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Of ICBC/BC Hydro/or BC Rail-which would you sell first?
  Mar 06, 2004

A computer generated telephone survey of 725 respondents throughout all regions of British Columbia, and a random telephone survey of 350 respondents throughout those same regions, for a total of 1,075 respondents. Of the 350 random telephone respondents, Glen P. Robbins obtained 65. No adjustment was made for population concentrations. All respondents in this survey declared that they had voted in the last provincial general election in British Columbia. This survey was conducted between March 1 and March 6, 2004 and features a margin of error of 3.75%, 17 times out of 20, @ 97% competency.

Question #1
Of these following Crown Corporations, BC Hydro, BC Rail or The Insurance Corporation of BC, which one in your opinion would you privatize first, if you had to privatize any one of them?
A. BC Hydro-04%; B. BC Rail-17%; C. I.C.B.C.-74%; D. Don't Know-05%     %
Question #2
Which of the following choices best explains why so many consecutive BC governments appear to have such great difficulty governing without scandal?
A. The BC Press is ruthless and good people are afraid to run for office-27%; B. The political system in BC is flawed and needs changing-22%; C. They type of person who seeks political office in BC is of a lower quality and lower character-50%.     %
Question #3
Is it your experience, knowledge, or perception that I.C.B.C. does an effective job of providing good, honest, reliable, fair and just and reasonable automobile insurance claims service to British Columbia motorists?
Yes-31%; No-63%; Don't Know-06%     %
Question #4
If you were compelled by law to vote in the next scheduled BC provincial general election in May 2005, or face a fine of $250 for not voting, for which of the following two political parties would you cast your vote?
A. BC NDP-43%; B. BC Liberals-26%; C. I would spoil my ballot-18%; D. I would pay the fine and not vote-09%; E. Undecided-03%.     %
There is no doubt in British Columbian's minds that I.C.B.C. should be sold or privatized ahead of B.C. Hydro or B.C. Rail. I.C.B.C. has not been properly compensating accident victims for a long time, and only gets away with it because most people don't want to publicly announce they have an injury claim.
British Columbians do not believe that it is only the political system that isn't working, mostly they believe that only political lightweights get into the industry.
What is clear from this survey is that the BC Media has not grasped the level of extreme discontent that voters feel with the BC Liberal government. Most of the media is monopolized, and Campbell is buying his way with advertising dollars.

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