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Springsteen- An American philosophy reborn to run
  Oct 09, 2007

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band have brought all of the rock n roll philosophy of 35 years into America's next great music album.
Newly released "Magic" is all that and more.
Springsteen and his band have inspiration written all over this sensational work.
From the moment the CD was placed in my hands until the time I had finished with it, some two hours later, I was tranformed.
The same thing happened to me when I was in my late teens, at a house party. Thunder Road was playing. At this party, a well known bully was making the rounds, insulting my friends, and anyone else who was there. Talking rudely to the girls there in their summer clothes, while their boyfriends hung their heads in shame, thinking about the long walk home. Nobody said a word. No-one wanted to die.
Standing there in the devil's arcade, I had seen the bully working over my new girlfriend, who did her best to stand her ground. I moved away quickly hoping no-one would see me moving away from potential conflict. I couldn't be the last to die, but I had to something.
My older brother Barry (who was tougher than a wolverine), had always told me, never run scared, never run scared from a bully. I knew if I did now, I'd become my own worst enemy.
But I couldn't move. I was more frightened of the potential humiliation of being beat up, than I was of doing what needed to be done.
Than Born to Run played on the stereo, and the gypsey biker inside of me, mixed with the fifth of rum, (and an irish/scottish inclination for mayhem) overruled my fear. I circled around in the direction bully boy was shuffling. I positioned myself in a position that would make me impossible to ignore.
"What are you looking at" said bully boy. "An asshole" I replied. As bully boy's eyes illuminated his anger, I clubbed him with a fast overhand right, right on the button "tramps like us, baby we were born to run," ringing through the rooms, as bully boy began his fast descent into a dreamy sleep.
The following barrage of fists and cowboy boots into the bully was meant for posterity, for art, and for the girls.
The first time I ever heard Springsteen I could not believe what I was hearing. Born to Run was fabulous, inspiration, a trip to drunken Jesus. Passionate.
Magic is this good.
I'm older now, but Badlands and the Ties that Bind have carried me through my own life's battles, and now Magic is the big wave taking us all home.
Every song on this album is great.
I listened to "Long Walk Home" 12 times before my wife forced me to change it. "Girls in their Summer clothes" is great, every song is terrific, but I would pay top dollar just to see this outstanding artist and his band play Long Walk Is this a crossover country hit? Addendum: (I have taken "Long Walk Home" out among my brethren-let's say we were feeling it. Some of the consensus is that this may be the best song of all-time, anytime---1950's through until now. Do this song justice and tell me that me and my 'loco hombres' aren't exactly on the money. Best song ever-of all time. You are witness to it in 2007.
Thank you Bruce. I'm eighteen again, and invincible.
Mona Lisa and Madhatters by Elton John is an excellent song, very well written, thoughtful.
Now that's some marketing.....huh?

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