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Metro Vancouver Poll-ROBBINS give Port Coquitlam City Hall a 'glance'.
Avoid paying taxes whenever, wherever (legally) possible!  Jun 24, 2007

A random telephone sample of 125 residents of Port Coquitlam between June 12 and 18th, 2007 who are homeowners in Port Coquitlam. This ROBBINS 'quick survey' has a plus or minus error rate of 7.5%, 19 times out of 20 @99% competency/confidence. Jim Van Rassel of Coquitlam (604) 328-5398 paid for this ROBBINS 'quick survey'.

Question #1
Port Coquitlam Mayor Scott Young is staying on despite criminal charges against him. His trial is scheduled for early 2008. Are you willing to let Scott Young stay on as Mayor until his criminal trial has concluded?
Yes    42 %
No    58 %
Question #2
Is there someone on city council (other than Mayor Scott Young) that you can think of that in your opinion would be a good Mayor for Port Coquitlam?
Yes    22 %
No    78 %
Question #3
In your opinion would you prefer that someone who is not either Mayor or a city councillor in Port Coquitlam, become the next Mayor of the city?
Yes    52 %
No    48 %
A distinct majority of Port Coquitlam residents based on the numbers in this ROBBINS 'quick' survey, do not want Scott Young to stay on as Mayor.
A larger majority however cannot 'think' of a current city councillor they want to replace the Mayor.
A majority of respondents want someone who is neither the current Mayor nor currently on Port Coquitlam city council to become the next Mayor.
Sometimes in politics you live or die by the actions of your leader, even if that leader has essentially no more voting power than the city councillors who make decisions on city policy with the Mayor.
Prior to Scott Young's legal troubles, Port Coquitlam had lifted itself away from the stigma of the alleged murders at the Pickton farm, and city council became the envy of the lower mainland.
That was before. Now the Mayor and city council has squandered their political capital and there is only residual confidence in the political operation of the city.
The Mayor's numbers have improved, but only in the abstract sense of who will put off the hanging until after his criminal trial, should he lose. Residents remain unhappy about Mr. Young's staying on but feel there is nothing anyone can (or will) do. City councillors appeared impotent in the face of the allegations and the storm of protest which accompanied Scott Young's decision to stay on.
A pox on both the Mayor's and city councils 'houses'.
Residents in Port Coquitlam could care less what the provincial government or the UBCM are doing to solve the problems encountered by Mayor Scott Young's difficulties. The general suspects that inhabit the various and sundry clubs in the community offer little more than gossip or partisan opinion, so what does this mean to the average resident? Absolutely squat.
The message in Port Coquitlam is 'we aren't happy, and maybe the whole lot of you should be turfed'.
This ROBBINS 'quick survey' reflects not just a growing discontentment in Port Coquitlam about elected officials, but also a general lack of confidence in the operation of government. With CUPE workers in city hall receiving high grades from recent ROBBINS polling, it must be a source of some annoyance to them that their reputation becomes a little sullied because the politicians's can't get it right.
Coquitlam city council has no direction and no vision. Mayor Maxine Wilson calls for a vision, but constantly claims to be only a facillitator. Where is Coquitlam's vision? Lou Sekora's 'remember when', Richard Stewarts's 'what do you want me to do and what's in it for me?' The fact is that an awful lot of amateur politicians are taking jobs as paid professionals. With alot on the line in the Tri-city region this creates a desperate situation for the rest of us who want to rely on elected officials but cannot, owing largely to the fact that many are not sufficiently competent to do the complete job. A complete job is clearly articulating a position, and I don't just mean in the local public relations tabloids, I mean starting with work with citizens at Moose Hall meetings and in homes, expressing a vision for the future of the area. A vision which is clear and not just a compilation of boring platitudes and 'pat' lines. This shit is so 80's, and trust me when I say this: ROBBINS will be around long after these folks are long gone. Just because the local press is willing to give politician's a pass by accepting badly constructed positions on issues doesn't let them off the hook on accountability. The communication does not take hold in the public domain unless it is clear. Much of what is presented in mainstream news is a kind of textbook reporting of some facts underscored by quotes which mean nothing. The story passes muster as 'proper' by journalistic standards, but no-one other than the politician and the news medium benefit, because the average person reading the news is unable to decipher the presentation into anything remotely digestable.
Mayor Joe Trasolini has done some wonderful things in Port Moody, but the overall complete lack of integrity on his part and the part of the lemmings on his city council whose efforts look more like a wine and cheese get together at a PAC meeting, rather than a serious attempt at developing a vision for the future, are shameful. Mayor Joe and his 'strategists' at city hall seem to be able to get away with conduct that no reasonable person would accept and somehow mollify city councillors who look like subordinates rather than peers. A lack of experience, understanding of issues, and apparent psychological incongruences are likely contributors to this awful example of democracy not in action.
The number of respondents who suggest that paid politicians need more specific schooling in politics is not just a coincidence. Local politicians I meet are sometimes nice people but politically they are arrogant and don't understand politics or communications very well or at all. Politics is an art and a science and when elected people understand little of either, even if is it just at the local level, than everyone suffers. There are many in the community that know they could do a better job (and no it isn't the money), it is the fact that they dont' want to be stuck working for or with the current batch of politicians in the area, and that's too bad.
Local politicians remind me a little of some school teachers I meet who take the attitude that they are the ones with the knowledge and expertise so leave them to their job.
I dont' think so. I think I am going to watch over you like a hawk.
Politics in cities and municipalities in the growing GVRD require individuals with sophisticated knowledge of all things political, and how these things properly and effectively impact on their job description. It is far more than joining organizations that help re-elect them in the midst of pitiful voter turnouts. It is far more than Roberts Rules. In an area where everyone either wants to come or should want to come to live, it is about attracting intelligent people with clear visions for the regions future. We are stuck with an awful lot of rhetoric, self congratulatory and self serving 'civic awards', but no truly intelligent people, or at least people who are exhibiting their intelligence. We already have bureaucracies, we already have staffing, we don't need to elect and pay more paper shufflers, and no more sneaks. Trasolini's land purchase on St. John's and his being kicked out of Translink votes is enough for him to resign. Scott Young should resign, and pretty clearly there are a number of people on Coquitlam's city council who DO NOT have the public interest in the mind.
Getting elected by between 5 and 25% of the population is not a mandate for 3 years of smugness or arrogance. It is a pretty strong suggestion that people either think the city runs better on its own without the politicians or worse, that the people don't think your competent and simply put up with you.
ROBBINS says, either decide to walk the walk of public service (and I don't mean sitting on a bunch of charity boards or local organizations pretending you're a big fish in a small pond), I'm talking about understanding people and learning about proper communication and an understanding of how to properly and effectively do the job, or take a hike and let someone better have your seat in council.
What we currently have in Port Coquitlam, Coquitlam and Port Moody isn't very good, in fact to be fair, it stinks.
Addendum: A comment from Arlene Crowe, Port Coquitlam city councillor, followed by additional comment from Glen P. Robbins
----- Original Message ----- From: Councillor Arlene Crowe To: Jim Van Rassel ; Councillor Michael Wright ; Mayor Scott Young ; Councillor Darrell Penner ; Councillor Greg Moore ; Councillor Mike Forrest ; Councillor Mike Bowen
Dear Jim.
Thanks for conveying your thoughts and polling results. I would like to bring your attention to one point you have made in your pre-amble.
“Politics is an art and a science and when elected people understand little or either, even if it is just at the local level, than everyone suffers”.
We suffer because our Mayor understands the art of politics, just look at his career record, all very planned. As mentioned in previous news releases he considers this to be a “profession” and his arrogance will continue to embarrass Port Coquitlam. Thanks Arlene Crowe.
From Glen P. Robbins
Although I understand the point Ms. Crowe makes, I would say that if her assertion regarding the Mayor's 'approach' being more 'artful', I would suggest that it would behoove others in office to be more artful in order to counter balance the skill set Ms. Crowe is alluding to. If one is an elected official in say Hohum City, than to be an artful politician would be a little over the top, but the larger developing cities and municipalities ought to elect people with a broader skill set, notwithstanding how that might irritate those in office who perceive themselves as more 'straightforward'. Real politik is an essential method of BEST operating elected politics. If operated properly vacuums are less likely to emerge and a better democracy will always be the result.
Accordingly, for every one elected person who is 'artful' in their approach to politics, there ought to be another who is a counter balance in the art of politics within the 'elected culture', in this case Port Coquitlam city hall.
If Mayor Scott Young is artful, and no city councillors are, than it is not the fault of Mayor Scott Young for being artful, it is the fault of the city councillors, (or at least one of them) for not being artful.
That is why in this ROBBINS snapshot, the city councillors did not do as well as the Mayor relatively speaking, when any reasonable person would say this is not a fair outcome.
Yet, one respondent at a time created a picture which deems the Mayor is having more success despite his problems, and city council is having less because of the Mayor's problems.
Artful indeed.
A similar situation has occurred in Coquitlam city politics where councillors Sekora, Stewart and the other new guy are complaining about interference from DFO on properties in the Burke Mountain region.
Yet, the Village Idiot would have foreseen that Global Warming issues impacting federal political decisions would trickle down to the 'grassroots', and specifically to the LID program which a majority of city councillors stupidly knocked off the table.
The Notice of Motion to remove even a residual implementation of that 'Green' issue (which has been proven for years despite the protestations by these hillbillys), was poorly conceived. It was shortsighted, unintelligent, and indeed not artful.
Now friends and associates of these elected officials are going to get hammered, because they are not on the same wavelength as the highest government. Did any one of these dimwits see this coming. I mean really.
The artful approach city councillors ought to take in dealing with artful Mayor Scott Young, is the next time there is a city council meeting the moment Scott Young sits down in his Mayor's Chair, all of the city councillors should get up and leave.
The resulting spin from this is either the people say "Oh for crying out loud do the city business", which means they will put up with Scott Young until later on, or the people will say "Now, that's what I'm talking about, that's what I expect my elected officials to do."
(Only in British Columbia is FREE advice likely better than paid for stuff).

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