You aren't going to believe this:

May 22, 2007 May 174, 2007 D R A F T
City of Coquitlam 3000 Guilford Way Coquitlam, BC V3B 7N2 Via mail and Fax: 604-927-3015
Subject: Coquitlam City Council Decision to Remove Low Impact Development (LID) Policy Measures
We are writing in follow-up to the City of Coquitlam’s recent decision regarding to cease implementing the Low Impact Development (LID) measures for stormwater management associated with future developments in the City.
I believe the City and the Department share common goals with respect to maintaining healthy and productive waterways, ensureingensuring smart regulations are in place, and the efficient and effective use of the public funds. To this end, having proactive measures in place to address development activities that have a low risk to environmental harm, without creating an undue hardship on the public, or government resources, is preferential. In addition, it has been our experience that a lack of source control measures for land development projects results in higher costs to the municipality for bank and erosion control, higher than average stormwater & infrastructure wear and tear, higher callout rates for environmental emergency response personnel to deal with water contamination issues, and higher than average public concern over environmental matters in general.
It is our understanding that current scientific evidence strongly indicates that the fish habitat in Coquitlam watercourses cannot sustain their current level of productive capacity if development related stormwater impacts are not adequately mitigated. As an example, we are currently reviewing referrals involving erosion related property loss at locations on Hyde Creek, East Watkins Creek, Como Creek, Smiling Creek and West Smiling Creek. The total expense to be incurred by just these property owners is expected to be in excess of $250,000. Much of this may have been averted if source control measures were in place at the time of subdivision development.
Without adequate protective measures in place, there is a heightened level of risk that DFO must consider during our review of development proposals in this area. DFO is also concerned that in the absence of clear guidelines, it may become increasingly difficult for developers to achieve and comply with the habitat protection provisions of the Fisheries Act. In the absence of collaborative and integrated low impact stormwater management plans, in order to meet Fisheries Act requirements, a more onerous regulatory regime may need to be implemented which could result in more time and resources being expended by proponents and regulators alike to assess individual alterations, disturbances and possible destruction of fish habitat before such works could be considered for authorization.
A considerable amount of effort and work by both DFO and City staff over the last decade has been directed at developing integrated stormwater management plans that support sustainable development and habitat protection. It is hoped that this work will not be lost, and that other processes could be identified so that mitigative measures could be developed to meet our common goals.
I would be pleased to meet with you at your earliest convenience to discuss this matter further. Our contact to arrange such a meeting is ------- who can be reached at 604-666-2409.
In conclusion, I look forward to a mutually beneficial resolution of this issue and I trust that DFO and the City can continue to work together collaboratively to address contemporary stormwater management challenges as part of our collective commitment to sustainable development.
Sincerely yours, original signed by:
A/Area Director Lower Fraser Area

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