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What do British Columbians think about the honest and integrity of politicians-find out the truth!
  Mar 17, 2004

A random telephone survey of 403 British Columbians contacted throughout the entire province between March 14-19, 2004. Respondents were qualified as follows: In the May 2001 BC provincial election they voted BC Liberals (51%), BC NDP-(24%), other-(24%.
There were 195 female and 208 male respondents, no statistical adjustment was made relating to gender. The survey has a margin of error of 3.4%, 17 times out of 20 @96%.

Question #1
Prime Minister Paul Martin insists that "he is going to change the way Ottawa works, come hell or high water." In your opinion as a British Columbian do you believe that either federal or provincial politics in terms of honesty, integrity and fairness will improve?
Yes-39.95%; No-60.65%     %
Question #2
Provincially at this time, which of the following three political parties do you favour the most?
BC Liberals-25.81%; BC NDP-36.72%; Conservative Party-30.72%; Green-04%     %
The majority of respondents in this BC poll do not believe that honesty, integrity, and fairness will improve in "either federal or provincial politics", no matter Prime Minister Paul Martin's "come hell or high water promise".
Of the 195 women in this survey, nearly (60%) answered 'yes' to question one. In glaring contract, only (23%) of men felt the same way. This question split more on gender lines than on political party lines. It is pretty clear that men have figured out the political system is highly corrupt and choreographed.

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