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Metro Vancouver Poll- Gambling in Tri-Cities
  Jul 16, 2007

A random telephone sample of 120 Port Coquitlam residents, and 80 Port Moody residents between June 13-15, 2007. No margin of error or other is posted for this sample.

Question #1
(Port Coquitlam residents)-In your opinion should Port Coquitlam city council permit a casino including slot machines in Port Coquitlam?
Yes    30 %
No    51 %
Undecided/No Opinion    19 %
Question #2
(Port Moody residents)-In your opinion should Port Moody city council permit a casino including slot machines in Port Moody?
Yes    41 %
No    53 %
Undecided/No Opinion    06 %
Question #3
(Both Port Coquitlam and Port Moody residents)-Conservative MP James Moore for the riding of Port Moody/Westwood/Port Coquitlam earlier this year approved the appointment to his riding executive of a woman real estate agent with a known negative record with the real estate board for impropriety. This same woman, her husband, and family were involved in the Tri-City RiverBend real estate debacle where consumers lost their homes. In your opinion does her appointment reflect bad judgement on Mr. Moore's behalf?
Yes    52 %
No    34 %
Port Coquitlam residents are not interested in a casino with slots anytime soon. Many are concerned with the difficulties gambling can bring to the community and others declare that Coquitlam city which has a Casino does not seem to be any better off with roads, lighting and other, often in disrepair.
Port Moody residents appear more receptive to the notion of a Casino and slots, but are noticeably short of the 50% in favour which would be a minimal starting point for moving forward with a community referendum.
Once again many Port Moody residents believe a casino would attract too many "low lifes and alcoholics" who are perceived by many respondents to comprise the pool of degenerate gamblers. Other Port Moody residents are concerned that the only feasible location for a Casino, on St. John's Street would ultimately bring that street further down than it already is.
James Moore was advised by Tri-City powerhouse Jim Van Rassel in December of 2006 to be wary of some of the people he was surrounding himself with, including Marion Lochhead, a person who had previous run-ins with the Real Estate Board in her job selling family dwellings.
Although there have been questions asked as to who is actually in charge, Mr. Moore nonetheless went ahead and ascented to the choice of Ms. Lochhead as his choice for Vice-President of the Port Moody/Westwood/Port Coquitlam riding association.
What happens? This woman and her family go on to instigate this years ROBBINS asshole(s) of the Year Award by cheating home buyers over their pre-bought units at RiverBend.
Respondents in both Port Moody and Port Coquitlam were mortified by MP Moore's choice of Vice-President signifying an obvious inability to make quality decisions about the people around him. Although, Ms. Lochhead did eventually resign from her position with the Conservative Party riding association, this story goes a long way to describing the kind of people citizens DON'T need in Ottawa. ROBBINS says "Do the right thing on the front end, not after we catch you." Mr. Moore ought to have listened to Gentleman Jim Van Rassel's advice in the first place.

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