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More information on house tax breaks for rich Whistler residents
  Jun 17, 2007

BC Tax payers subsidizing Whistlers Property Taxes!
Re-release 06/12/2007 British Columbians Are subsidizing Whistlers property taxes. There is a cut off threshold of $780,000.00 and then the tax payer cannot apply for the home owners grant of $570.00 to help pay the property tax assessed on the property. But the only Exception is Whistler BC where the threshold is in the $1,000,000.00 dollar area or close to it. The explanation I got is because the property is worth so much more then the rest of BC. Now my understanding about Whistler is to own property there you need to be making allot of money,,so logic dictates you can afford not to get the $570.00 grant. So my conclusion is the average wage earner in BC is subsidizing the rich! What's with that!?
A kind person emailed me a web sight as to how the grant system works for Whistle. It is a two part grant part one is as we know it and part two is based on a reduction in the provincial school tax. Web Sight no longer active; It is Based on Property valued from $685,000.00 to $2,000,000.00. My favorite part is, It is to provide relief from school property taxes

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