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ROBBINS U-2 of Republican 'supporters'
  Dec 07, 2007

A sample of 1,055 Republican Party supporters who are currently 'closely' following the "entire" race for President of the United States of America between November 29 and December 6, 2007. This ROBBINS poll based on the criteria of the strategic calling environment's mentioned, features a margin of error of 3.44%, 19 times out of 20 @97% competency/confidence.

Question #1
Which of the following candidates for President of the United States do you support most (pick a first and second choice; you must pick a first to pick a second, however you do not have to pick a second). (based on 90.01% of potential total)(11% undecided)
Fred Thompson    19.10 %
Mitt Romney    17.00 %
John McCain    16.70 %
Rudy Giuliani    16.50 %
Mike Huckabee    16.50 %
Ron Paul    13.90 %
Question #2
ROBBINS rates Republican candidates based on respondents opinions of candidate’s positions on Immigration and Iraq/National Security. (decided based on 87.55% of potential total at point of full selection). (08% undecided-based on respondents listed only).
Fred Thompson    18.65 %
Mitt Romney    16.80 %
John McCain    16.75 %
Rudy Giuliani    16.75 %
Mike Huckabee    15.90 %
Ron Paul    14.8% %
According to this latest ROBBINS over America poll, the lead Republican in the race is Senator Fred Thompson. The Rudy Giuliani/Mitt Romney explosion over immigration fueled his ascent. While many respondents like Mike Huckabee, his support lacks some depth, and overall Thompson was more popular. The Tennessee Senator has little blood on him from the immigration wars, while his peers seeking the nomination, save for Ron Paul, look like a scene from Goodfellas.
Senator Thompson is very well liked, and is easily the best one on one interview of any candidate in either party. His handlers know this well and have used it for their obvious advantage which is reflected in this ROBBINS poll.
It is difficult to tell yet if Governor Mitt Romney is potentially great, or simply very good. If he is the former he will win this nomination, if not, he will not. Romney counter-punched Rudy Giuliani into a pulpy mass over immigration in the Florida debate, by revealing that on pure political talent Giuliani is the best politician, it may not be for the position of President. The former New York Mayor is being hampered by threats of a Mayor Bloomberg run.
John McCain remains in the race because Republican supporters want him there. He will continue to garner more Libertarian and Independent votes, without sacrificing support from Christians. McCain is a principled person, and that still matters, a lot, however for every Republican who supports Senator McCain’s ‘consistency’, there are others who see him as inflexible.
Rudy Giuliani is the historical leader of the race, and remains the leader in many mainstream polls. In this ROBBINS poll he is seen to be in the middle of a tight pack, and given the past few weeks, this may be a good place to be, but not for too long. Giuliani is smart, tough, and would probably make a good President. He can appear a little ruthless to some voters which bodes well on the tough side of the conservative equation, but not on the compassionate side.
Mike Huckabee is the new media darling of the mainstream press, but nationally he hasn’t persuaded enough supporters to take him seriously enough to put him on top. The coming weeks will tell if the former Arkansas Governor has risen to the top of the pack or is merely in the hunt.
Ron Paul-Definitely the odd man out of this race, however Congressman Paul has a following whether by his policies and personality or by clever marketing.

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