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Metro Vancouver Poll-September 2007, 2010 Vancouver Olympic poll-more bad news!
Anyone But Campbell-Let's get moving  Sep 04, 2007

A random telephone sample of 600 respondents throughout the province of British Columbia, between August 26-September 04, 2007. Margin of error is 4.5%, 19 times out of 20 @97% competency/confidence (estimates relative to most to least 'scientific' nature of question) This poll was sponsored by ROBBINS and Associates, an anonymous third party, and Gentlemen Jim Van Rassel (604) 328-5398. This is the first of a number of specific polls which relate in part to Vancouver's 2010 Olympic Games. "We need to do better than this"

Question #1
In your opinion should private mainstream media outlets and newspapers such as the Vancouver Sun be permitted to intentionally advocate for a particular group(s) by presenting mostly positive news about that group, and to ignore negative aspects of the affairs and circumstances relating to that same group?
Yes    17 %
No    83 %
Question #2
Currently, BC Taxpayers will foot the bill for cost overruns relating to the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games, yet many communities on Vancouver Island and north and east of Hope BC, may realize less benefits or none at all. In your opinion, who should pay for cost overruns associated with the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games?
All British Columbians    27 %
All Canadians    47 %
All Vancouver and Whistler residents    26 %
Question #3
If you could turn back the hands of time to a place just before the winning Bid to host the 2010 Winter Olympic Bid was to take place, knowing what you know now, would you support Vancouver’s 2010 Winter Olympic Bid?
Yes    44 %
No    47 %
Undecided/Don't Know    09 %
Question #4
Friends of Premier Gordon Campbell are suggesting that the Premier only wants to be re-elected in order to see the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games through to the end, at which time he will resign? If Gordon Campbell is re-elected to a third term with a majority government do you believe he would step down as leader of the BC Liberal Party and Premier of the province?
Yes    05 %
No    95 %
Undecided    23 %
Question #5
Is it important to you that Gordon Campbell represent British Columbians at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics?
Yes    17 %
No    65 %
Undecided/Don't Know    18 %
Question #6
Should government employees including elected officials and the Premier of BC, be permitted to continue to destroy private email communications between themselves and other officials?
Yes    34 %
No    66 %
Undecided    02 %
Question #7
Vancouver Board of Trade Chairman Henry Lee revealed the Board of Trades’ position that individuals in BC are either powerless or have little voice when it comes to dealing with governments. Mr. Lee believes that by joining the Vancouver Board of Trade individuals may now have a larger voice with governments. Does the Vancouver Board of Trade speak for you?
Yes    20 %
No    57 %
I don't Know    23 %
Question #8
Which of the following limited choices BEST describes Vancouver Board of Trade Chairman Henry Lee’s position:
Individuals in BC have little or no power, but special interests do    25 %
Individuals in BC have little or no power, but corporations do    11 %
Individuals in BC have little or no power, but the Vancouver Board of Trade does    44 %
None of these    20 %
Question #9
With the induction of Chinese-Canadian Henry Lee to Chairman of the Vancouver Board of Trade, the appointment of Chinese-Canadian Vancouver Chief of Police Jim Chu, and the recent announcement of a BC Chinese political party headquartered in Vancouver, is it fair comment in your opinion to suggest that from the looks of things, Canadians of Chinese heritage are taking over power in the City of Vancouver?
Yes    48 %
No    40 %
Undecided/Don’t Know/Can’t Answer    12 %
Question #10
If an election were held in British Columbia tomorrow for which leader and party would you caste your ballot?
Gordon Campbell and the BC Liberals    36 %
Carole James and the BC NDP    36.5 %
BC Green/Other/Undecided    28 %
British Columbians do not take kindly to allegations of a ‘bought off’ press. Vancouver ‘Oly Blog’ among others is suggesting that the Vancouver Sun and well known Sun journalist Jeff Lee is being paid to promote the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics (the latter via his salary at the newspaper). Although we found no absolute evidence that this was the case, it is out there in the mainstream like a Rod Stewart rumour.The BC public rejects this type of conduct (if true) and instead expects fair and honest reporting of issues. There is a growing sense among respondents that the integrity of mainstream news is fast eroding. What is amazing is the extent to which they ignore these concerns.
Nearly one in two British Columbians (according to this poll) are of the opinion that all Canadians should pay for the cost overruns expected from the Vancouver-Whistler 2010 Olympic Games. One in four support the status quo that all British Columbians ought to pay, and another one in four support Vancouver and Whistler residents paying for the Games. (73%) want the cost overrun obligation to shift from all British Columbians or other responsible groups.
Earlier ROBBINS polling suggests that 70% of British Columbian’s want the Canadian federal government to take charge of the 2010 Olympic Games, away from VANOC currently in charge, whom they don’t see as competent and/or forthcoming/honest. British Columbians remain extremely skittish about the Games. They cannot justify the price tag for such an elite event, although they hope that is helps BC’s economy, and many respondents feel that if it is successful, Vancouver and Whistler residents will reap the benefits and should thus pay the anticipated cost overruns. (take the risk). The real skittish majority want to hand the cost overrun problem to the Canadian government. This along with other ROBBINS polls suggests that the Canadian government should take custody of the Games and the costs not because they have an obligation to contribute more, but because many British Columbians don’t have confidence in Gordon Campbell or his government. Respondents already are of the opinion that the current BC Liberal government under Gordon Campbell will do everything they can to cover-up information and hard data relating to 2010 Olympic cost overruns until after Gordon Campbell has been re-elected (if he is) in 2009 and the 2010 Olympics have been completed. Vancouver residents in this poll barely cross the (50%) threshold support while respondents on Vancouver Island and in northern regions (but not Fort St. John) outside the Okanagan are less than (36%) support, with some areas lower than (30%).
{Salmon Arm BC pound for pound may be the best brewer of young athletes anywhere in the province remains a fairly large Olympic booster relative to the surrounding region in large part because of their city’s phenomenal success with amateur sports. (I promised I wouldn’t say this, but Salmon Arm BC is the best kept secret anywhere, just fabulous-would move there in a second). My wife and I were up in Salmon Arm again this summer meeting my longtime friend Harry “The Bear” Hamilton and his wife Gretchen, and children Darren, Toni, and Jackson. The Hamilton family are owners of the Sorrento Nurseries in equally fabulous Sorrento (right next to Shuswap-yikes I can’t take this city living anymore!) This Gretchen is a very powerful personality, she has leader written ALL over her. I got to meet Sandra Jenkins, part of the Canadian Women’s Olympic curling team which won the Bronze medal in Turin, Italy. (If I can get these ‘dicks’ in government to settle up with me-we can get a place up in Salmon Arm, wink and nod)}. Great people, great place.
The proposition that Gordon Campbell only wants to be re-elected to host the Olympics does not appear to have respondents biting. He should turn the Olympics over to the Canadian government, resign, and than have CANOC give him the job John Furlong currently has at, say, $400,000 per year. The Premier’s personality doesn’t fit the province. I watched him on a Shaw Cable Show trying to amp up his mojo, it isn’t his thing. I turned the station because I was embarrassed for him.
If the $10 minimum wage is the difference in whether or not the owners of a Canadian corporation or franchise can build a swimming pool and buy another Jaguar, or whether a far larger number of British Columbians can increase their absolute consumption (called shelter and food), I will go with the latter benefitting. If you are the owner of a vulgar business which requires ’slaves’ to earn your wealth you should pay your slaves better wages. Businesses that are more modern where wages are higher should be showcased. Gordon Campbell’s 2 billion dollar tax break to the rich in his first term never paid any dividends of substance, the rich pay off their charge cards before they re-invest in people.
Suffice it to say the only people who (really care) if Gordon Campbell is re-elected is a small minority of citizens and his devoted supporters, or in the alternative a few old guys who still don’t want a woman leading the province, (but these ignoramus’s are declining in number pretty quickly). The rest of the argument in 2009 basically comes down to ‘chocolate and strawberry‘, with many British Columbians clamoring for more flavour.
Over one half of decided British Columbians, if they could turn back time, would not support the Bid for Vancouver’s 2010 Winter Olympic Bid. British Columbians are getting worried. The province is falling short on so many files particularly infrastructure, (the highway up through the Coquihalla and beyond is a mess-the private washroom at the toll booth stinks of urine and is barely kept up). Business associates in the interior tell me the drive during the winter is hit and miss depending on whether or not the private company wants to do any work.
BC could be doing so much more in education (let me have this portfolio) and we aren’t. (All we do is argue over whether cuts should warrant closures etc., when we could be dreaming much bigger dreams for our children’s education). Cartage up north is also a mess, and the situation in the lower mainland of the province is worse than a mess. It’s chaos with no leadership and a lot of people getting paid a lot of money for this. I don’t think they can solve the problems so typically they will do nothing, or next to it. They will cash their cheques though.
Just more than one third of British Columbians are of the opinion that it is okay for government officials to destroy email communication between themselves. Is this why the Judge on the BC Rail case provided such a broad Order for compliance in terms of email communications in government? Did she already know that Freedom of Information permitted the destruction of email evidence and thus appear to be applying tough judicial measures, and that her sweeping Order may not in fact touch anyone in power, but give the public relations perspective that the courts pressed for answers and the government was clean, when in fact it may not be, save for these F.O.I. rules which permit the destruction of potential evidence in the BC Rail case.
A staggering one in five plus British Columbians say the Vancouver Board of Trade speaks for them, while slightly more than half said it did not. The Vancouver Board of Trade ‘label’ has considerable cache for some British Columbians, particularly in the lower mainland and in the area multi-millionaire Port Moody Mayor Joe Trasolini calls “Metro Vancouver”.
More than 50% of decided British Columbians in this poll are concerned about Chinese Canadians dominating positions of power in Vancouver. Many of these respondents expressed the idea that Vancouver dominates BC and “if the Chinese dominate Vancouver than they are in charge of the province.” Another thinks this is a plot by Premier Campbell “to keep Raymond Louie (Vision Vancouver city councillor) from becoming Mayor of Vancouver.” Respondents remain polite but there is a sense of bigotry which continues to prevail in the province. Some of this is brought on by some Chinese Canadians themselves who bought property and businesses in BC, but leave their families behind and live and work in China rather than explain their income and wealth to Canada Revenue Agency, or in the alternative stick to their own and do not make sufficient efforts to integrate with others owing to shyness or other. The perception (not ameliorated by substandard Chinese exports) is that Chinese-Canadians are “in it for themselves”. Chinese Canadians in BC have a public relations problem. Give me a call, I can help.
Gordon Campbell and his BC Liberal party and Carole James and the BC NDP party are currently neck and neck with Greens/Other/Undecided British Columbians tallying nearly one third of all responses. Carole James was smart not to let the press bait her too much, as she knows Campbell is in reality just starting to begin to descend. She has affirmation possibilities coming up in the fall and “Hollywood” Gregor Robertson (who apparently is so good looking that there are reports of woman fainting) supporting the ’what if Mayor’ conversations which will ensure high BC NDP numbers in Vancouver and Victoria covering one quarter of the overall population.
Mainstream news is going to have a heck of time promoting Campbell back to loftier heights with so many problems confronting his government and a shortage of money to deal with them, not to mention consolidated government debt blowing right through the roof. He hides about 80% of the time, goes on holidays another 05% of the time, and the remaining 15% tries not to screw up. Honestly, is this leadership or someone who desperately wants to stay Premier. He has a lot of talent, connections and expertise. Let’s make him more useful.
No properly informed Conservative or Reformer will vote Campbell in again, and the threat of the BC NDP will not be enough to bring them out to vote for him (see 1996 general provincial election). If the BC NDP can find a bona fide conservative or reformer of some substance to run on their slate, they will break the BC Liberals ‘fully and completely’ with or without Campbell. I think the BC NDP will have a better chance securing BC’s Breakfast Club than Gordon Campbell will, the MLA’s in his party are either “too old” or there is the appearance that his party is “too old”.
Gordon Campbell does reasonably well in the lower mainland but nowhere near high 40’s totals he once enjoyed (38% against Greens/Other/Undecided). Outside of the Okanagan (where the BC NDP continues to make inroads), Fort St. John and Prince George City, the BC Liberals are unraveling. It would appear that the best known news in many of these regions may be the loss of their political influence through the wiping out of MLA’s in less populous northern regions. I’m surprised if anyone except former Saanich Mayor Murray Coell was re-elected for the BC Liberals on Vancouver Island in 2009. Ida Chong has a chance in Oak Bay unless there is a continued backlash over Chinese-Canadian dominance of political institutions in major news centres in the province.

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