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Across the Universe
  Sep 22, 2007

Across the Universe is an absolutely fantastic movie. It is the most splendid musical, visual, and spiritual masterpiece in a long time. Every bit as good as Moulin Rouge....possibly better.
The writer of this art work are brilliant human beings. Naturally most of that credit must go to the Beatles, particularly John Lennon and Paul McCartney.
Joe Cocker's version of Come Together blew the skull off the top of my head. Not in thirty years have I been blown out to this extent by the power sex and grit of that production.
Bono can act. Like Oscar act.
Every song was great, every second was great. Jeff Beck if that was you, you remain a God. I have patterned my polling endeavour in your image (whether you like that or not).
You won't leave your seat even if you have to pee.
The singer/actress who played the Afro American blue soul/and her partner were the very highest in hip cooliality. Unbelievably good. I'm not even calm enough to look up their names, I had to write this immediately.
The main cast was just exceptional.
I'll see this movie 5 times by Christmas.
Glen P. Robbins
If you trust what I have to say.

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