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ROBBINS sees America (circa) 2008-Clinton, Obama, McCain remain
2000 Man-Exile on Main Street  Feb 17, 2008

This is a random telephone sample of 1,071 “American citizens who “Intend to Vote” in the election for President of the United States of America in November 2008”. This ROBBINS poll was conducted on the continent of the United States between February 11-15th, 2008. This poll features a margin of error of 3.12%, 19 times out of 20 @99% confidence. This poll was internally funded to ensure independence, accuracy, and credibility.

Question #1
Who would you like to see become the next President of the United States of America- in November, 2008?
Barack Obama    34.8 %
John McCain    34.4 %
Hillary Clinton    30.7 %
Other/Undecided    14 %
Question #2
When the next President of the United States of America is sworn into Office what should his or her first policy priority be (if you had to choose only one of these following limited choices)?
Work vigorously toward ensuring the powerful American economic engine is fundamentally solid and moving forward    38.3 %
Work vigorously toward ensuring America’s strategic interests are completely satisfied- including- a strong foreign policy with respect to Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan, including working toward bolstering American military strength abroad and pursuing the    32.1 %
Looking after the interests of the American working class, who have been neglected for too many years, and who, in many respects have to prop up the economy with their efforts    30.0 %
Other    21 %
Undecided    12 %
Question #3
In August 2008 the Democratic National Convention in Denver Colorado featuring Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama- will take place. Also in August 2008 the Summer Olympic Games in Beijing, China- will take place. Which would you be more likely to watch- if they were on television at the same time?
2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing China    07 %
Democratic National Convention featuring Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton    64 %
Neither    29 %
Undecided    07 %
Observations, Commentary and Spin-Not properly abridged—(or edited)
John McCain’s numbers are better than they might first look. He is the lone Republican in a three person race where the others are the two most popular politicians in the country, and aren’t on his side. Yet Senator McCain remains (3 %+) ahead of an extremely solid voting base, military veterans and supporters of military veterans. This puts McCain on the lean side in my hypo-theatrical estimation at plus or minus majority territory on a fictitious 500 size sample. Drill down and explore the demographics. This part of the battle must be predicated on an incremental strategy to associate John McCain with American history---play to American heritage. It will cross over and contest some of Senator Obama’s third tier support which isn’t settled, but is currently clearly Obama-
If Hillary Clinton goes out sooner than Pennsylvania -and McCain can- continue with the excellent groove he’s got going on, to the extent that he can muscle for ‘time and coverage’ to the equal of his two counterparts, this will go a long way to telling us the tale of how the Republican nominee will get out of the gates when the Democrats are one (1).
-American media—you need to double your budgets. What if you could help to realize 75-80% increase in voter turn-out? I’ll tell you-never mind your guns and butter baby-this is the greatest country in the world---and the country we are currently ‘helping’-ya know-got that same vote total in its elections. (It’s just something to think about).
Don’t tell me that’s not an accomplishment.
Some of this media coverage with the stage, other shots of airplanes, traveling, guys getting out of limos, the whole Presidential thing. Let’s have a look at the next President of the United States in an election that will go down in history as a remarkable achievement in terms of solidifying worldwide confidence. I’ve said that before and it is worth repeating.
Look, China, everyone likes you, but this human rights thing----yes I realize my country of Canuckstan are mostly ‘posers’ on human rights/we permit a ridiculous kind of circus human rights claims to give the appearance we are ‘so-o-o good’- at human rights- we can afford to make a circus of it (now that’s arrogant) ---the United States---yes again- no angels.
But China, yes, China I’m talking to you: - both of ‘our’ countries are doing one helluva lot better job than you are on all the right stuff. It isn’t making the difference now, but if I had to generalize, I would say that Asians like to back a winner—with Obama and Clinton both looking for working men and women-What will Asian men do now?
Too much work and too much effort-who wants to be the next choice to fill the empty seats on the back of the bus? Is it Clinton or is it Obama-or is it actually John McCain?
So the point of this $1,000,000 ROBBINS message is: if Stephen Spielberg, the first American Jewish President (California) implies your trash----figure it out-bra.
Hollywood, after many years as ‘nobody’s’ in American Presidential elections-are now Back ‘cookin’ with gas. Is Daniel DL incredible or what? When my back is to the wall-sometimes I say a prayer, sometimes I meditate, other times I write or research- and sometimes I look to William (Cutty that is-“This is a wound-This is a Kill”).
My dearest actors, advocate- speak freely, enjoy red wine with your French and Italian cuisine, and help us all to enjoy- the U.S. political express go Rock’n’Roll-(bring Memphis)-and pray for a Rolling Stones 2000 Man-Exile on Main Street tour.
If ever a nation should have a spectacle it ought to be the most important of them all-the election of the American President. Remember your fundamental principles and use your collective talents to bolster your own advocacy, but also to attract more of the people you profess to care about--- to designate their franchise to you, when most of the people will never meet you, save for images on the television and in newspaper, magazines, and at the theatre before a movie. This is an complex and extremely important opportunity to permit as many Americans as possible- the opportunity to understand the system, to realize what the process of running for President is all about, and to get to know these candidates as human beings as well as political actors.
If there is a sense of which wrong needs to be satisfied more, it is probably the sense of excitement with which American (and many Canadian) people view the possibility of an extremely competent, young couple of immense “Cool-iality”, Barack Obama and his wife Michelle in the White House—when I look at images of what was Once Upon a Time in America, and what is happening at this moment in time-it is truly amazing.
Also, the feminists are getting upset and openly voicing their demand for a Clinton win-do-these emails help….Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton.
No-one can ever make blanket statements for the life experiences of any one group of people, but this might be important. On the issue of gender-race, there are far more people who don’t see the first woman as nearly as intensely as the first African American person, particularly when this specific African American is this terrific. Is this subconscious guilt over racism, or is it an opportunity for redemption that drives this? People have got to believe in something-
(I never write like this if you’re losing).
Here’s a little gift for President Obama. His wife Michelle is another ‘original deal’---
“I’m not going to ask for justice…I will demand justice;
I’m not going to ask for liberty….I will demand liberty”
Use it-it’s my gift.
Hillary might fit Vice-President, but Barack Obama won’t look right at all in that position of man-servant-Tommie’s Boy-dare I say Danny Boy? Did I say Hillary for Secretary of State? What I meant was Secretary of State and repayment of that $5,000,000 she loaned her (your) campaign. Hillary, a lot of Canadian Democrats are chilling for you. This can’t be a good sign, Canadian media is always six months behind me-figure it out-it’s not good.
“Right now America wants the Obama sugar and all that sweet stuff attracts”.
John McCain cannot be out campaigned on the ground. He won’t let it happen; his campaign is his signature to an unwavering commitment to look after American strategic interests.
Readers around the world, Republican nominee John McCain doesn’t just talk tough, he is tough.
Some kids are having a hard time staying away from McCain even when their friends tell them “Republicans are bad”. A man, who spends five years captive to the vagaries of an 'evil' North Vietnamese government, while fighting for his country, will never be ‘bad’, his party has to figure out if they want to be “good”.
Hillary Clinton’s campaign machine has been shown to be a little outdated. She made the mistake of ‘appearing to blame’ one of her loyal campaign workers- (read: workers)
…..this with Obama’s ‘skyrocket in flight’, coupled with Michelle Obama being so ‘dope’, and Democratic spin Queen extraordinaire Donna Brazile-(exactly how much money do you want Donna?-My people will get back to y’all.)
-by the time Ms. Clinton had made the correction, righted the campaign including campaign message, John McCain stepped up with Mitt Romney which gave his campaign a bloody good bump for the good, while Mike Huckabee tilled Conservative (any) ground for new memberships, and Hillary stepped into Texas with a great looking ‘set’ of her own. Not exciting, but neither are Conservatives. Remember though, Conservatives are serious about politics.
If “W” is interested in telling folks who in fact is history’s Sam Houston-he has gotto have Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice down to the ranch. It may not be fair play, but it will give those Conservative Republicans the time of their life.
One can readily see the advantages of acknowledging all of the talents and aspirants of a people who truly have been downtrodden-to the extent that even in my life time I am reminded of the horrors of lynchings and other atrocities against African American people-while at the same time I have little understanding beyond what I read from time to time of my own ethno-British mix-with one Grandfather from Detroit Michigan (Home to Bob Seger-imagine Obama coming up stage on the tail end of -“Night Moves-night moves”).
Hillary has ‘looked stunning’ on the campaign trail and if she can re-make the role of “Kitty” in Texas she will win this State. Personally, no more pantsuits----just boots!
I think you know what I’m talking about Ms. Kitty.
I’m a cowboy hillbilly-I love that country action.
If Ms. Divine gets >56% in Texas, she’s still in it. Loses Ohio and barely wins Texas, time to talk. Super delegates for the Democratic Party need to better orchestrate their reflection of the campaign for regular delegates that is currently taking place, lest their introduction later prove more daunting-desp[it}e all the fabulous press/notwithstanding the emotional desire for a sense of recognized self-fulfillment. It isn’t about you, it may be, but it isn’t yet-.
-Hear me now, blow this coverage and McCain is the next President.
JFK asserted that if one understood poetry they could understand politics. Is any of what I am writing helping you?
John McCain is looking seriously Presidential. Watch out Democrats what out, people believe John McCain. (Sometimes I wonder what mental techniques John McCain employed to survive, to come out of being captured and tortured by the Viet Cong, for all those years). John McCain possesses the one ingredient all great leaders must have. Behind all the posturing, and all the politics, John McCain is awash in quiet confidence.
There is no doubt in his mind. (so) Take Romney whether you like him politically or not. The press loves him; the suburban jet set loves him. Ultimately if you know what the campaign means to political victory, and when your totals meet the level of delegates required, “take Mitt”. “Take Mitt early” too, if you “take Mitt early” the Conservatives will squeal with delight because you would have finished Hillary Clinton by “giving Mitt”, the stage, when she needs it worse. Mitt Romney should always be on a stage.
There you go- two olive branches to Conservative America. (I vote Conservative America-do you?) Are we ready to play yet?
Hillary Clinton is so focused on beating Obama she neglected to take on McCain ‘early enough’. This permitted the prospects of an Obama-McCain Shootout at the KO Corral-Ali vs. Frazier-Ali vs. Foreman-two Hunters- fight to gain more fire, which in turn hurts Clinton but never Obama. This fight for the Democratic nomination is as much about organizational techniques for political campaigns as it is about the candidates, all things being relatively equal.
This U.S. Presidential election looks like the old movies where France and England, or Spain and England fought on the high seas-democracy meets Pirates of the Caribbean.
Every day or two means something, contributes something/it just isn’t- the expectation of a gaffe, the choreography and the level of talent of these politicians- is way too high for this to happen. Will the people still care when all of the drama is over?
Do you really think that Barack Obama could/would ever be a loser? {It isn’t going to happen/if you are behind in the hearts and minds of the people, you have already lost// there has to be something more/ something deep brought to the table to make a serious comeback in a race on this high wire}—the spacing, the attention to the race-it’s changing the face of politics in America right before our eyes.
Canadian media—this is a note//rise yourself/ clean, and remake yourself so that you are not just relevant, so that you are also interesting-you don’t have to act American to do this—you just might need more American money to get those production values you need so we don’t start looking like old Soviet TV. We are moving closer to the Politburo than we are to Democracy. This isn’t meant as right vs. left; it is intended as an observation about what I am looking at-and suitable feedback.
That is why if Hillary wins/-loses Ohio (but not badly) and wins Texas-she lurches forward toward Barack’s heel, or if she makes a stone cold comeback- wins all three BIG as Texas-than she busts ahead. If she wins Ohio, Texas and nods toward Florida (without looking back)-Clinton’s back in biz- and America has a bona fide 18+ dimensional, (early estimate) three way race for President, one which is picking up more momentum than James Dean’s Rebel-the torch being passed thru John Lennon, Bobby Kennedy, and Martin Luther King to Barack Obama-it’s fifty years and this is what you’ve got.
America has been busy. No work, no joy!
There are a handful of Democratic supporters who want Clinton and Obama to decide now-
“Because if they both run- they (Obama-Clinton) - will split the vote and McCain will win for sure”.
This is the one of the new young voters you’ve picked up folks-plucked by ROBBINS right after another shift at Starbuck’s. (The problem is more than a premium payment for coffee-the hype of the deal is over, and now the production line work effort is not able to manage customer relations-an important ingredient in overall service. Work on this and the rest will follow in due course).
Hillary Clinton ought to have taken Mike Huckabee’s news time-as the news cycle has recently begun to purge him. Nice effort Mike- Dennis Hopper’s right—you don’t need a nip and a tuck, you need a plan—I love that message/it’s very positive and exciting.
Creative Phenom Stephen Spielberg pulls out of the China Summer Games (08) 2B true to his human rights convictions. Unfortunately for the Chinese, neither the Olympics nor this country are in the mainstream American public’s ‘good books’. (I’ll be having some of that trillion back now if you please).
Americans want every human being on the planet with a television, computer (or other-undecided) middle technology device to bear witness to this Presidential campaign. If the worst thing people do is to take their rebate cheques and buy a big screen to watch the show with-how bad is that really-unless those purchases benefit businesses overseas---
“Bill-as first man?-Bill Clinton this is your wife/your life”-
I’m sorry but don’t you think some of us rednecks want to remember Bill as he was? ‘We weren’t always nice to women or people of colour, well women anyhow, and now we’ve come of age, but Bill can’t come out of his wife’s election to President- “looking serious—can he”?
Hillary wants her maids (and their men) in a row-intimate an affair of her own--- (Iam-m just saying). You can’t cry twice. Let people know again what kind of women you are. That’s how it all began and how it will be.
Glen P. Robbins (604) 942-3757

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