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Campbell 10 Trillion Dollar Transit Plan
  Jan 15, 2008

Infosource Media Services Coquitlam British Columbia Canada January/14/2008 Jim Van Rassel Cell 604-328-5398 Fax 604-942-9320
Glen P. Robbins, President and C.E.O. of ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) is proclaiming extreme concerns over Gordon Campbell’s scheduled announcement today regarding transportation issues such as the Evergreen Line and Skytrain to UBC.
“Don’t trust this guy as far as you can throw him” says Robbins, “as a politician he is rotten to the core.”
Things to watch in this announcement are “specific start dates of projects, monies involved, and who precisely the private partners are.”
“If this is anything like Campbell’s Green announcements the start dates will be vague, revealing no earnest commitment of funds until after the next provincial general election in March 2009.” Adds Robbins “I want to know when the precise date of the Evergreen Line will be (for example April 2008 etc.).
“If the start dates are not precise to the day or week of the month, than this announcement is simply just noise news to cover up media coverage of the BC Rail trial on Monday and Wednesday of this week, where the Premier and his BC Liberal friends may be implicated.” Robbins also adds that “we will get a clearer picture of the extent the mainstream media will go to pander to any ‘soft’ announcements from Campbell and his cohorts as a quid pro quo for advertising revenues and other benefits.”
“We can take a public opinion poll of which media outlet was the most corrupt”.
Robbins further asserts “I want to know precisely what companies (3P’s) are involved, when they got involved, what the terms of the deal are etc., and I want to know today, not tomorrow, not the day after.”
“This BC Liberal government is arguably the most corrupt in the history of our province, has increased public debt like no government before it, sold off our assets, cheated and lied in the process, and now expects us to accept its friends and associates in private business should be able to collect millions of dollars from projects completed with taxpayer dollars.”
Robbins also believes “this announcement is a little odd in terms of its timing to California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s assessment of the good value of 3P’s.”
“We can’t get accountability in BC from our courts, our politicians, our mainstream media, we certainly won’t get it from businesses, if Governor Schwarzenegger thinks P3’s are so good, then why doesn’t he get his highfalutin ass up to this Din of Inequity in BC and explain it to those of us who can’t even get on shred of accountability from the government let alone from a bunch of lecherous private partners.” Robbins adds “is any of the 3P money coming from friends of the Governor in California?”
Robbins vows that he and his researchers will go to any and all lengths to find out every detail of the business practices of any business and their principal shareholders involved in these projects and to the extent if the Premier or any of his friends in government will benefit from the any of the deals, and will be certain to publish this information for wide dissemination.
Robbins concludes “don’t think we won’t poll California over this”.

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