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Potential Coquitlam Mayoral candidate Jim Van Rassel responds to Province
  Feb 08, 2008

In Response to:
The Province article
Published: Thursday, February 07, 2008
'We need more young people to participate in Canadian politics'
I can only speak for the Tri-City region in regards to voter participation. The average voter turn out for these three cities in the last municipal election was 19.85% . I think we have bigger problems than just getting our young people involved. With this kind of voter participation, or the lack of, our leaders of the day in my opinion do not have the authority to lead.
That being said the voter apathy in the area says something about the 'leaders' we have here today. In the defense of those 'leaders' they got in because there was no other options available to the voting public.
Our democratic system, at least in this area, is in serious trouble; maybe that is one of the reasons that we in the Tri-Cities are always over-looked by the Provincial and Federal Governments. Really in the big scheme of things with 19.85% voter turn, and the complete lack of leadership in the region in all three levels of government, I can see why.
I'm giving some consideration to running for Mayor of Coquitlam Nov. 2008 to fix this (and many other) problems.
Jim Van Rassel

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