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James Moore MP responds to Jim Van Rassel
  Dec 14, 2007

Letter from:"Moore, James - Personal" (response to Jim Van Rassel letter).
To: "Jim Van Rassel" ,
That's your choice Jim. (Glen P. Robbins edits: basically James Moore is telling a platinum member of the Conservative Party to go join the federal Liberal or NDP Party).
As I have said, I am not a lawyer. This is a legal matter. MPs do not intervene in private legal matters other than to offer assistance in aquire (sic) legal help. If Mr. Robbins requires this, I can assist. If there are allegations of legal impropriety against Mr. Dosanjh, that is for him to pursue. (GPR says: Once again Mr. Moore continues to talk about Dosanjh, when it isn't about Dosanjh per se. Mr. Moore doesn't want to recognize that it is in fact a political matter. When the Statement of Claim is published it will be easy for readers to see that all of the 'easy to read' evidence is provided so that anyone can comprehend it. My family including my 72 year old mother-in-law and her cronies all get it, why can't this 30 year old + wanna be?) Mr. Moore would like it to be a legal matter so that he won't have to be responsible to a constituent and can continue to kiss babies and chase doggies around the dog park). Let's see if Mr. Moore does anything to help! So Mr. Moore, exactly who is this lawyer you are recommending?
James Moore MP

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