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The Best Premier BC never had: Will the BC Rail story be Sweet Revenge for Gordon Wilson?
Why are the police and news media so interested in this story? Retro Release from February 2004, AND 2007  Feb 02, 2004

A February 2004 ROBBINS Re-release
ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) has recently submitted to BC Government Offices a recent survey, also submitted to mainstream media involving in part, questions and commentary relating to an affair involving Premier Gordon Campbell and Lara Daphinne who works in the Premier's Office.
This matter was first raised in Frank Magazine out of Ottawa in two separate articles published in 2003.
Many in the press have indicated that this (apparent) extra marital affair is not relevant to Mr. Campbell's ability to do his job properly (That of course would raise the issue of whether or not he is doing or is capable of doing his job properly).
We aren't here to judge this man's character on the basis of an affair alone. It has more to do with who he is having the affair with.
Having said that, it is fair to say that any individual who is intimate, particularly involving a sexual relationship could be privy to 'bedroom' secrets. Certainly it is well documented that many secrets involving Nazi Officers during World War II were obtained through 'pillow talk'. This could include 'inside' information relating to the sale of Crown Assets. These Crown Assets could impact on the bcIMC (the government's massive employee pension fund), of which the aforementioned Ms. Daphinne may likely have an interest, as an employee in the Premier's Office.
In addition, Ms. Daphinne and others may have knowledge of other equities or shares which comprise this pension portfolio which may be affected either positively or negatively by such government action.
If as the Frank article asserts, that Ms. Daphinne is intimate with the Premier, than these possibilities certainly exist, particularly in light of the recent activities with the RCMP raiding both Finance and Transportation Ministry Offices. In my opinion it is important to properly investigate the relationship the Premier is having with this woman.
If Gordon Campbell is careless enough to drink and drive, and this woman accompanies him on his travels, than it is certainly possible that he is likely careless enough to tell her 'inside' information, or at least confide in her some of the issues relating to his job, in a similarly way a man may speak to his wife about such matters.
What private investment portfolios does this woman own? Is it possible she holds accounts for the Premier? Does she have control or discretion over 'nominee' accounts for anyone including family members, or perhaps for the Premier himself?
Does she on behalf of the Premier, or either of them hold accounts with the Premier's son who works in the financial markets in New York?
Are there private accounts held by either of these individuals, their nominees or assigns in the Cayman Islands or other offshore designations which will hide money? Remember, Accenture operates the administration of BC Hydro through their offshore offices.
ROBBINS through polling has reasonably proven that the public is of the opinion that Premier Campbell and his wife are not trustworthy. The Premier opened the door to have his marriage challenged when he went on Global TV (Gordon Campbell TV) and insisted he had a good marriage.
If he has a relationship with Ms. Daphinne than it must be presumed that he doesn't have a very good marriage relative to most standards, particularly if the 'other' relationship is with someone in his office, WHO IS PULLING IN $160,000 A YEAR PLUS!!
Also, if these allegations are not refuted than they are presumed to be true. When there is an investigation involving government offices, and allegations of potential drug trafficking, and money laundering (and other) than ALL of these relationships must be examined. To not do so is an abuse of the public by the media that ought to investigate all of this, not cover it up.
It is well known that Finance Minister Gary Collins was the individual who found the love letters that BC best Premier who never was, Gordon Wilson who was the leader of the BC Liberal Party at the time, had written to his girlfriend and now wife, Judy Tyabji.
The press were all too eager to work with this affair. So why hands off Campbell? It's not as if his girlfriend was a worker at Starbuck's. The press went after Gordon Wilson and Judy Tyabji because there was a conspiracy to kick Wilson out, after he had brought the party back from the dead, in order to accommodate Gordon Campbell's desire to be leader of that Party.
Scandals are evidently important to the press depending on who is having the scandal. Gordon Wilson was a populist and not part of the establishment, and Gordon Campbell IS the establishment's puppet.
Now Gary Collins is a major part of BC Railgate. All in, it's fair to say that Gary Collins is a pretty slimy character.
The mainstream press went to great lengths to ruin Gordon Wilson, at least as leader of the BC Liberal Party.
They won't do anything to bother Gordon Campbell. Certainly its one rule for some, and another for the rest of us, even if you're Gordon Wilson.
Yet, Gordon Campbell's girlfriend mistress or whatever, who actually works in his office, is not asked any questions.
Addendum June 2007
With Madame Justice Elizabeth Bennett's most recent 'sweeping' for any communications involving the investigation relating to the sale of BC Rail, maybe its time Gordon Campbell's girlfriend were asked a few questions don't you think?

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