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ROBBINS Re-Release of January 2004 'raid on the legislature 'snapshot'!
2nd leg as ROBBINS dismantles major BC institutions-political-judicial-more to come-  Jan 11, 2008

A random telephone survey of 375 British Columbians between January 2 and 3, 2004 including 200 from the lower mainland of British Columbia, 120 from the North and Interior including the Okanagan Region, Northern Region, and Kootenay Region, as well as 55 from North, Mid and Southern Vancouver Island.
This survey features a margin of error of between 2-5%, 18 times out of 20, @ 97% competency (owing to the fact that respondents were 'voters'0.

Question #1
Are you confident in, and do you trust the justice system including Judges in British Columbia?
Yes    34 %
No    41 %
Question #2
Which of the following statements BEST depicts how you see Finance Minister Gary Collins role in the raid on the BC Legislature?
He is not telling the truth, he knows more than he is letting on    56 %
Just like Mr. Collins says 'this is a complete surprise to him'    26 %
Neither    18 %
Question #3
In your opinion should BC Supreme Court Justice Dohm unseal the police warrants which led to the raid on the BC Legislature, and allow the Media and the Public to see the information and allegations which led to the warrants being granted in the first place?
Yes    81 %
No    15 %
Not Sure    04 %
Question #4
Do you trust BC Liberal Attorney General Geoff Plant?
Yes    32 %
No    53 %
Undecided    15 %
Question #5
The Attorney General's Office has appointed a special prosecutor to the matter involving the raid on the BC Legislature and the documents presently before the Courts. The Special Prosecutor comes from the same law firm as Attorney General Geoff Plant. In your opinion is there a conflict of interest between the Attorney General and appointment of the Special Prosecutor?
Yes    77 %
No    18 %
Don't Know    05 %
Question #6
In your opinion would it be better to have an Attorney General who is?
A lawyer and member of the BC Law Society    24 %
A non lawyer who is not a member of the BC Law Society    67 %
Undecided    09 %
Commentary (original) The respondents in this Railgate survey are disturbed at the events unfolding before them. Confidence in our institutions particularly the Courts and our Parliament are hanging precariously in the balance. Gary Collins does not draw high trust numbers, primarily because Premier Campbell and his party the BC Liberals do not.
Most of the respondents were of the opinion that Gary Collins knew more than he was saying. This would contradict public statements by Mr. Collins wherein he asserted that the raid "was a surprise to him."
British Columbians want to see the contents of the warrants which led up to the raid on the BC Legislature. During the course of the survey Supreme Court Justice Dohm Ordered that the warrants remain under Court Seal for another two weeks until 'protocols' have been put in place.
British Columbians want a non lawyer as Attorney General. They understand that there ought to be separation between Church and State, and that there should also be separation between the Parliament and the Courts.
Addendum June 7, 2007
Obviously this ROBBINS poll of nearly 3 three years ago will be vindicated in the coming months as BC Supreme Court Justice Bennett has provided the Basi/Virk defence lawyers with an unprecedented sweeping Order for all documents, emails etc. relating to this matter.
It appears the Courts want to break the 'hold' that Parliament has had on them for years and the opportunity in 2004 to protect the BC Liberals for the 2005 general provincial election.
The Courts, the Police, and Parliament (maybe the press too) are currently fighting over who has the 'most of the least' credibility with BC citizens.
BC Supreme Court Justice Dohm's law partner is Mobina Jaffer who ran in the general federal election in 1997 and who was made a Senator a few years later.
This case was 'held up' for no good reason for much too long, and it appears to any right thinking individual that the BC Supreme Court must have played an unnecessary role in the delays.
Will Madame Justice Bennett's sweeping Order include emails, correspondence etc between Chief Justice Patrick Dohm, than Attorney General Geoff Plant, or former Justice and now BC Liberal AG Wally Oppal.
If a sweeping Order in necessary now, why did Justice Dohm close this file up so tight three years ago?
The public deserves full and complete answers to ALL of these questions.
Addendum: Jan 11, 2008 Think about this-the average British Columbian likely pays 40-50% of income (all inclusive) to pay for government, courts, police etc.
Why? Where is the value? ROBBINS is no anarchist-but certainly any right thinking individual can begin to see that in BC there really is no democracy, simply the illusion of it. The Courts are ornate, the architecture compelling. The lawyers wear robes and everyone rises when the Judge walks in. Is there any justice for the average taxpayer/citizen? Look at the numbers---we've been polling this stuff for many years (1998).
Politicians-I need not make my case. A low majority of citizens vote--turn-out constantly decreases. Even dutiful Ontario's recent provincial in the 50's. Why? people are finding out its corrupt---likely even crooked/criminal.
There are very few citizens (not hooked up to a party or other benefit) who believe in the system. BC is beautiful, but as a democracy it is a 'dump', a toilet. Can the average person do anything about it? Not really. To get involved you need to be connected---to run you need to be in on the inside. There is nothing you can do, and you and I both know it. You are trapped into paying taxes. Many of you who write in tell me story after story about how the government doesn't work. Government in BC (Canada?) is based upon the illusion of working, because most people don't actively use government services.
The bottom line, police protection---are you really safe?
Many BC governments in the past decade or so have been awful. As partisan as this is---the BC Liberal government under Gordon Campbell is awful. The businesses who support him with large donations should be boycotted. In the coming months ROBBINS will be posting the names of BC business that support this 'sick' regime, and will ask you whenever possible to not support these businesses.
Try within the law to limit to the extent you can, the money the government takes from you. If you vote, don't vote for any incumbents-make a point of voting for any other person or party who is an outsider. This is how we send a powerful message.
The Government of BC is in our opinion-(Constitution Act, 1982 Schedule B Constitution Act, 1982; Part 1 Charter of Rights and Freedoms-Fundamental Freedoms (2) Everyone has the following freedoms (b) freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication; essentially an organized institutionalized 'mafia', to the extent that we understand what mafia is---organized crime.
If you are one of the tens of thousands of Americans who come to this site-tell your friends and pass this around. BC is crooked government for decent (but docile) people.
Don't spend your money here. Not a dime.
Glen P. Robbins.

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