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RSR ROBBINS Research - Canada Politics July 20, 2007
  Jul 20, 2007

A random sample of 1,650 British Columbians throughout the entire province including: Vancouver (pop-578 K), Surrey (pop-394 K), Victoria (pop-330 K), Burnaby (pop-202 K), Richmond (pop-174 K), Abbotsford (pop-123 K), Coquitlam (pop-114 K), Kelowna (pop-106 K), Delta (pop-96 K), Langley Township (pop-93 K), Kamloops (pop-92 K), Prince George (pop-83 K).
This poll was conducted between July 13-19, 2007 (with marginal respondents achieved on the 19th, 2007-Whistler the only region in the province with over 50% "No" to Question #2).
This poll featured emphatic responses for particularly Question #2 and is thus considered scientifically as follows: 1.5% margin of error, 19-20 times out of 20 @99% comeptency (within the abstract of the time period in which the poll was conducted). This poll was sponsored by Gentleman Jim Van Rassel (604) 328-5398 who wishes everyone "A Nice Day".

Question #1
The Vancouver Trade and Convention Centre developed under the BC Liberals was initially budgeted to cost just under $500 million in 2002. The final cost could reach $900 million or more. The fast ferry scandal under the former Glen Clark NDP government of the 1990’s went from $210 million to nearly $460 million. The fast ferries were sold by Premier Gordon Campbell for $20 million. In your opinion which of the two political scenarios is the worse boondoggle?
The Glen Clark NDP fast ferries    13.5 %
The Gordon Campbell Liberal Vancouver Convention Centre    26.5 %
They are both equal blunders    46 %
Undecided/Don’t Know    14 %
Question #2
The BC government is currently responsible for the production of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games for Vancouver/Whistler. BC taxpayers are liable for any cost overruns. Recently, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that his country would invest $12 billion to fund the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, a city located near the Black Sea, not dissimilar to Whistler/Vancouver as a location. Our questions is this: Russia is a large country like Canada with a population of 150 million, while Canada has a population of 33 million and British Columbia has a population of 4 million. The Russian government is taking total charge of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games with the entire country responsible for any cost overruns or liabilities. In your opinion should the Federal Government of Canada take over total responsibility for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics from the BC Liberal government including reimbursing the province for any costs incurred to date?
Yes    70 %
No    24 %
Undecided/No Opinion    06 %
58% of British Columbians contacted throughout the entire province are of the opinion that the Gordon Campbell Liberal Vancouver Convention Centre is a worse boondoggle than the Glen Clark NDP fast ferries.
Respondents mitigate the BC fast ferry boondoggle against the NDP because it was “some time ago” and the “BC NDP” have already “paid for it politically”, or “Campbell sold them too cheaply”. Others see the Convention Centre as worse because “someone else was willing to pay for it” or the “losses are higher” or “Campbell’s friends are making a fortune”, or others who “don’t trust the BC Liberals”.
An overwhelming majority of British Columbians want the Conservative Federal Government to take custody of the 2010 Olympic Games and to reimburse BC for its costs to date. “Its simply too big a bite for us economically" says one woman respondent. ROBBINS callers announced that at no time in their careers (and to those on the blind as well) have respondents answered so “quickly and decisively”.
Only Whistler BC went against the trend toward the Federal Government taking over the Olympics (54%-No), while many Whistler residents who answered “Yes” stated they “weren’t interested in the Olympics.”
Vancouver Island from Victoria to the Northern Coast answered “Yes” in the high 80% or low 90%. Surrey, Burnaby and Tri-City/New Westminster answered “Yes” in the high 70’s or low 80’s. Langley, Abbotsford and Chilliwack varied between the low 70’s to high 70’s "Yes", but also attracted a higher undecided rate. Vancouver city proper answered 62% “Yes”, to the federal Government taking control of the 2010 Games.
Kamloops, Kelowna, Penticton, Vernon and Salmon Arm all answered “Yes” in the 70’s to 90’s. Richmond answered “Yes” 64%. Creston BC answered “Yes” 21/27 respondents with 1 respondent undecided. Prince George answered “Yes” in the high 60’s to low 80’s depending where we made contact. The McKenzie and Prince Rupert area were higher, while Prince George city was lower.
There is no doubt that British Columbians have come to three definitive conclusions about the state of affairs of our provincial government. The first is, if we have alot of money (surplus), we don't spent it properly. Two, because we mismanage money so badly we are short additional surpluses we ought to have save for the neglect. Three, we have "bitten off way more than we can chew" as far as the Olympics are concerned and only some in the province benefit while the rest will have to pay.
As a leader, as someone who promised to look after the financial and economic interests of the province, Gordon Campbell is seen as a "failure". The Trade and Convention Centre is a significant symbol of this failure. Steve Wynn of Las Vegas would have paid to build The Vancouver Trade and Convention Centre but Campbell 'did not like gambling'. Respondents could barely contain their angst.
Now, faced with the possibility that services at the basic level will not be supplied (CUPE Vancouver strike) because 'government cannot afford it' has respondents (and remember these are Canadians) ready to lynch their political representatives. "Money flying around for this, that, the Olympics, Campbell's friends, the Indians, and I can't get my garbage picked up?---screw Campbell."
What is being realized is this. The Olympics are a major International event. The province of British Columbia is currently in charge of the Olympics. In our form of democracy, the Premier is pretty much in charge of everything that goes on. Vancouver is the centre point of the Olympics and is a second tier major city. The Olympics will make us first tier providing they are successful.
Premier Gordon Campbell (Province) and Vancouver Mayor Sam Sullivan (City) are second tier leaders. Their level of (in)competence suggests a higher level of leadership is required, and with this ROBBINS poll (the best in the business), has metasasized in the public in real time, the sense that we are 'lost and in trouble', particularly as more and more information is disclosed regarding the 'off book' debt that is climbing under the BC Liberal watch. The BC Liberals are no conservatives with the cash, unlike the BC NDP who spent to social engineer and whose friends 'only stole a little', the BC Liberals are all about shovelling money off the back of the truck for friends and associates and screwing the citizens in the process. The Premier is no longer trusted by those who 'trusted him in the first place' and once trust is gone in the political industry, your ability to move the people (politics) in a democracy is extremely difficult.
ROBBINS has an ability like no other polling firm to understand the relationship between news events, and public reaction to these and to the reality of their daily existence. For some time now we have taken exception to what we believe is the growing gulf between the proper and relevant attention paid by establishment news to the details of political business and the fair and reasonable communication of this to the public. To wit: the news in this province must bare some responsibility for the delays and distractions they have conciously fused into their productions to enable what otherwise reasonable people would have known, or ought to have known, would impact (in this case) detrimentally on the people in the province of British Columbia (Canadian news is an entirely different kind of problem).
Having said that, ROBBINS forecast Campbell's political death months ago. Should the mainstream press wish to prop this 'stiff' up until the next election and Campbell fails to win, than ROBBINS will become the most important source of political news in the province (we think we are already). On the other hand, if Campbell stays on and wins, ROBBINS will look like alot of hot air on this one.
With a heart as big as Texas-ROBBINS goes all in with this Olympic size poll of the public. My bet is the entire news establishment will walk away from the table.

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