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Clinton, Obama, Gore (re-release from Nov 6, 2007)-Obama even with Clinton with Gore in race
Are Al Gore Democrats voting for Obama?  Feb 21, 2008

A random telephone survey of 2,144 supporters of the Democratic party on issues of candidate support and matters pertaining to global warming. This survey was conducted between October 10-25, 2007, and features a margin of error of 2.12%, 19 times out of 20. This poll was paid for in part by an individual/group with an interest in the outcome of the nomination, and with respect to the matter of global warming.

Question #1
Which of the following candidates (or other) for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States do you support most?
Hillary Clinton    29.50 %
Barack Obama    29.07 %
Al Gore    24.72 %
John Edwards    16.41 %
Other/Don't Know/Undecided    12.33 %
Question #2
In your opinion, if little is done to defend the planet against global warming, how long (in your opinion), will it be, before a major disaster results?
1-10 years    16 %
10-25 years    21 %
25-50 years    27 %
50-100 years    25 %
More than 100 years    12 %
Question #3
Which of the following approaches to solving the problem of global warming do you accept as the BEST one?
Let the market and entrepreneurship solve the problem    30 %
Let the federal government solve the problem through programs, initiatives and taxation    25.5 %
Both (a) and (b)    21 %
Neither (a) nor (b)    24 %
Question #4
Is global warming the most significant problem facing the planet today?
Yes    32 %
No    58 %
Does the inclusion of Al Gore change the face the of the Democratic contest for President? This ROBBINS poll suggests that it might. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are even right now, with Al Gore included in the race, although he has not officially declared.
Although there have been reports that Ms. Clinton has (finally) had a problem or two in her campaign, the fact that every ROBBINS poll, and virtually every other poll has had her in the lead, would clearly suggest that the evidence of this poll goes some distance to suggesting Al Gore's declaration to run, will have a significant impact on the overall Democratic nomination.
Does Al Gore have enough to win? Although this poll puts Al Gore behind both candidates, the fact that he hasn't declared may have taken away from some of the support he might get if he did enter. It is also possible that the potential of him entering the race is more exciting than the actual entering, should he choose to do this.
This ROBBINS poll reveals that although most Americans clearly understand the significant danger global warming presents to the planet, they still favour the market mechanism as a response to solving it, as opposed to government taxation. There is a significant minority of respondents who are of the opinion that neither the market nor government initiatives are the answer. Some respondent comments might suggest this group of respondents is either apathetic to solving the problem, or believe that individuals and local grass roots community efforts are the true catalyst.
Moreover, American are not of the opinion that global warming is the most significant problem facing the planet, there is some evidence that many believe that terrorism, or other circumstances require more pressing attention.

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