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Metro Vancouver Poll-What's the real deal with Coquitlam's door to door sales ban?
Politicians seen in same light as door to door sales people.  Jul 09, 2007

A random sample of 420 respondents/residents in the city of Coquitlam between July 5-8, 2007. This poll features a margin of error of 4.15%, 19 times out of 20 @98% competency/confidence.

Question #1
Have you recently had a bad experience with door to door salespeople?
Yes    02 %
No    98 %
Question #2
Which of the following is more important to you and ought to be most important to Coquitlam's mayor and city council?
City councillor Richard Stewart's demand for a ban on door to door sales people    16 %
Potential 2008 Coquitlam Mayoral candidate Jim Van Rassel's demand for proper road and rapid transit development    84 %
Question #3
In your opinion when politicians come door to door during election periods, looking for votes, are they selling something and should they be subject to the same ban as others?
Yes    47 %
No    53 %
Question #4
Should charities, politicians and religious groups be given preferential treatment over door to door sales people and thus be exempt for the current door to door ban imposed by Coquitlam city council?
Yes    41 %
No    59 %
If door to door sales people are a problem in Coquitlam city you wouldn't know it based on this ROBBINS survey. Although some respondents live in condos "and never see a salesperson" the percentage of residents being bothered is relatively low based on the whole.
The percentage who would prefer a ban on door to door sales relative to those respondents who have had a bad experience is relatively high, but low when compared to those residents anxious for potential 2008 mayoral candidate, businessman Jim Van Rassel's demand for proper roads and transportation.
Although Q#3 does not specifically ask if politicians should be banned like salespeople under the new Coquitlam bylaw it does ask (a) if politicians are selling something, and (b) should what they are selling essentially be the subject of a door to door ban as well. All in, about one half of respondents in this ROBBINS poll agreed that politicians looking for votes during election periods 'were selling something'....themselves and should thus form part of the current bylaw ban on door to door salespeople.
Q#4 supports Q#3 in that respondents are asked if the current group of persons or organizations exempt from the door to door ban "should be given preferential treatment". A majority of Coquitlam residents say "No".
According to this ROBBINS poll, Coquitlam city councillor Richard Stewarts proposal and subsequent city council affirmation of a ban on door to door sales people has backfired, as citizens do not see the need for Richard Stewart to tell them what to do. If the issue was about seniors, we have a police department and there is a cooling off period if documents are signed under duress.
Furthermore, Richard Stewart has once again exposed the derision contempt and disrespect that politicians have apparently earned as at least one half of residents see them in no better light than door to door sales people, and would prefer they don't come to the door.
This ROBBINS poll provides some valuable insight into the need for politicians to do more homework on policy issues before they jump half cocked into a policy decision. Given the difficulties Mr. Stewart suggests "his constituents" were experiencing with door to door sales people, particularly those selling natural gas futures, and considering the information which can be gleened from experts such as ROBBINS, it is clearly evident that alot of valuable taxpayer time is misdirected at issues more likely linked to personal political aggrandizement, than looking at proper solutions to problems such as the door to door sales presents.
Mr. Stewart who crows about the rights of private property owners shows his true Liberal stripes as designating himself the saviour of residents including property owners in the city of Coquitlam. Perhaps some residents could just as easily tell door to door sales people, religious people, charities, and politicians who come to their door to go to hell.
Robbins had it right on the Christy Clark Nightime Politics Show on CKNW when Richard Stewart was a guest, when he suggested a la Edelman that this door to door issue was a 'distraction' away from more important issues like roads and transportation in the area.
Potential 2008 Coquitlam mayoral candidate, local businessman Jim Van Rassel agrees and told ROBBINS (whose polls he sponsors in part) "Why aren't these guys over in Port Moody lynching Joe Trasolini who ruined transportation for the entire region with his greed and political deception? Why aren't these elected people going after Premier Gordon Campbell and his BC Liberal government who have given us nothing, and who have given ascent to gravel mining in a big way in the region."
"Why would Richard Stewart support a Motion in council to turn Coquitlam's Burke Mountain into an environmental and logistical disaster with 6,000 new homes and associated vehicles which have no way out of the Tri-City region?"
"We need to clean out city council and start new because these jokers just aren't getting it."
A couple of side notes: First of all it is important to kill the rumours that have floated here and there about any kind of 'relationship' between former Deputy Premier Christy Clark and public opinion phenom Glen P. Robbins. Although there has been some speculation of difficulties with Ms. Clark's husband Stephane Dion confident Mark Marissen, this does not mean that 'anything is happening' between one of the anticipated candidates to soon replace nose-diving Premier Campbell, and Robbins. Secondly, at no time did ROBBINS or any affiliates and/or associates make any claim that former Attorney General and current Vancouver city troubleshooter Geoff Plant was considering a tax on city buskers to help raise additional dollars for Vancouver's 2010 Olympic Games. Both rumours are not based on any merit, (particularly the second one).

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