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Infosource Media Services-Pollster Robbins ASKS James Moore MP-where is accountability?
  Dec 11, 2007

Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada
Jim Van Rassel
Cell 604-328-5398
Fax 604-942-9320
December 07, 2007 From: Glen P Robbins
To: James Moore, Conservative MP
Re: Recent accusation of viewing scantily clad women on laptop in the House of Commons
With respect to the above captioned, it is with an equal measure of disgust and revulsion that I watched you in the Parliament express that Ďno-one should have to go through what you went through in the last 24 hoursí. (over the false accusation that you were looking at scantily clad pictures of women you don't know on your laptop).
Six years ago I provided you with a 100 page lawsuit which clearly depicted how the Attorney General of BC under current Liberal MP Ujjie (ďthe victimĒ) Dosanjh had systematically gone after my publishing business, and helped 5 women, headed by the daughter of a former disgruntled business associate, to defame, libel and ruin my business and my reputation including taking away every conceivable Charter Right, not the least of which was obviously freedom of expression.
I was publishing independent newspapers expressing the public outrage regarding elected officials and lobbying long before it became fashionable in Ottawa. The Attorney Generalís Office didnít like it, because nearly every elected official who gets remotely close to a first nations person, starts shopping for a new Mercedes and it disgusted me.
You did nothing. You said it was before the courts, an excuse that hasnít been viable for years.
Mr. Moore, I built my publishing business from nothing. I had forty employees. I gave people raises. I paid them $13.00 per hour when $10 was a good wage. I worked 7 days a week. This business produced 2 million dollars a year. I had nice cars, homes, condos and took holidays with my family. I earned all of it. I sold ads, wrote articles, and unloaded newspapers off trucks to keep my business moving
Years (and some real suffering) past, I continue to work 7 days a week, and now have built (arguably) one of the better polling firms in the country. I have never received one cent for what is without question the most indefensible attack on a Canadian citizen (short of death or long term imprisonment of the innocent) in Canada's history, including listing me (with no criminal record, or accusations) as a pedophile on the worldwide web, where we monitored daily the top listing under Google for my name, this incident. It took over a year for the BC Attorney General to put meta tags on the site. Soon after filing this lawsuit, you will recall the BC Human Rights Commission was dismantled. Just as the BC NDP screwed over Carrier Lumber in the 1990's, both the BC NDP under now Liberal Dosanjh, and the BC Liberals chose to ignore the entire case, when the evidence easily and unequivocally reveals that the case was a concocted fraud, involving two members of the BC Bar, who will be revealed later when the lawsuit in its entirety is posted on-line and sent out worldwide.
I worked my tail off because I have a family, and because I have grit. It hasnít been easy. A couple of times, the stress was so bad I involuntarily wet myself.
One time my mental anguish was so great from this concocted ordeal that on a particular day in a particular situation I believed that my two daughters had been abducted from the street. I spent the next hour and one half while neighbours and others helped search for my children, thinking of the best way to kill myself, if something happened to them.
You donít know what it is like to be maliciously and falsely accused, to see your wife cry every night for weeks on end, to be separated from your family.
Now, you get up in the House of Commons and look like you might cry because someone pointed out that you actually have a girlfriend. That reaction, while knowing my situation, made me sick.
Mr. Moore, I humbly suggest that I am 100 times the man, and 1,000 times the Canadian you are. I have principles, and I have courage. You appear to possess neither.
You could have fought for your constituent, you did not. You say you are a conservative, you are not. Had our roles been reversed, I would have fought for you.
People like me make Canada great. People like you pretend to make Canada great. This difference is why so many Canadians donít respect institutions like Parliament and elected officials.
I have asked Mr.Jim Van Rassel to give you 2 days to do something about this, after which the letter should achieve the level of worldwide distribution it merits.

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