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Metro Vancouver Poll-ROBBINS on Carole Taylor
Some sweet day I'll make her mine..Pretty Flamingo-Manfred Mann  Dec 20, 2007

A random sample poll of 1,450 British Columbians residing in Metro Vancouver, including, 740 (Vancouver city proper), 240 (Burnaby), 200 (Tri-city region-Anmore,Belcarra,Port Moody, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Pitt Meadows, Maple Ridge), 470 (Surrey). (85 'ballots' were designated spoiled and not included in total). This poll was conducted over a longer period of time than is often considered 'normal' between December 1 and 14, 2007. A blind of 111 respondents was obtained by Glen P. Robbins personally. This poll features a margin of error of 3.0% 19 times out of 20 @96% competency/confidence. This poll was paid for by Jim Van Rassel (604) 328-5398.

Question #1
In your opinion is BC’s economy “booming”?
Yes    18.5 %
No    79.5 %
Unsure/Undecided/Other    15 %
Question #2
For purposes of this question, you must first accept that the BC government is NOT allowed to run an annual deficit. If the BC government continues to post higher than expected surpluses in its annual Budget, is this sound financial management in your opinion?
Yes    30.5 %
No    69.5 %
Unsure/Undecided/Other    14 %
Question #3
Revenues from the sale of BC Lottery tickets and BC Liquor Distribution have grown by (82.5%) and (30.8%) respectively. Revenues from Crown Corporations such as ICBC have grown by (65.5%). The BC NDP have stated that the BC Liberals under Gordon Campbell have provided income tax relief to their wealthy friends, while the middle class pays for it. Do you AGREE or DISAGREE with the BC NDP on this matter of personal income tax?
AGREE    63.80 %
DISAGREE    36.12 %
Unsure/Undecided/Other    06.00 %
Question #4
Gross Domestic Product is a standard way of measuring the size of the economy. Over similar lengths of time in government, for both the BC NDP and BC Liberal governments, the Gross Domestic Product per person and Gross Domestic Product per employed person on average are similar. In your opinion is BC’s economy ‘booming’?
Yes    16.5 %
No    83.5 %
Unsure/Undecided/Other    04.0 %
Question #5
Employees working at stations along at a fast food drive-throughs are exposed to exhaust smoke from idling automobiles. The exposure to exhaust increases dramatically at peak hours with higher traffic volumes. Should workers at fast food restaurants, most who work at or below the minimum wage, be permitted by Worksafe BC to be exposed to automobile exhaust while on the job?
Yes    21 %
No    79 %
Unsure/Undecided/Other    12 %
Question #6
In your opinion which of the following BEST explains why BC Liberal finance minister Carole Taylor (who has presided over BC Budgets since 2005) is not running in the provincial election in 2009?
She wants to distance herself from Premier Gordon Campbell, former BC Liberal finance Minister Gary Collins and the upcoming BC Rail trial    19.6 %
She wants to run for Mayor of Vancouver    28.5 %
She wants to spend more time with her husband, family and new home in California    26.3 %
She knows that her budgets are misleading or unacceptable to British Columbians    25.4 %
Unsure/Undecided/Other    06 %
Question #7
In your opinion who from the following list of choices would you vote to be Premier of British Columbia, if the election were held today?
Carole Taylor    31.70 %
Gordon Campbell    19.19 %
Neither of These    49.20 %
Unsure/Undecided/Other    17.44 %
Question #8
Whether you can vote in Vancouver elections or not, it is obvious that what happens in Metro Vancouver still matters for the entire lower mainland. Having said that, would you like to see current BC Minister of Finance Carole Taylor run for Mayor of Vancouver under an Independent party label as has been suggested in the media?
Yes    54.45 %
No    45.39 %
Undecided    11 %
Observations and Commentary:
Only a minority of respondents in the lower mainland of the province of British Columbia are of the opinion that BC’s economy is ‘Booming’.
A firm majority of respondents question large Budget surpluses.
A very noteworthy majority of ‘decided’ British Columbians AGREE with the BC NDP that tax cuts by the BC Liberals have been for the benefit of their friends. The BC Liberals are losing the war for the middle ground, to the BC NDP, or to the disheartened (and the Green).
Respondents in this poll overwhelmingly are against minimum wage workers being exposed to dangerous vehicle exhausts. The number of respondents who meekly said they had never thought about this before was very compelling.
One half of ‘decided’ respondents are of the opinion that BC Liberal finance Minister Carole Taylor is either leaving BC politics because of anticipated negative political scandal or because they are of the opinion she is has not been honest with her Budgets.
The other half seem to really like her. I mean really like her.
More than three out of ten British Columbians would prefer Carole Taylor to be Premier if an election were held today, while less than one out of five are supporters of Premier Campbell, and slightly more than one half don’t want either.
According to respondents who are “old enough to vote” BC’s economy is NOT booming. According to evidence from Stats Canada, the BC provincial economy has likely never been booming. The housing and development market has been booming, but it is beginning to level off.
In a recent public opinion poll over 60% of Americans believe their country is heading into a recession, suggesting that a recession currently exists. Economic realities for BC may not be far behind; our forestry sector is well into an accelerated decline.
Efforts to buoy the BC economy with pine beetle sell off, raw log sell off, and asset sell off to fund current transportation and Olympic development, as construction wages are good when workers can be gotten, and other jobs for many men and women undervalue their potential hugely, is becoming more obvious to a greater cross section of regular British Columbians every day. They know!
BC’s 'best known' export abroad is probably marijuana and without it, our economy may never have held. Now there’s some creative thinking. Do a telephone survey in the United States from BC and listen to quite a few people who talk (fondly) about our BC Bud. (Also, do a random survey anywhere in Canada and women will more readily answer questions then men will-2-1)(I have considered selling my polling company to an all woman company-it would be very successful). Investment in the Olympics primarily in the Vancouver-Whistler, or Vancouver-Richmond region of the lower mainland has many respondents living elsewhere resentment. This awesome economic undertaking receives less attention as an International event, owing to new interest in Global Warming. OOOPS!
The Campbell Liberals will now have to provide Budgets based on some modicum of reality, and abandon the Paul Martin 'surprise I found a surplus' fiscal approach, which now appears to be annoying most British Columbians.
The Gordon Campbell BC Liberals have given very significant tax cuts to select segments of society, which according to responses in this poll are not accepted as working to stimulate the economy. They may make some voters happy (if they actually get the tax cut), and the BC Liberals benefactors in the Automobile Dealers Association happy, but only a minority of British Columbians equate tax cuts with stimulating the economy, contrary to the assertions by BC Liberal finance Minister Carole Taylor in the quote provided within the context of the question asked.
In this poll we continue to see that resistance to the BC NDP on financial matters is melting away, due to questions British Columbians have about the current government’s ability to manage the books. Although it is clear that most respondents in this poll are not buying the BC Liberal line on finance, the next question is: Are they any better than the NDP were? This poll suggests that most British Columbians see little difference between the two parties. The false economy story has got to sober up in order to ensure we do well. Not this media cheerleading, fundamentals. As it is in competitive sports talent helps, but it won’t sustain you if the fundamentals aren’t solid. The public perception that the fundamental economic requirements are in fact in place are supported by how well the government takes care of those who can’t look after themselves.
On this latter account, this current government is certainly insufficient. That is why the next BC government should look for a WAC character like my friend Jim Van Rassel to run the books, and a public policy developer likes yours truly to help make everything work nicely. BC is selling itself short, too much hyperbole and cheap embellishment, and not enough Santana.
(Its bad public relations- let me help my province. We need lots of dough and I’ll take Vaughn Palmer of the Vancouver Sun if I can find the money).
Although there is a significant minority of respondents who still refuse to agree with the BC NDP, it is far less than one half. This poll reveals a significant emancipation for the BC NDP from fiscal losers, to the realization that British Columbians are now looking politically at what is truly in their best interests as taxpayers and members of society. As one respondent in Burnaby said:
“If I have to pay taxes, I want to ensure that the money will go to social programs like health, education, and children, I don’t believe the BC Liberals under Gordon Campbell effectively do this, but I am fairly certain the BC NDP will.”
If governments want to suggest the use of economic indicators such as GDP per capita for assessing environmental penalties, than they had better accept them when assessing more traditional financial considerations such as Budgets. First things first as the saying goes.
Respondents in this poll from {outside} Vancouver city proper are more inclined to be of the opinion that Carole Taylor is leaving provincial politics to become Mayor of Vancouver (as suggested in the press), while her own supporters (from the City of Vancouver) are of the opinion she is leaving politics for her new home in California. I suspect that those respondents, who do not live in Vancouver, and like Carole Taylor, just want to see her run for office, because of the awesome entertainment value, and her apparent high level of political skill. However, her supporters in Vancouver may not want her to denigrate her reputation on the civic stage as one respondent said:
“The City is a mess under Mayor Sam Sullivan, independent or not, why would Carole Taylor want to run opposite of someone like that.”
There are other Vancouver respondents in this poll who like Carole Taylor who think she is on the wrong side of the Cambie Street business owners who are demanding compensation relating to the construction of the Canada Line. I know government makes mistakes. The government understands this, that is why they keep a $150 million dollar fund for government ‘screw-ups’.
To be honest, for a helluva lot people Carole Taylor is hot. Where Gordon Gibson is my sentimental favourite (and his father-though I like WAC Bennett-was how I like to see myself), and David Emerson is my intellectual favorite, a lot of men are crazy for Carole Taylor (but so are a lot of women). She has it all, brains, beauty, authenticity, charm, a heart, and an excellent ability to communicate.
Personally, I find women journalists very attractive, (Chantal Hebert of the Toronto Star is my absolute favourite-no-one can psychoanalyze the Canadian political culture better then she). (Can I bring her with Vaughn Palmer, ooops I’m outa dough already). Conrad Black’s wife is hot as well.
With a 40 million dollar Budget, certainly the people know government will make some mistakes. The Auditor General is supposed to catch this stuff. But if one does an analysis of the Budget revenues year over year, I can’t see the explanation, unless social programs aren’t getting the money allocated to them. Pretending it doesn’t happen as Gordon Campbell and his colleagues do, is insulting to a society that needs to become more enlightened more rapidly, not left in the dark through duplicity, dishonesty, and sometimes a lot of ignorance.
The message from some of Carole Taylor Vancouver supporters is essentially “why help Gordon Campbell at all”, which is what she would be doing running for Vancouver Mayor while Gordon Campbell ran concurrently for another term as Premier.
“If your husband beats you, and you get away, you have two choices: stay away entirely or turn around and kick him out of the house, don’t move into his other ‘rental’ home.”
“If you’re leaving BC politics while Campbell is still Premier, leave, if Campbell goes than consider your options, but don’t be fooled by the same people who fooled Christy Clarke, you only promised one term and the BC Liberal Party has no hold on you.”
Given that these respondents are from the lower mainland of the province and Vancouver City proper, a strategic calling region which has to favour the BC Liberals for the party to be successful, this poll spells serious trouble for the current government with a general provincial election just seventeen months away and Campbell with dwindling support for his Premiership?
With a very short political ‘bench’ and no politically attractive women to fill the void to be left by Carole Taylor, without some drastic renovations it is entirely possible the BC Liberals may suffer the same fate in 2009 as the Dosanjh BC NDP did in 2001.
BC Liberals supporters and the mainstream media are underestimating Carole James, leader of the BC NDP and she is going to bite their backside in 2009. I would trust this woman with my children in a heartbeat, and a lot of other people feel are going to feel the same way too.
For what its worth, Carole Taylor vs. Gregor Robertson vs. Sam Sullivan would be a political race voters would die to see. Unquestionably it would juice lagging 2010 fortunes (being drowned out by Global Warming, poverty, housing, transportation).
Honestly though, I really think Carole James vs. Carole Taylor is the political contest of the decade in BC. I certainly don’t need to convince many people of that.

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