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Metro Vancouver Poll-ROBBINS Clearwater Revisited-500 Women
All polling questions-results-commentary by Glen P. Robbins  Nov 03, 2007

A random sample of 500 women throughout the lower mainland of British Columbia between October 28 and November 3, 2007. This poll features a margin of error of plus or minus 4.5%, 19 times out of 20 @98% competency/confidence.

Question #1
Which political leader and party from those offered, do you currently support most?
BC NDP and Carole James    33.3 %
Carole Taylor and Liberals    32 %
Conservative BC and Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts    34.4 %
Other/Don't Know/Undecided    (17.2) %
Question #2
BC NDP leader Carole James has mandated that her party, in some circumstances, nominate more women, persons of disabilities, and other disadvantaged to represent her party in the next provincial election in British Columbia in 2009. In your opinion, is this a "Good", "Bad", or "50/50 Good/Bad, or "None of these"?
"Good"    40.6 %
"Bad"    36.9 %
"50/50 Good/Bad    26.9 %
None of these    00 %
Question #3
In your opinion should BC's minimum wage be raised to $10.00?
Yes    92 %
No    08 %
Question #4
Two women lawyers in Vancouver, one a former Director of the BC Civil Liberties Association, and both now Human Rights Judges in BC, can be shown through documents received from FOI to have either coached or otherwise permitted a group of young women involved in a sexual harassment complaint before the (former) Human Right Commission and Human Rights Tribunal, to perjure or in the alternative falsify testimony or evidence given to these bodies. The Attorney General's Office, the Premier, the Finance Minister, the leader of the Opposition, BC Human Rights Director Kerry-Lynne Findlay, and many in the media know or ought to know that this is true. Which of the following responses in your opinion BEST explains why this apparent criminal cover up and illegal and unethical behaviour is tolerated and even accommodated by those we are supposed to trust?
If the public finds out about this, it will undermine the entire judicial system    43.3 %
Things like this happen all the time and get covered up    37.1 %
There is likely some other explanation which we don't know about    13 %
I don't know    4.1 %
It is pretty obvious by this ROBBINS poll what needs to be done in the province to increase the profile of debate in the province from lacklustre and boring to something worth talking about.
Adding in Conservative Mayor Dianne Watts, who has many friends in high places (including the Dalai Lama), along with dynamic Carole Taylor, and ever thoughtful and compassionate Carole James of the BC NDP, (not to mention new BC Green Party leader Jane Sterk), and BC is ready to challenge the world.
Carole James idea for affirmative action is seen as a "Good" idea by just over one half of these women respondents. Given the support Carole James will need from women to become Premier, this may ultimately be seen as an "Average" idea only.
Women overwhelmingly support the $10 minimum wage. Current Premier Campbell simply will never understand any of this.
It would appear that BC's useless legal system has another victim, and its complete lack of accountability would ignore all of the facts, as long as it can, because in BC's legal system its only money that matters, justice is someone else's problem.
Elected politicians don't have the stone to take on the bureaucrats.
Now BC has mortgaged its integrity to one person.

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