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Metro Vancouver Poll-500 Women
Hold your head up-Argent  Aug 21, 2007

A random telephone sample of '500' women living in the City of Vancouver between August 11-19th, 2007. This poll features a margin of error of 3.65%, 19 times out of 20 @95% confidence/competency. This poll was funded by Glen P. Robbins and Associates and another party who wishes to remain anonymous.
Note: Acquiring women respondents is approximately 60% more efficient than acquiring men respondents.

Question #1
How would you as a 'regular voter' in elections rate the performance of BC NDP Opposition Leader Carole James to date, based on the limited choices provided?
Clearly a positive performance    26.4 %
Clearly a neutral performance    40 %
A somewhat poor performance    12.8 %
I am undecided about her performance    20.8 %
Question #2
How would you as a 'regular voter' rate the performance of BC Liberal leader Gordon Campbell based on the limited choices provided?
Clearly a positive performance    19.2 %
Clearly a neutral performance    34.4 %
A somewhat poor performance    39.2 %
I am undecided about his performance    7.2 %
Question #3
How would you as a 'regular voter' rate the performance of Vancouver Mayor Sam Sullivan based on the following limited choices?
Clearly a positive one    11 %
Clearly a neutral one    35 %
A somewhat poor performance    50 %
Undecided    04 %
Question #4
Local community newspapers provided FREE to residential addresses often feature advertising/content ratios of 90% advertising and 10% news content including advertising inserts. In your opinion should advertisers in these community newspapers be compelled by law to pay an environmental tax to compensate for their contribution to polluting the environment in order to sell their products?
Yes    78 %
No    22 %
Question #5
A Vancouver philanthropist recently donated $100,000,000 to the Bill Clinton Foundation, a charity which provides resources to the hungry. In your opinion would you seriously consider voting for this person if they ran as an independent to become the Mayor of Vancouver in 2008?
Yes    56 %
No    34 %
Undecided    10 %
Carole James doubles her positive ranking over her somewhat poor ranking among 500 Vancouver women 'regular voters' in another dynamite ROBBINS poll. Ms. James is seen as a 'neutral' performer or considered undecided by 60% of respondents.
Gordon Campbell receives only one half positives relative to his somewhat poor performance. 40% see the Premier as 'neutral' or are undecided about him.
Vancouver Mayor Sam Sullivan is in dire straights as barely more than one in ten regular voters see his performance as Mayor in a positive light, while one half see his performance as 'somewhat poor'.
The local newspaper business and their advertisers continue to get a break on paying their way in our society as irresponsible polluters. Determine for yourself the number of pages of content and the number of pages of advertising including the inserts to realize that it is only fair and reasonable that these advertisers pay their fair share. If this type of obvious pollution cannot be made accountable, any reasonable person can see the rest of the conversation by government on Green initiatives is really just ridiculous.
Our 'mystery' philanthropist running as an independent scores the highest marks out of our list of political choices with a decided number of around 60%.
It is our opinion that the overall hypothesis that can be derived from this ROBBINS poll of Vancouver women is that there is a vacuum of leadership at the provincial level, and Vancouver women are not happy with Sam Sullivan as Mayor. People are expressing a willingness to accept a philanthropist who is independent as a political candidate, at least for Mayor of Vancouver.

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