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RSR ROBBINS Research - Canada Politics September 27, 2007
  Sep 27, 2007

A random sample of 707 British Columbians between September 20-27, 2007. This delightful ROBBINS poll has a margin of error of 4.45% based on two sets of averages (The ROBBINS formula), 19 times out of 20 @97% confidence/competency factor. This poll was paid for by Glen P. Robbins and Associates-and in part by Jim Van Rassel (604) 328-5398

Question #1
Which political leader and party in British Columbia do you currently support?
Gordon Campbell and BC Liberals    35.5 %
Carole James and BC NDP    41 %
Chris Bennett and Green    08 %
Chris Delaney and BC Conservatives    07 %
Undecided    15 %
Question #2
Which political leader and party in Canada do your currently support?
Stephen Harper and Conservatives    45 %
Jack Layton and NDP    30 %
Stephane Dion and Liberals    22 %
Elizabeth May and Green    06 %
Undecided    11% %
Question #3
In your opinion will Premier Gordon Campbell’s government oversight and management of the Vancouver/Whistler 2010 Winter Olympic Games, and the costs to British Columbians to produce those games, HURT or HELP social programs such as health, education and the environment?
HURT    60.5 %
HELP    39 %
Question #4
Are you FOR or AGAINST Stephen Harper’s Conservative government on the economy, crime prevention, the environment, and Afghanistan?
FOR    51.5 %
AGAINST    28.5 %
Undecided    20 %
Question #5
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has made many controversial comments including challenging Israel’s right to exist. Recently, he spoke at Columbia University in New York. Should he be permitted to speak in Canada?
Yes    66 %
No    27.5 %
Undecided    6.5 %
Question #6
Recently, Rock promoter and sometime CKNW opinion personality Bruce Allen said “special interest groups who want special rules aren’t needed here and should shut up and fit in”. Do you agree or disagree with this position?
Agree    70.5 %
Disagree    20 %
Undecided    09 %
Question #7
A Sikh activist and BC NDP Olympic Games critic Harry Bains do not believe that Bruce Allen should be part of the planning for the 2010 Olympic ceremonies because of his comments. In your opinion should Bruce Allen be part of the 2010 Olympic ceremonies?
Yes    44.5 %
No    34 %
Undecided/Don’t Care    21 %
Question #8
A recent Ipsos poll suggested that upwards of 90% of British Columbians did not view the court system in the province positively. Generally speaking, in your opinion, is the contribution made by lawyers to British Columbia society?
More positive    21 %
More negative    71 %
Undecided    08 %
Gordon Campbell’s BC Liberals are well in decline in popularity in the province. The same is true for Stephane Dion and the Federal Liberal Party. The Liberal label is out of fashion right now, while the Conservative and Democrat name labels are more in fashion.
BC and Canadians mainstream news are floating Greens at higher totals than they are actually achieving to on one hand oppress the BC NDP and on the other to oppress Stephen Harper’s Conservatives. The establishment press is Liberal and it is imperative that their collective influence be seriously downgraded or obliterated. I am expecting any day newspapers, television and radio in the province to publish polls of BC Liberal members as representative of public opinion.
Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper is on a roll after success in Quebec by-elections recently. The relative increase in totals in those elections compared to election results from the last general election were nearly exact to ROBBINS predictions of “mid-thirties” published the day prior to those elections.
That’s why were are the best in the business.
PM Harper has broken through and although these are BC results only, the response to Harper is extremely positive. A fall election date for early late November (22nd) or early December 2007 is best (if he listens to Rommel). He will win a large majority. The mainstream liberal press and their pollster friends get all of the air time, but folks fewer and fewer citizens are paying attention to them I wager. A recent email from one newspaper’s lawyer to ROBBINS suggests cracks are showing in the establishment. Omaha Beach comes to mind.
The Olympics is simply not a popular item right now. British Columbians have at best been split on the contentious event, they are now exhibiting a general lack of interest and even disdain for an event which the general population sees as benefiting a small group and not the general population.
Thanks to Bruce Allen, the death of the Liberal thought and speech police is upon us. A majority of respondents in this ROBBINS poll were eager to welcome the controversy of Iran’s President to our country. There is a desire for greater public input and frustration with lackluster and bias reporting in our mainstream press. It is seriously hurting the integrity of the country.
Bruce Allen’s association with the Olympics does less for his popularity than his own personal opinion. Clearly something to consider.
If British Columbians are not enamored with our court system, there is little more affection for lawyers generally.
Stephen Harper will win 200 seats before Christmas of this year, and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms will be super embossed on toilet tissue (for profit or for use by an increasing number of charities for fund-raising) soon thereafter, replaced by a document which serves all of the people of this great nation, and not the lawyers and bureaucrats (and many school teachers).

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