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Campbell's Whistler friends get 'special advantage' and tax breaks
Bear in mind that Vancouver City residents own approximately 40% of Whistler properties, while West Vancouver residents own another 10-15%.  Jun 13, 2007

There are two more things emerging as more fact than conjecture. The allegation that Gordon Campbell is the Mayor of BC is well founded. All of his actions, from tax breaks for the rich in his first term (billions) to his pre-occupation with the Olympics while the rest of the Province 'runs down', indicates a sole focus to make his rich friends richer, the middle class overwhelmed, and the poor less then that, (however lower that can be).
His conduct over health care contracts (please read Vancouver Sun's columnist Vaughn Palmer's recent articles-who wouldn't want to write like this?), to realize to what extent this man will go to screw over other people places and things if it suits him.
Campbell actually believed the 77 seats he received in his first term was for him. They weren't, he got those seats because the public was angry with the NDP.
Now we get to observe to what extent the mainstream news will try to keep Campbell alive, while he is certain to die. Will BC's Caesar die a natural death, or will someone or a group in his caucus do the right thing and Kevorkian this creep so that he isn't permitted to burn the earth?
ROBBINS will give the remaining BC Liberal caucus 60 days from today's date before we start airing more dirty laundry.
Something to think about eh?

The 2007 Property Tax Notices were mailed May 18, 2007. The 2007 property taxes and utilities are due July 3, 2007. Home Owner Grant The Home Owner Grant is a provincial program to help qualified property owners reduce their property taxes. To qualify for this grant: you must be a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant and a permanent resident of British Columbia; and you must be the registered owner of the home on which the grant is being claimed; and the home must be your principal residence. More information about this grant can be accessed at
Residential Property Assistance Program The Province of British Columbia and the Resort Municipality of Whistler have agreed on a program to provide relief from school property taxes for the 2007 tax year. If you are a resident Whistler homeowner, you may be eligible for a grant in 2007 under the Residential Property Assistance Program. If eligible, the grant is provided in two parts: 1. Home Owner Grant Top Up equal to the full value of the Provincial Home Owner Grant, for homes valued at more than $950,000 and up to $2 million. The amount of the grant will be $570 for most resident homeowners or $845 for resident homeowners over the age of 65 and homeowners who qualify for the additional grant. (Home owners receiving a partial Provincial Home Owner Grant under the regular program, will receive a supplementary amount to bring the total grant received up to the maximum amount of $570 and $845 respectively.) Applicants who have applied for the new Low Income grant supplement from the Home Owner Grant administration are not eligible for this top up. 2. School Tax Rebate for homeowners, based on a reduction in the provincial school tax rate. The amount of this portion of the grant will be different for each eligible property based on assessed value. Applications for Grants under this program must be received by December 31, 2007 to qualify for this program. No extensions will be granted. To qualify homeowners must meet the eligibility requirements of the Home Owner Grant Act. For the 2007 Residential Property Assistance Program, click here. 37.83 Kb
Methods of Payment Internet or telephone banking. You may pay with these options if you are a member of a financial institution that offers these services. Please contact your local financial institution for information of the availability of this payment option. Your folio/roll number is your reference/account number (9 digits, no decimal). If you've sold your property or changed locations, contact your financial institution to update the account information, otherwise you might pay someone else's taxes. Pay in person at most Canadian financial institutions. You must present the original remittance advice with payment. Photocopies cannot be processed through the banking system. If paying on the due day, please check your bank stamp to ensure the proper date. If using a bank machine, keep your receipt. Mail or deliver cheque to municipal hall early enough to be received before the deadline. Cheques may be postdated for the due date to ensure timely payment processing. In person at municipal hall, 4325 Blackcomb Way, Whistler BC V0N 1B4. Deposit in the secure after-hours mail slot at the front entrance of municipal hall on or before due date. CREDIT CARDS ARE NOT ACCEPTED FOR PAYMENT OF TAXES OR UTILITIES. Pre-Authorization Payment Options: The Resort Municipality of Whistler also offers a Pre-authorized Withdraw plan (PAWS) for tax and utility payments. We have two options available for the PAWS plan: One-time and Monthly. One-Time payment plan: authorizes the Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW) to withdraw the full amount of your annual tax and utility billing on the tax due date.
Monthly payment plan: authorizes the RMOW to withdraw a fixed amount on the first business day of each month from August through May of each year as prepayment for the following year's taxes. This amount is determined by you, and can only be changed or cancelled with your written authorization. Any outstanding balance or credit will be indicated on the tax notice sent to you at the end of May each year. You are responsible for paying the balance on your account prior to the tax due date to avoid penalties, or you can authorize RMOW to withdraw this balance automatically on the tax due date by circling YES for this option on the monthly form. Download the monthly payment plan form. Download form to change or cancel your monthly plan payment. If you're eligible for the Home Owner Grant you must indicate this on the form and send or bring in your Home Owner Grant application prior to the tax due date each year to avoid penalties. All taxes must be paid in full prior to starting either plan. Please read the forms carefully to determine which plan will best suite your needs, and be sure to include a blank, VOID check when you return your completed form.

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