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ROBBINS over America-Comprehensive poll of Presidential race including French President Sarkozy
  Jul 15, 2007

A 'targeted' sample of 1,235 respondents in the United States of America between July 4 and 12, 2007. This ROBBINS Poll has a margin of error of 2.95%, 19 times out of 20 @99% competency/confidence based on additional questions to support questions asked.
Sponsored by ROBBINS TRUmedia.

Question #1
Conservative French President Nicolas Sarkozy has suggested that the pressure that the United States currently feels is caused by the intensity of foreign policy in places like Iraq and the region, with a passionate sense of growing psychological pressure to be more protectionist at home. Mr. Sarkozy essentially states that the United States should reach out more to countries like France and other European Union nations to assist with fighting terrorism and worldwide diplomacy. Do you agree with this sentiment of French President Sarkozy?
Yes    42 %
No    31 %
Undecided    25 %
Question #2
From this list of candidates name any two in no particularly order that you like the most at this time (you may give one choice if your prefer-each of your two choices will score 1 point each, while one choice will score 1.5).
Hillary Clinton    16.1 %
Fred Thompson    13.7 %
Al Gore    13.3 %
Rudy Guiliani    12.9 %
Mitt Romney    11.8 %
John McCain    11.1 %
Barack Obama    11.1 %
John Edwards    9.6 %
Has much of the anti French sentiment leading up to the war on Iraq dissipated? This ROBBINS Poll of American citizens suggests that maybe it has. Of decided respondents, the French President has the majority of those backing his call for greater closeness between the United States and countries like his, and other European nations.
Nicolas Sarkozy though a Conservative is an absolutist about the environment, and a fervent support of the Kyoto Accord. He is passionate, confident and extremely bright.
On the world scene, I am particularly excited about this politician.
Hillary Clinton leads all candidates for President in 2008 from both major political parties.
Ms. Clinton's closest challengers are two people who have yet to declare. Republican Senator Fred Thompson could join the race anytime (why should he, the public keeps looking for more when he doesn't declare)? Personally, I started liking this guy on Law and Order, although he has been around to do some political business as well (with very little baggage). (I admit I like the woman actresses on Law N Order though, Mariska Hargity is the best looking woman on the planet imo). The Republicans love Thompson (no relation to Hunter S.)
Former Vice-President Al Gore should look up Nicolas Sarkozy to see what they have in common over the environment. There is probably lots to talk about. This move might make Hillary a little miffed, but why should she care? She leads on every public opinion poll, is popular across the country, and this doesn't look like its going to change anytime soon.
Rudy Guiliani is steady in this race. He is nearly as popular as Hillary in both New York and moreso in Florida. Ms. Clinton looks to beat New York's former Mayor and 911 hero in California every time out however.
Star candidate Mitt Romney continues to keep a low profile and remains consistent in our polls as a viable Republican candidate. I've liked this guy from the beginning, and like Thompson, Americans are very curious about him.
What can you say about John McCain? Did I actually hear on CNN that he is down to $250,000? Although sources tell ROBBINS that this might be a little McCain mojo, it would be awfully sad to lose a guy of this quality simply because of money. That's politics in America though. With Fred Thompson saying he'll go if Republican Conservatives 'show him the money', other Republicans may be counting coupons to keep things afloat.
Barack Obama is a great candidate. He has alot of money. He has all the ingredients to make it, so why does Al Gore continue to push him around in polls when Mr. Gore has never said never to entering the race.
This ROBBINS poll suggests that even the best ingredients in a political cake can ultimately turn into a souffle if the mix isn't quite right.
Mr. Obama is young and somewhat inexperienced. He needs to get the Kennedy family blessing to put some meat on his bones. He needs the meat sooner than later. He's got to talk about the Black experience. We cannot have a Black (one-half) candidate of this quality NOT speaking to the truth about civil rights in the United States. Mr. Obama feels this, you can just tell. He's got to step up and let Americans see the size of his heart.
When someone like former US President John F Kennedy declares at the beginning of the 1960's that America will have a man on the moon by the end of the decade, with little or no evidence to support this boast, now that's charisma. These Democratic candidates need to get the idea. (Also, Lynden Johnson does NOT get enough credit).
Other Democrats are thinking maybe it isn't Kennedy time. They are wrong.
John Edwards doesn't lead in any polls, but all of his public appearances are good and he receives a few more single 'votes' than we would have expected. Edwards is very good, its my opinion he simply needs to stay where he is, continue to be viable, credible, and intelligent, stay in the race and see where it takes him.

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