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Read this: ROBBINS foresaw conflict between Olympics and Health Care in 2003
Where the hell is the mainstream press? With Newman leaving, BC should clean up shitty mainstream news!  Jun 10, 2007

When reading this retro poll (the first of many to be re-published as we 'photograph' the death of Gordon Campbell as Premier), and particularly this one, it is important to consider the theory suggested by the questions in this 2003 ROBBINS poll, which is that the Vancouver 2010 Olympics would eventually impact on social programs, particulary education and health. It is presently clear that poverty is an important issue as is homelessness, but the first casualty in Campbell's war after the shocking Supreme Court of Canada ruling will be his treatment of health care workers. Gordon Campbell's bully tactics will now impact on the bottom line of every other province which has pulled the same stunts, and the cost to taxpayers in terms of both dollars and health care has/will be the same.
With the United States having their first serious conversations about universal health care, (particularly the Democrats and expected nominee Hillary Clinton speaking the most loudly), Gordon Campbell's direction on health is not only misguided, it is completely out of synch with where the people are going. With the decline in support for Vancouver's Olympics steadily increasing, it will be interesting to engage British Columbians on their current opinions with respect to the massive Olympic costs relative to other more staple needs of the BC community. In any event, the faster the BC Liberals can get rid of Campbell, the faster the province has an opportunity to recalibrate our emerging needs for modern times and not the eighties or nineties where this fellow and his followers are stuck. Clearly, this guy and his cronies don't get it, wont' get it, don't want to get it, simply because they don't give a shit about British Columbians. The BC Liberal Party as it presently exists is simply designed to facillitate the needs of Gordon Campbell and his rich Vancouver friends. The rest of the mopes that hang around for crumbs enabling this groups of thugs and bullys are really the scum of the earth. The newspapers and other mainstream media in this province I can without any hesitation now state is pure unadulterated garbage. A recycling of old names and faces and other sychophants whose only credibility is to pronounce fires and car accidents. Their coverage of political news is as I say, pure garbage. More will be revealed later.
ROBBINS has 'polls in the vault' on the Olympics which clearly indicate that total costs over and above 6 billion dollars (all in) (circa 2003 when support for the Olympics was higher)will dramatically erode. Current operational costs are 2.5 billion, construction for Canada Line and Sea-to-Sky (at one half allocated to Olympics, brings this cost to 5-6 billion before security costs (estimated by liars at 150 million-when real costs will be 600 million to a billion whether its RCMP or not). We are at 6 billion now with costs expected to escalate beyond this. Every additional step that Gordon Campbell takes as Premier is another step that the province takes toward the sewer. Please re-read that statement. His health care miscue may cost upwards of one billion dollars. How much will the ROBBINS lawsuit eventually cost?

Question #1
Which of the following three statements relating to the 2010 Winter Olympic bid, best reflects your present position about your commitment to support the bid?
I am 100% committed to supporting the bid    55 %
I am 100% commited to opposing the bid    22 %
I am 100% uncommitted    23 %
Question #2
If the BC Liberal government makes cuts in the February 2003 provincial budget to Education in the Province of British Columbia, will you oppose Vancouver's 2010 Winter Olympic Bid?
Yes    37 %
No    63 %
Question #3
If the BC Liberal government makes cuts in the February 2003 provincial budget to Health Care in the Province of British Columbia, will you oppose Vancouver's 2010 Winter Olympic Bid?
Yes    50 %
Yes    50 %
Since our last survey relating to the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Bid December 5-9, 2002, support for the 2010 Winter Olympic bid has remained unchanged. In that independent survey, 75% of respondents generally supported the bid.
Respondents in this survey do not feel that potential cuts to education in the February 2003 budget will seriously jeopardize support for the Vancouver 2010 bid. However, NDP respondents become split on whether to support the bid, or education in BC.
Respondents in this survey reveal they will not provide majority support for the 2010 Olympic bid, if cuts to health are produced in the February 2003 budget.
Those respondents who said they would likely vote for the BC Liberals if a provincial election were held tomorrow, support virtually en masse, the 2010 bid. This support is constant throughout the survey.
Those respondents who said they would most likely vote for the Green Party oppose the 2010 bid, and their lack of support remains constant throughout the survey.
Those respondents who are other/undecided are predominantly committed to 100% support of the bid, with their numbers increasing in general support of the bid, measured against the education question, and remaining relatively strong through the health care question.

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