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Metro Vancouver Poll-Vanoc Olympic size Yacht-the last straw
ROBBINS calls on British Columbians to legally avoid taxes wherever possible  Jun 21, 2007

Glen P. Robbins, President and CEO of ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) announces that ROBBINS 'insiders' report that Vanoc has "either purchased or leased a multi-million dollar Yacht for the express purpose of entertaining elites associated with the Olympic Games." This yacht purchase/lease plus major upgrades was not reported in the just released budget.
Sources tell ROBBINS that the purchase or lease of the multi million dollar Yacht took place "over one year ago".
This news comes on the heel of a recent CKNW news report indicating that nearly 50 million dollars of taxpayer's money has been set aside for bonuses for Vanoc 'staff'. (Just like the raises for MLA's-no one wants to stay on and back Vanoc's duplicity without big bucks).
Robbins now takes the position that anyone who reads this information ought to pass on to friends and associates, to commence a campaign to "whenever and however within the context of a reasonable person's understanding of the law, to take every effort to NOT pay provincial taxes".
Concludes ROBBINS "clearly the game of politics and even a residual understanding of the expectations of democracy would suggest that this province under this leader (among others) exists exclusively to rob people of their tax dollars and retain these dollars for their family, friends, associates, girlfriends, boyfriends, mistresses, concubines, drinking buddies, and other associated criminals, and miscreants with a minimum provision for paid social services. "It's a con job, its corrupt, and we should stop giving them money whenever, however, wherever this is legally possibly." ROBBINS researchers and sponsor Jim Van Rassel of Coquitlam suggests that "we are at the end of our ability to put up with this lowering of ethical standards in government. Taxpayers are at the end of their rope, a rope which would be more fitting around the Premier's political neck."
"The Premier seems more intent on taking money for his friends Olympic party and yachting, on selling long held assets of the province, including endowment lands for aboriginal chiefs and generally treating taxpayer money like it is his own." (how far from the real truth is this?). Are land claims really just an excuse to rinse assets (land) from the Agricultural Land Reserve to the aboriginals, where outside the glare of the public scrutiny, elected officials, their companies, their friends and associates and some chiefs can develop their vision for condo development or other types of money making essentially subsidized by the taxpayer. (More about this and the Olympics later).
Both Robbins and Van Rassel want this Premier out of office fast, and demand that changes be made with equal dispatch with Vanoc including full transparency and accountability. Mr. Pattison, where are you on all of this?
If taxpayers stop volunteering payments to the provincial government they will begin to take more seriously the level of charges coming at them. ROBBINS will continue to implore readers (citizens) to avoid paying taxes (legally) wherever humanly possible. The con game is on from government. If they aren't giving their friends rich contracts, and contract settlements, they are also moving to asset rinsing for their personal benefit. The Olympics may become the biggest smoke and mirrors yet to deflect the people from watching what the real play is---Oceans 15, the systematic robbery of BC Assets for personal gain. Remember, you heard it here first! (Think the mainstream press is going to tell you this stuff-and you know they know).

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