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Metro Vancouver/BC ROBBINS drops L Boy 2 Omnibus
  Jul 05, 2007

A representative sample of 10,963 British Columbians between June 28-July 4, 2007. This ROBBINS Little Boy 2 poll features a margin of error of 4.55%, 19 times out of 20 @99% competency/confidence. This poll was sponsored by ROBBINS MediaWorks, Jim Van Rassel of Coquitlam (604) 328-5398 and a third party.

Question #1
In your opinion are British Columbians being told the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Bid costs?
Yes    31 %
No    58 %
Undecided    11 %
Question #2
Over the past six months has your support (either negative, positive, or neutral) for the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games?
Increased    02 %
Decreased    11 %
Stayed the Same    72 %
Undecided    15 %
Question #3
Currently, is it your opinion that the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games is good for the province?
Yes    37 %
No    50 %
Undecided    13 %
Question #4
Small businesses located on Cambie Street in Vancouver BC where the Canada Line (formerly the RAV Line) is being built, are claiming to be losing millions owing to this construction. These businesses want compensation saying the BC Liberals promised minimal interference with their business, which has allegedly not turned out to be the truth. The BC Liberals including Premier Gordon Campbell, Finance Minister Carole Taylor, and Transportation Minister Kevin Falcon say “No” to this demand for compensation. In your opinion should these alleged negatively impacted businesses receive compensation for their claims?
Yes    78 %
No    19 %
Undecided    03 %
Question #5
BC Liberal Forestry and Housing Minister Rich Coleman believes the solution to the homeless problem on Vancouver’s downtown eastside is to relocate many of these people to other areas of the province with proper funding in place to deal with their problems. On this basis do you agree with this policy approach?
Yes    54 %
No    40 %
Undecided    06 %
Question #6
Should the Gordon Campbell BC Liberal government continue to remove foster children from ‘good homes’ without just cause in order to place these children in other BC homes for less money?
Yes    16 %
No    80 %
Undecided    04 %
Question #7
On average a foster child with few problems cost the government about $1,200 per month. Which of the following BEST describes this monthly payment?
It's a little too much    28 %
It's a little too little    14 %
It's just right    48 %
I don't Know/Undecided    10 %
Question #8
Recently, reports have suggested that some pre-sale contracts on home and condo developments have created significant problems for homebuyers. Would you purchase a pre-sale home?
Yes    04 %
No    91 %
I don't Know/Undecided    05 %
Question #9
By the time BC gets a bi-partisan selected Auditor General in the province in the fall of 2007, nearly two years will have passed. The Auditor General for most of that period was a BC Liberal supporter who quit. In your opinion how likely is it that the recent Budget(s) of BC Liberal Finance Minister Carole Taylor have been fudged to accommodate 2010 Olympic costs or other budgetary concerns?
Likely    52 %
Unlikely    40 %
Unsure/Undecided    08 %
Question #10
Gordon Campbell’s BC Liberal government did not have a fall sitting of the legislature which is customary. In the spring sitting it is widely held that the Opposition BC NDP did very well against the government. There is now speculation that Premier Campbell may not hold yet another fall sitting of the legislature after giving himself and other MLA’s a significant pay raise plus a lucrative pension. Which of the following statements BEST explains why Gordon Campbell would not hold another fall sitting?
There is other more important work to do    08 %
He is ducking the BC NDP Opposition    36 %
He and his party have problems and don’t want to be stuck in Victoria where the media can get them    16.5 %
I have no idea    30 %
It’s the Premiers choice    09 %
Question #11
The Musqueam Indian Band is currently negotiating for the golf course lands at UBC. They have already stated in court that they want to turn the land into condominiums for profit. A recent ROBBINS poll published suggested only 30% of British Columbians supported this. Since this poll was published the Musqueam Band has pledged that if the land were theirs they would promise not to build condominiums until 2033. Do you trust the Musqueam Band to keep their word?
Yes    39 %
No    57 %
Undecided    04 %
Question #12
Which of the following statements BEST explains your opinion of how you believe land claims ought to be settled in British Columbia? (Bear in mind that one billion dollars of have spent on legal fees and other costs without any progress whatsoever).
Aboriginals are a conquered people and I would not settle any claims    32 %
I would much prefer to see cash rather than land to settle aboriginal claims, you can print the former but not the latter    22 %
I would like to see land claims settled as quickly as possible irrespective of the method of settlement    14 %
There is something wrong with the entire Treaty resolution process in this province    29 %
Question #13
A BC business man with no criminal record who is a third generation Caucasian Canadian is falsely accused by the daughter of an embittered ex business partner convicted in the BC Supreme Court of cheque kiting and fraud and her friends, none of whom are Caucasian, of sexual harassment. Before the hearing of the matter this man’s lawyer is disbarred and he is never given a reasonable opportunity to defend himself in court. Virtually every one of this Caucasian man’s Charter Rights are ignored. The lawyers for the women have been proved to have helped them to commit perjury before the court. The Tribunal Judge, a long time socialist lawyer takes direct testimony from the embittered daughter of the ex partner to declare on the Internet through Google Search Engines that the BC man is a ‘pedophile‘. Others in the community pick up this information from Google and tell others. In a separate matter Maher Arar is an Arab man with Canadian citizenship who was allegedly wrongly send back to Syria owing to an alleged mistake by Canadian officials where he is allegedly tortured. Which of these two scenarios disturbs you the most?
The falsely accused man listed as a pedophile on Google Search Engines by the BC government    82 %
Maher Arar’s alleged torture in Syria    02 %
Undecided    16 %
Question #14
For purposes of this question, corruption shall be deemed to mean a lowering of standards. Port Moody mayor Joe Trasolini a member of Translink, purchased a property on the main street in his city where he was also improperly steering light rail transportation. Mr. Trasolini did so without proper and plain public disclosure and unconfirmed reports suggest he did not follow proper procedure with the GVRD disclosure process as well. To date Mr. Trasolini, whose marital divorce was settled a couple of years ago has declared a million dollar profit on the purchase. Based on our description of corruption is Mr. Trasolini’s land purchase on the main street of Port Moody corrupt?
Yes    93 %
No    06 %
Question #15
Port Moody is a city of 25,000 people. CUPE workers form staffing requirements in most city halls. With CUPE workers being asked to take pay cuts, give up job security or work on contract as part time is it fair in your opinion that around one dozen managers working for the City of Port Moody are paid over $100,000 per year?
Yes    11 %
No    89 %
Less than one-third of British Columbians believe they are being told the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about 2010 Olympic costs. More British Columbians have a negative impression of the Olympics than a positive one.
A public relations problem for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics is clearly developing.
British Columbians want financial compensation for small businesses on the Canada Line, as do a majority of retail small businesses in the province. A majority of British Columbians agree with BC Housing Minister Rich Coleman on relocation for homeless people from the downtown eastside so long as it comes with dollars. At the same time British Columbians do not like what Children and Families Minister Tom Christensen and Premier Gordon Campbell are doing removing many foster children from good foster homes in the province.
A majority of British Columbians are of the opinion that a lack of proper accountability translates into “loose” ‘Fudge it Budgets’ delivered by BC Liberal Finance Minister Carole Taylor.
If the BC Liberal government does not hold a fall sitting of the legislature either they, or the mainstream press which enables this behaviour, (or both) will lose significant credibility with the public. Will an acquitted Conrad Black come back to his home in Canada to ‘save the day’ with ROBBINS TruMedia?
It’s about time.
It’s sad to say that British Columbians have become sick of aboriginal land claims. Those who favour their settlement are fed up with the process as too slow, or don’t like land being used to settle the claims. Many are suspicious of the non aboriginals particularly developers who may profit from a relationship with aboriginals who receive land windfalls. Cash settlements are transparent and more satisfying to those British Columbians who support settlements.
The BC man with no criminal record listed as a ‘pedophile’ by the BC government website on Search Engines like Google has far more sympathy than Maher Arar with BC respondents in this poll. Will he settle for far more money?
British Columbians have little confidence in pre-sale home ventures.
British Columbians in a massive majority are of the opinion that Port Moody Mayor Joe Trasolini is corrupt, and are aghast at the salaries of so many managers in Port Moody while workers are asked to take cuts.
The events documented in Port Moody are a microcosm of what makes British Columbians sick of politics. “They’re all crooks” alleges one respondent.
Confidence among British Columbians in the BC Liberal government continues to erode. Respondents in this ROBBINS omnibus poll do not believe that 2010 Olympic numbers are the truth, are less inclined to support the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, and also believe that Finance Minister Carole Taylor’s Budgets could be ‘fudged’, while multi generation Canadians are being forced to not only tolerate immigrants particularly those from Asia or the Middle East but in many cases are compelled to take a back seat to them. This is creating a groundswell of discontent among the population who are close, very close to the breaking point.
Port Moody mayor Joe Trasolini provides an apt example of why British Columbians are coming to the conclusion that (sic) “All politicians get in it for the money”. Others say “I don’t like it, but there’s nothing I can do”. Generally speaking, no confidence in politicians, the legal system, the media and other institutions. With interest rates rising, house sales smoothing out, it appears the great ride for homeowners is over, while others are simply getting the shaft. The province is looking at more troubled times, and the 2010 Olympics is not the brew to make things better. The Winter Olympics are not as important as Summer Olympic Games, and the IOC had better take a closer look at Vancouver because it is an activist city in an activist province, and the shit may yet seriously hit the fan here. Many respondents are talking about splitting the Vancouver 2010 Games with Calgary to ameliorate costs.
Despite distractions and denials from mainstream media to cover for Gordon Campbell, it would appear that the public is conforming to reports coming from BC TruMedia like ROBBINS that the province is in trouble and new leadership is required. Hold onto your seats, the Coaster may yet be heading down.
“This is what you get…this is what you get when you mess with us” Kharma Police-Radiohead.

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