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Jim Van Rassel responds to James Moore MP
  Dec 13, 2007

Infosource Media Services
Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada
From: Jim Van Rassel
To: James Moore MP
I have read your response to Mr. Glen Robbins letter to you. Essentially, he has told you that he has lost a multi-million dollar business owing to what appears to be (from my investigation) a scam/fraud perpetrated against him by the BC Attorney General’s Office, and some very dishonest complainants.
I have read the lawsuit Mr. Robbins provided to you, and it is clear that he includes the evidence relating to the case within the context of the pleadings in the Statement of Claim. The allegations I read are extremely disconcerting to me as a citizen, and member of the Conservative Party of Canada.
This is a horrible political mistake against Mr. Robbins which demand a political resolve.
Instead, you brush Mr. Robbins off and ‘tell him to get a lawyer’?
I am aghast at you complete lack of empathy and consideration for a constituent who has apparently been denied all of his Charter Rights. If you don’t know, the Charter under the Canadian Constitution, thus making these claims of federal relevance. This means you, Mr. Moore erstwhile Member of Parliament.
Not only have I (as a citizens witness to this egregious matter), read the contents of the lawsuit, I have also looked into the matter more deeply to satisfy myself that Mr. Robbins claims have merit. Moreover, the contents of this litigation have been send to Kerri-Lynne Findlay, a former Canadian Alliance candidate, now a director of the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal. I have also sent it to Carole James, leader of the BC NDP, Gordon Campbell, leader of the BC Liberal Party and currently Premier of the province of BC, Stephane Dion, leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, and the Office of the Prime Minister of Canada, as well as yourself, and others.
I am a member of the Conservative Party of Canada and believe I have donated the maximum amount for the year. I have since been asked for more money from the Conservative Party of Canada for the next year, but am re-evaluating my position at this time.
Be rest assured that until you do your job I can’t support you at this time.
Jim Van Rassel

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