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InfoSource Media: Conservative Jim Van Rassel speaks to journalists
  Nov 30, 2007

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When journalists cease to do their jobs
Michael Smyth of the Province and CKNW tells readers/listeners to ignore their basic instincts, lighten up, and purchase the ‘3’ 2010 Olympic Mascot ‘toys’. Selling the Olympics and its toys is not Michael Smyth’s job, writing objectively about government is.
(Are these Mascots 'toys' made in China?)
Keith Baldrey of Global writes in the local newspapers that the BC Liberals are ahead in public opinion based on a mainstream poll concluded November 17, 2007 yet published 9 days later on November 26, 2007. Isn’t Mr. Baldrey the first to say that a day in politics can be an eternity? The nine days missing in the poll he panders to included hours of news footage of the Robert Dziekanski tasering death at YVR followed by apologies by both the Premier and the Solicitor General of the province. The polling firm in question seems to poll only every few months. This means the so-called ‘snapshots’ in time they take are capable of editing out any bad news and ‘painting the tape’ of a positive history of the government. This isn’t objective journalism. Although Mr. Baldrey does go to some lengths to comment on less stellar aspects of the government’s efforts, he rationalizes the numbers not on the suspect timing of the poll relative to important news, but on the positive elements of the economy. If the premise is that the government can get away with virtually anything because of a strong economy perhaps we need to properly address precisely how the economy is really doing, and where it is going. More about that later.
Instead, although both of these journalists are being paid by the same media company, it almost seems that they are doing public relations work for the government, which already hires its own people. This simply isn’t right, and shouldn’t be tolerated any longer. So knock it off!
Jim Van Rassel

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