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Americans in Northwest say let Conrad Black go to Canada under his bail
You shook me all night long-ACDC  Jul 31, 2007

This is a random snapshot survey of 145 respondents in both Washington and Oregon state. No respondents were derived from Seattle, but many were obtained from Portland Oregon.
No margin of error is provided.

Question #1
Are you familiar with the recently concluded criminal trial of England’s Lord Conrad Black?
Yes    37 %
No    63 %
No Answer    17 %
Question #2
Lord Black was recently convicted of 4 of 13 counts. He is Appealing these remaining convictions. He is expected to be sentenced on November 30, 2007 unless his Appeals are successful. Conrad Black is permitted under his 21.5 million dollar bail to travel in the United States, but would also like the bail to permit him to travel to his country of birth, Canada. If the Judge permits Lord Black’s bail to be extended to include Canada and the United States how likely is he, to skip his sentencing hearing should his Appeals fail?
Likely    23 %
Unlikely    77 %
Undecided    11 %
Question #3
Currently, there are 10,000 people with criminal convictions living in Canada, many of them from the United States. In your opinion should the presiding Chicago Judge extend Conrad Blacks’ bail terms to include Canada as well?
Yes    64 %
No    36 %
Just less than 40% of respondents in Washington and Oregon are familiar with Conrad Black’s trial. A clear majority of respondents do not believe Conrad Black is likely to skip bail, and a majority believe he should have his bail extended to include his traveling to Canada.
People who are familiar with the trial are more inclined to accept the Judge permitting Lord Black to travel to Canada.
The recent murder of a mother and two daughters in Connecticut have drawn a horrifying portrait of what these respondents see as ‘criminal behaviour’. Conrad Black’s conviction is far less relevant to Americans in the northwest.

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