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Metro Vancouver Poll-ROBBINS SUPERMAN-takes control of the City of Vancouver
First, you take Vancouver, than you take....(sic) Leonard Cohen  Oct 21, 2007

A random telephone sample of 1,030 residents in the city of Vancouver between October 17 and 21, 2007. This ROBBINS SUPERMAN poll has a margin of error of 2.95%, 19 times out of 20 @99% competency.
This poll was funded in part by Jim Van Rassel, Conservative member of Canada (604) 328-5398

Question #1
Which federal leader and party do you currently support?
Stephen Harper and Conservative Party of Canada    36.2 %
Jack Layton and New Democratic Party of Canada    31 %
Stephane Dion and Liberal Party of Canada    24.1 %
Elizabeth May and Green Party of Canada    8.6 %
Question #2
Which of the following choices in your opinion has the greatest influence in your life at this time?
Religion    5.4 %
Sports    8.9 %
Television/Cable    18.6 %
Internet    25.2 %
Radio    3.3 %
Newspapers    4.2 %
Music/Art/Culture    20.3 %
Other/Undecided    14.1 %
Question #3
Will you be making the effort to purchase or otherwise obtain tickets to the 2010 Vancouver Olympic events, or opening and/or closing ceremonies?
Yes    8.67 %
No    64.6 %
Question #4
The City of Vancouver saved approximately $80 million as a consequence of not paying wages during the most recent C.U.P.E./City of Vancouver strike. Which of the following choices BEST reflects your opinion of what the City ought to do with these funds?
The funds ought to be used to hire more Vancouver police    6.9 %
The funds ought to be used for 2010 Olympic development    6.1 %
The funds ought to be returned to property owners    31.3 %
The funds ought to be used to pay down the City's debt    13.9 %
The funds ought to be used to help the homeless/poor and to pay for needle exchange programs    14.7 %
The funds ought to be used to help promote a sustainable environment in the City of Vancouver    8.4 %
Question #5
In your opinion should Vancouver City and CUPE Managers, who are responsible for establishing new contracts between themselves, be compelled by law to ALSO forfeit their pay during the duration of a strike?
Yes    54 %
No    38 %
Question #6
The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia makes tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars in profit in some years budgets. Yet, ICBC was established as a non profit organization. In your opinion, should ICBC profits be returned to premium-payers in the form of increased safe driver discounts, lower premium rates or other?
Yes    62 %
No    28 %
Question #7
In your opinion was the most recent CUPE/City of Vancouver strike purposefully contrived to save the city money, despite denying citizens and property owners programs and services?
Yes    29 %
No    56 %
Question #8
In your opinion should financial statements of Crown Corporations like ICBC continue to be EXCLUDED from the overall budget of BC Finance Ministers for the purposes of reporting to the public?
Yes    17 %
No    72 %
Question #9
The Vancouver Police department believes that repeat convicted criminals ought to serve longer sentences for their crimes, a position supported by federal Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day. Which of the following choices BEST reflects why the British Columbia courts continue to permit lenient sentences for repeat criminals?
Judges impose only sentences which are available through the Criminal Code    17 %
Judges prefer to be lenient with repeat offenders    51 %
The legal system likes repeat criminals because it creates more income for legal aid and the legal system    32 %
Question #10
In your opinion do immigrants from Asia and India do a good job of integrating into Canadian society?
Yes    38 %
No    50 %
Observations and Commentary:
Stephen Harper and his Conservative Party of Canada are now the most popular federal party in the City of Vancouver, a certain indicator that the growing increase in popular support for the Conservative Party of Canada in suburbs across the nation is now spilling over into the City.
The Stephane Dion/Marke Marissen federal liberals have extraordinary problems. Former Liberal Prime Minister Jean Chretien's most recently published castigation of former PM Paul Martin will unequivocally ensure that the next Liberal government in 10 years will be more likely constructed in his image.
Federal NDP leader Jack Layton is growing in stature nationally, as he like Bloc Quebecois leader Gilles Duceppe have revealed that they are unafraid of Stephen Harper, while Stephane Dion does appear to be reluctant to confront the growing popular support for Stephen Harper.
Mr. Dion needs to provoke an election through the window of Kyoto and the environment. Although it won't stop Mr. Harper from winning a majority government, it may ensure the Federal Liberal Party does not become like the former Progressive Conservative Party of Canada under Prime Minister Kim Campbell.
Over 45% (against per 25% per choice average-ranking 180) of Vancouverites select the Internet and Music/Art/Culture as the greatest influence on their lives right now. (Making it time to come to the new World 'alter' of and ROBBINS SUPERMAN rogue polls, whereas only 26% (against combined 37.5% average-rank 69) select television, cable, radio and newspapers as the greatest influence in their lives.
Radio, and particularly radio news is moving from a mainstream market to a niche market only. Newspapers, although a traditional business have become a dirty and inefficient medium relative to others, as people look for new and more innovative ways to look for news and entertainment.
Similarly, regular television is having a difficult time as viewers look for ways to remove commercials from shows, or alternatively rent television shows from 'video' stores.
The Internet, and middle technology devices such as new Extreme Cellular phones (copyright ROBBINS), are the emerging method of communication of the future, however prices for this technology need to come in at lower values to attract greater market share and ensure that the media vacuum does not exist in traditional forms of mediums for an extended period of time.
The highest advertising values will be connected to live sports presentations because of viewer demand for live broadcasting, however owners of this means of production must do a better job in the customer service area in order to support advertising values, which are the bread and butter of the entire industry.
Bell Globalmedia's investment in the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver may suffer as a consequence of these changing dynamics in the visual medium business, while players like Ted Rogers may benefit with vertical integration supporting high end sports, which viewers prefer live. Once again, the shabby customer service which is tied to these large corporations may continue to hamper their ability to consolidate market share.
Based on 'decided' respondents purchasing tickets to the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games venues, or opening and closing ceremonies, this ROBBINS SUPERMAN poll reveals about $14,000,000 in sales (based on two). Throughout the lower mainland (based on current support which is lower in the suburbs than Vancouver), ROBBINS estimates about $35,000,000 in sales at this juncture, which is likely to rise as we approach the start date of the Games.
Hardly, kicking down the doors for tickets though.
The City of Vancouver and CUPE, have a public relations problem of conspicuous severity. Respondents in this poll in an obvious majority want them both to do 'something' with funds saved during the recent strike, rather than "keeping it". The largest number of respondents choosing something else as follows: Nearly one-half want the money returned to property owners, with one in five wanting any city debt paid down, or alternatively, one in five wanting the money to be used for homeless/poor, or to pay for the needle exchange program.
Although this poll reflects a genuine disaffection for both parties to the recent strike, the politicians lose because they govern for all, while the unions look out for themselves, and are not linked to the provincial BC NDP as they once were, particularly with the BC NDP ridding themselves of dependence on Union donations, while the BC Liberals are hooked on Corporate donations.
Cause and effect of the negative implications of this recent strike is most starkly revealed through the clear majority of respondents who are of the opinion that Vancouver City and CUPE managers should forfeit pay during any strike period. Although many respondents who supported this choice understood that it is unlikely that this dramatic shift in accountability for the people would ever occur, the question was delightfully answered by these respondents nonetheless.
There is a distinct correlation between those respondents who are of the opinion that the Vancouver strike was 'purposefully' contrived, and those respondents who are of the opinion that Vancouver City and CUPE managers should forfeit pay during the strike.
Nearly two-thirds of respondents in the City of Vancouver are of the opinion that ICBC monies in the form of profits should be returned to premium payers. Mandated 'hold backs' for future claim pay-outs, or the need to ensure insurance solvency are one thing, but these should not be confused with profits as the conventional spin from ICBC talking heads would have many British Columbians believe.
As well, the fact that well over one half of respondents are of the opinion that basic automobile insurance coverage, currently monopolized by The Insurance Corporation of BC, ought to be opened up to free market competition, strongly suggests that respondents generally would rather have monies in their pockets than under the control of government or their satellite corporations such as ICBC.
Further, this hypothesis is better developed when we consider that a super majority of Vancouver respondents are of the opinion that "financial statements of Crown Corporations like ICBC be included within provincial budgets". The pitifully narrow window of current transparency exacerbated by a determined complacent mainstream press monopoly, coupled with the ever growing demand from consumers (voters/taxpayers/citizens) has created such a massive political incongruence in this province as witnessed in part by this ROBBINS poll, that 'the people' are slowly beginning to understand why the United States under its Constitution provides its citizens the rights to bear arms. We are living in dangerous times, and may yet not be fully awares of the growing mistrust and lack of satisfaction of the citizenry.
Confidence in the federal administration of government is beginning to grow as a response to invigorated confidence in Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his Conservative government. This is not the case in BC provincial politics, and as a result of a poor showing by Mayor Sam Sullivan, has also resulted in less confidence at the municipal level. This statement is indirectly (and anecdotally) supported by the recent meeting of political leaders from Coquitlam, Surrey, Abbotsford and Langley to discuss transportation issues.
Port Moody Mayor Joe Trasolini was not invited because he has lost credibility on the transportation issue, and Port Coquitlam Mayor Scott Young, who has lost credibility as a result of personal problems.
Both of these Mayors need to tell the citizenry that they do not intend to seek re-election in the next municipal race, in order to ensure another within their council ranks can speak for their respective cities at all times.
Only 17% of respondents in this ROBBINS SUPERMAN poll relate the short sentences for repeat criminals to BC Judges having their hands tied by the Criminal Code of Canada, while 83% of Vancouverites are of the opinion that these Judges are simply tough on crime, or that the legal system exists as a money making machine at the expense of citizen safety.
This poll along with another by ROBBINS, and one by Ipsos, reveals that of the democratic system in British Columbia, the courts and our parliament have little confidence with the people. Part of the problem for other ethnic groups in Canada (discussed later) is that people are under the impression that we are tailoring our courts to meet the needs of ethnic criminals in order to keep them happy. Plainly said, Vancouverites, indeed British Columbians and Canadians from coast to coast have finally become completely fed up with immigration policy in the country. We may not want prisoners held as suspected terrorist to be mistreated in any way, but we don't want foreign people, or newer Canadians to think that just because the country is free it is an acceptable breeding ground for political ideas from back home which have no business in this country. Furthermore, Canadians do not believe that our security forces, or intelligence would purposefully be cruel to individuals who were clearly not an absolute risk to the country. Mr. Arar's case doesn't make people pleased, but his circumstance however unattractive, does not promote a greater sympathy with Canadians.
(New Democrats generally like their leader Carole James, while BC Liberals would prefer Carole Taylor, or someone other than Gordon Campbell).
The City of Vancouver has the highest number of immigrants from Asia and India. One half of the population of that city have joined the chorus of voices across the country (and the world for that matter) expressing their displeasure at the inability of these people to properly assimilate into the culture.
Part of this massive backlash against immigrants is a response to many years of liberal tyranny in the bureacracy, courts and media, which has nearly crippled confidence in our democratic institutions. The other part of this works this way. Canadian soldiers are over in Afghanistan on taxpayer dollars, doing their best to bring stability to the country and to the region. The region includes India and China (as well as other countries). We are taking our efforts there seriously, yet every day or so in the news there is some gang or group that is not caucasian which is up to one ruthless criminal deed or another. Canadians already know the kinds of crimes caucasians are capable of, we are not pleased that these other cultures (which have been part of the fabric of the country for many years) do not seem to be taking the problems associated with crime and mysogony seriously. Furthermore, the soldiers in Afghanistan seem to be short a few surnames. We see Smith, Jones, Belanger, or Kaminski, but we seem short on the Wongs and the Singhs. Are we mistaken?
This in and of itself is provoking a massive movement toward support for Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his Conservative Party of Canada, a migration so extensive it may attract 50% of all Canadian voters.

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