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Metro Vancouver Poll-The Times they 'are a changin' in British Columbia politics
Anyone But Campbell-Let's get moving  Jul 11, 2007

A random telephone sample of 600 British Columbians located in the lower mainland of the province. This ROBBINS poll was conducted between July 4-10th, 2007 and features a margin of error of 4.5%, 19 times out of 20 @95% competency. This poll was paid for by Jim Van Rassel of Coquitlam (604) 328-5398.
What do you get when you cross Rock 101's Neil McCrae with a 6'5" 235 pound Dutchman?
Jim Van Rassel. While I am at it. Canada's greatest athlete if we are talking about pure unadulterated honest to goodness athlete? Hans De Goede of Vancouver Island recently inducted into the BC Sports Hall of Fame. I have personally witnessed Mr. De Goede a phenomenal human specimen, after a night of drinking Son o Sams with my brother, the real Mayor of Victoria, Barry "Puma" Robbins (President of James Bay Rugby), with no sleep the next morning after playing a game the day prior, run up an extremely acute hill near Claremont School (Haliburton Road) one half mile up and than down at three quarter sprint. You would have to be there to witness this guy--a legend, congratulations Hans.
Anyone who doubts our ability to forecast? Song of the Year in Canada without question- "Ain't Life Amazing" Kim Mitchell (wait and see)!

Question #1
If an election were held tomorrow in the province of British Columbia for which leader and party would you caste your ballot?
Gordon Campbell and BC Liberals    42 %
Carole James and BC NDP    42 %
Christopher Bennett and Green Party    14 %
Other BC party    04 %
Undecided    17 %
Question #2
(To Green Party supporters)-Which of the other two mainstream parties the BC Liberals or BC NDP do you prefer more? (based on total Green)
BC NDP    74 %
BC Liberal    07 %
Undecided    19 %
Question #3
Recently, a Vancouver stockbroker and businessman donated $100 million to the Bill Clinton Foundation, a charity. In your opinion which statement BEST characterizes how you would have allocated this money had it been your choice?
I would have donated the money to the Clinton Foundation    17 %
I would have used the money to help people in need here in BC    54 %
Don't Know/Undecided    29 %
Question #4
In terms of the $100 million referenced in the previous question, what in your opinion is the primary motivator for this generosity?
The donor wants to help those in need around the world    29 %
The donor wants political influence with the Clintons    50 %
Can't Answer    11 %
Question #5
Over the past five years, corporations have increased profits approximately 45%, while employees wages have increased to just less than one half of that. In your opinion, in a market economy where citizens demand social responsibility is this a fair distribution of wealth?
Yes    23 %
No    77 %
Question #6
In your opinion is it fair to charge people fees to take their money out of their checking or savings accounts through ATM's?
Yes    18 %
No    82 %
Question #7
Currently, the BC Liberal government through the funding of construction of Olympic events in Whistler, BC is including seed money for development costs for 6,000 to 7,000 properties in the Callaghan Valley. In your opinion should BC taxpayers be subsidizing development costs for private enterprise unrelated to the cost of the Olympics?
Yes    00 %
No    91 %
Can't Answer    09 %
Question #8
Over the past one and one half years, Premier Campbell has become a very noticeable advocate of settling aboriginal land claims in British Columbia. Which statement BEST reflects your opinion of his motivation?
Premier Campbell has seen the light and wants to do the right thing    24 %
Premier Campbell is a former developer and wants to help his friends and associates to become rich from deals with aboriginals    60 %
Don't Know/Undecided    16 %
Question #9
There are some rumours swirling that Gordon (For BC Liberal supporters only)Campbell's BC political career may be over sooner than later. If this is the case, which of the following BC Liberals would you like to see succeed him? (Choose any two-no particular order).
Federal Conservative David Emerson    23 %
BC Liberal Finance Minister Carole Taylor    20 %
BC Liberal Forestry and Housing Minister Rich Coleman    16 %
Former BC Liberal Deputy Minister and Education Minister Christy Clark    16 %
BC Liberal Economic Development Minister Colin Hansen    14 %
Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts    11 %
None of these/Undecided    34 %
Question #10
For an overwhelming amount of the last 15 years, BC's Premiers have come from Vancouver city proper. In your opinion, would you like to see the next Premier of British Columbia come from a constituency other than one located in Vancouver city proper?
Yes    62 %
No    20 %
I don't Know/Undecided    18 %
BC Liberals and BC NDP are in dead heat, however BC NDP overwhelmingly is second choice for Green support. In a previous ROBBINS poll we put former BC Liberal MLA Judy Tyabji, wife of former BC Liberal leader and former BC NDP cabinet minister Gordon Wilson, as the leader of the BC Green party. BC NDP MLA Mike Farnworth laughed at the 'error'. It was no error, it was a concious decision to expose the complete lack of coverage of anything related to changes with the Green party in BC including the election of (we're told) former male model Christopher Bennett. Once again if an omission is a lie than the mainstream press in this province is Pinnochio.
The Vancouver stockbroker who wrote a cheque for $100 million to the Clinton Foundation will be warmly received by the Clinton's but British Columbians in this ROBBINS poll are of the opinion that it would have been better if that money had found its way to local causes.
At least one half of respondents see the donation as politically motivated and not linked to any charitable altruism.
Corporations, particularly large lending institutions may be making shareholders happy, but the average citizen has a low opinion of them. Jack Layton's ATM issue seems to have died down a little with some nominal compromise from banks, but this isn't making these respondents happy one bit. No worker, no fees plain and simple.
Our 'manipulated' question drew the kind of reception we had envisioned and we are delighted. Clearly, the Callaghan Valley has the makings of a public relations disaster as some dubious monies are floating into the general allocation for Nordic skiing with some of it anticipated to trickle down to 'seed' development of 'neighbourhood enhancements' which will initially be described in innocent ways (such as trails etc.) but will include millions of dollars in savings for Gordon Campbell's development friends (and potentially aboriginal land developers as well).
It is becoming pretty obvious why Gordon Campbell loves the aboriginals so much now when he never postured himself previously. The mainstream press initially tried selling this garbage under the omnipresent 'changed man' rationale. Quite obviously the recent debates surrounding land in the Agricultural Land Reserve in Twassen, potential controversial sale of land at the UBC golf course with the Musqueam Indian band, and the massive Callaghan land development project provide ample initial evidence to any reasonable person that Gordon Campbell's new love for aboriginal land claims probably has more to do with riches for his friends (and likely himself) than anything even remotely close to what might be considered by some the right thing to do. Whether you put this guy in a plaid shirt or Indian headress he is still just another jerk from Point Grey who wants to make alot of dough.
If Gordon Campbell is going, which is how is appears given most of the directives for the party are coming out of his office, than the replacements are ready and set to go. Emerson, Taylor, Coleman, Clark, Hansen (but unlikely Dianne Watts) are all viable candidates to become the next leader of the BC Liberal Party and Premier of British Columbia.
Here is the problem. Everyone of these candidates save for Rich Coleman is from Vancouver city proper and a majority of British Columbians (from the lower mainland-remember BC NDP is far more popular than the BC Liberals on Vancouver Island not represented in this ROBBINS poll) want their next Premier from other than Vancouver City.
Christy, you should have stayed in Port Moody. Christy should sent her husband to Borneo (BC Rail) to Svengali some political candidates there, and start to bust up Campbell more openly than she already is. Her sense of political timing is usually pretty good, and she won't want Rich Coleman to get a good head start if Emerson doesn't bite, and Taylor realizes she either has to shoot Campbell herself or quit.
We don't know what David Emerson is going to do but he should seriously consider the BC Liberal leadership. His closest competitor Carole Taylor is being dragged down by her proximity to Campbell who ROBBINS reports has both feet in quicksand, and will go down, only in a matter of time.
Colin Hansen is in a good position as he was an excellent Health Minister, and has been keeping a relatively low profile with the mainstream press but is working very hard behind the scenes to shore up support for his leadership run. His numbers here are good not great, but we are keeping a close eye on this fellow, despite the fact that his constituency is located in Vancouver.
Glen P. Robbins

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