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ROBBINS Descartes- Omni-BUST
  Nov 12, 2007

A random telephone sample of 525 Metro Vancouver respondents between November 8-12, 2007. This ROBBINS poll features a margin of error of 4.0%, 19 times out of 20 @98% competency/confidence. This poll was sponsored in part by Jim Van Rassel (604) 328-5398

Question #1
Which political leader and party do you currently support?
Stephen Harper and Conservative Party of Canada    41 %
Stephane Dion and Liberal Party of Canada    24.6 %
Jack Layton and New Democratic Party of Canada    29.1 %
Elizabeth May and Green Party of Canada    5.0 %
Question #2
In the event Stephan Dion steps down as leader of the federal Liberal Party, are you willing to wait another year for the federal Liberal leadership contest, followed by a general federal election?
Yes    34 %
No    56 %
Undecided/Don't Know    10 %
Question #3
What is the earliest date you would accept a general federal election?
3 months    29.1 %
6 months    21.1 %
9 months    22.9 %
One year    14.8 %
Question #4
Should the labour practices of big box retailers like Canadian Tire or Wal-Mart be thoroughly examined by elected officials at city and municipal levels, prior to city councils approving applications for development of these stores?
Yes    57 %
No    31 %
Undecided/Don't Know    11 %
Question #5
Should BC consider a regional police force to improve and enhance communications between and amongst all levels of the police force to improve investigations of serious crimes, and to ensure public safety in the province?
Yes    46.8 %
No    35.3 %
Undecided/Don't Know    15.5 %
Question #6
Which of the following issues is of greatest concern to you at this time?
Global Warming    13.2 %
Mission in Afghanistan    10 %
The Economy and fair wage practices    18.2 %
Health Care    16.8 %
Crime    23.6 %
Immigration    17.9 %
Undecided    10 %
Question #7
A Canadian man convicted of double murder in the United States has been sentenced to death. In your opinion, should Prime Minister Stephen Harper request his sentence to reduced to life in prison on behalf of Canada?
Yes    33 %
No    62 %
In this poll of Metro Vancouver respondents, this ROBBINS Descartes poll suggests that Stephen Harper is successfully continuing his quest for majority government.
It isn't easy to ask Canadians if they want an election, unless the government is so awful that the people cannot stand it anymore. I would assess the Campbell Liberal government as awful. In fact, it is equally as awful as Glen Clark's NDP government was.
Federally, we turned the question around and determined that if the Liberals were to select another leader to replace Stephane Dion, most Canadians would not permit the party to delay an election for much longer than nine months to a year.
The number of respondents whose 'earliest' date for a federal election is within 9 months from now, collaborates this 'suggestion'. The difficulties associated with former PM Brian Mulroney will hurt (kill) Progressive Conservatism, but won't (all in) hurt PM Harper, but may generate enough short term press to permit the mainstream Liberal press to shore up Dion a little. It may work in the press, but it won't work in fact. Former Liberal PM Jean Chretien's payment of monies to Mulroney stemming from that action, will only bring Canadians closer to concluding that the old politics of the country (eastern) is flawed and corrupt, establishing a large window of opportunity for Stephen Harper to put his own brand on the Conservative Party of Canada. Out with the old, and in with the new.
A clear majority of decided respondents are supportive of a regional police force for British Columbia, and a majority of these respondents also expect city councils to properly investigate wage practices of big box retailers (and others). Previous ROBBINS polls have revealed that Canadians (BCers) think they only receive about one half of the value of their taxes payed. The rest is wasted on people (elected or appointed) who have little talent or skill, and find their positions owing to special interests they belong to (charities, associations, etc.). For BC and Canada to be successful, we must purge ourselves of these often greedy self interested people, and find leaders who are truly from amongst our midst. When BC Liberal Solicitor General John Les dismisses out of hand the possibility of a regional police force, coming from another 'top cop' at the local level, he is doing so without even considering an option which has been considered for some time, and is even more accentuated with the proliferation of serious crime and apparent erosion in public safety. There is probably more efficient communication between family members and cellular phones and other than there is among different police forces (local and RCMP). This isn't the fault of the police. Communications between criminals has vastly improved, while the politics of policing has continued to exacerbate the problems of communications between current forces. This makes the question of a regional police force viable, and I am pleased that at least one journalist Vaughn Palmer (Vancouver Sun) is not in denial or defensive like so much of the mainstream press (afraid to offend politico's/advertisers etc), and sees the issue for what it is.
ROBBINS has significant anecdotal evidence that some large corporations, particularly fast food outlets are firing training wage personnel at approx. $6.00 per hour just prior to completion of the requisite 500 hours work. With most of the population either believing we have a $10 minimum or wanting a $10 minimum, in the presence of an $8.00 plus minimum, and not being made aware of the grossly abusive training wage, Premier Campbell appears to have not gotten religion on people, and his Croatian collaborator Ilich is no better. (Sixty years and nothing changes). If you can't get religion on people, you sure as shit won't get it on global warming and other issues. (How much longer does the political debate in this province remain so juvenile).
The province has gotten particularly shitty over labour issues, which is nearly as bad as the fascist way employment standards were handled under Glen Clark and Ujjie Dosanjh of the former NDP. (Ujjie Dosanjh is now a federal Liberal), where small businesses were tortured by their social engineering (Torquemadian) excesses. Both these governments have (had) some truly sick predilictions.
The recent orgy of gruesome gangland murders in the lower mainland has many respondents wanting to know what actually happens to their tax dollars, and they are slowly beginning to figure out that maybe they are being scammed by the shortcomings of democratic government in British Columbia.
To wit: gangland violence is so out of control that innocent people can now be factored into the murder manifest. (That's you and I).
When the public becomes concerned over its own safety, than matters such as global warming and Afghanistan take a back seat. Moreover, when the face of violence looks non-white, the whites get fed up with immigration and look for change. That is what is happening now. You can have all the liberal journalists attempt to bail water out of the sinking multi-cultural ship, and Human Rights (self) interests can continue to bleat about their 'grey' world, but this has become black and white, and an attitude (and policy) change needs to take place throughouth our institutions to meet the realities of what British Columbians (and I suspect) Canadians want. It continues down Allen road "get your act together or get out".
Respondents in the lower mainland of the province in this ROBBINS poll are slowly emerging from the ether of Liberalism and its phoney multiculturalism plan, but the mainstream press continues its attempts to blow smoke up every conceivable oriface in our bodies to keep us 'bought in'. It won't work, just wait and see where this goes. You heard it here first!
It isn't going to work any longer for the liberal mainstream press, the horse is already out of the barn.
Citizens are concerned about government, and about corporations, but mostly they are concerned about crime, and (some) people who come to our country don't give a damn about living within the rules and the well being of the general citizenry.
Premier Campbell doesn't care, and neither does Solicitor General John Les, who is more concerned with controlling and maintaining power and being on stage, than getting the job done.
The citizens pay one helluva lot of taxes. For what exactly?
This poll of respondents in Metro Vancouver reveals that a significant majority of urbanites and suburbanites support Prime Minister Stephen Harper permitting the execution of Canadian convicted of double murder in the United States.
These numbers differ fundamentally from a recent poll of Canadians conducted by U.S. lobbyists and Canadian pollster Harris-Decima.
There is a significant push in legal circles in the southern United States (mostly Democrats I understand) questioning whether or not legal injections are 'torture' or not. This may to some extent explain the vast difference in the polling outcomes between our private firm and the other Corporately owned lobby group with historical ties to the former Clinton White House.
It may also be explained somewhat by Quebec respondents in the Decima poll.

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