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Obama ROBBINS----The public opinion poll that changed the World--
Barack vs. Hillary '08 (release from January 29, 2008)-  Jan 06, 2011

This is a random sample of 1,118 ‘Democratic supporters’ throughout the United States, and conducted between January 24-29, 2008. Interviews were obtained from “U.S. citizens” living in cities and towns with populations over 110,000. The margin of error for this strategic calling environment is 3.07%, 19 times out of 20 @98% competency/confidence. Internally funded.

Question #1
Has Condoleezza Rice done a good job as U.S. Secretary of State?
Yes    22.23 %
No    51.11 %
Question #2
Which of these U.S. Presidential candidates do you support at this time?
Barack Obama    46.86 %
Hillary Clinton    44.23 %
John Edwards    9.27 %
Undecided    05 %
Republican Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice posts some pretty decent numbers among democrat supporters in this ROBBINS poll of the United States 2008 election. Ms. Rice is an African American woman who was once touted as a candidate for the Republican nomination for President.
Barack Obama has enormous momentum heading towards Super Duper Tuesday, and has nearly evaporated Hillary Clinton’s lead over him in California, which will greatly influence the outcome of the Democratic nomination. The 80 odd delegates that go to the winner in California will make a difference in who ultimately wins the nomination.
After South Carolina, Obama looks like a rock star with many Americans joining his political band wagon. New Hampshire taught Barack Obama that no matter what the polls say, save the funk for the final numbers. Will an African American President make the world see the United States in a different light? How will Senator Obama deal with foreign policy considering the situation in Iraq has changed, arguably for the better? Has the assassination of Benazir Bhutto reinforced his previous perspective on Pakistan?
South Carolina did not help Senator Clinton, nor apparently did her husband’s participation. The New York Senator addressed supporters directly after Barack Obama’s South Carolina win, and moved to a new tone, a calming one, giving the impression that Barack Obama’s candidacy was more about a pending riot than momentum towards the Presidency. The Clintons are living up to their reputation as tough competitors; however in a Presidential race that is not all you want to be remembered for.
Senator Obama’s momentum has been aided of late by the participation of the Kennedy family (at least the JFK side of it) who hope to see their civil rights idealism come full circle with the election of an African American President.
Has anyone noticed that it was another Republican, George W. Bush, who brought in Colin Powell as the first African American Secretary of State, and Condoleezza Rice as the first African American female Secretary of State?
Does this leave it open for the Democratic Party (DNC) to go one better?
Depending on whose polls you follow, (and when the polls were taken), ROBBINS estimates that Senator Clinton has probably given up 8-10% nationally among Democratic supporters to her rivals, with about 6.25% of it to Senator Obama.
Will Senator Edwards’s numbers hold up through Super Duper Tuesday? He NOW has more value to offer Senator Obama, as most of his supporters are more likely to follow him to Obama than to Senator Clinton.
As these numbers indicate, Hillary Clinton is still in this race nationally, much of her support is solid, however her momentum has stalled and she is losing ground. Will the beauty contest in Florida mean anything to her candidacy, or will it reflect yet another cosmetic win, and a distraction from her task as hand which is to re-invent herself in a short period of time sufficient to win Super Duper Tuesday?
Glen P. Robbins (604) 942-3757

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