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BC' February 2004 love affair with Prime Minister Paul Martin
  Feb 26, 2004

A random sample of 255 British Columbians between February 25-27, 2004 throughout Vancouver Island, The Greater Vancouver Regional District, Okanagan, Kamloops, Kootenay Region, and Prince George. The margin of error is 5.5%, 17 times out of 20, @ 96% competency

Question #1
Do you strongly agree, agree, disagree or strongly disagree with this statement. Over the past few weeks under intense media scrutiny and pressur, Prime Minister Paul Martin has proven himself to be a strong leader and the best person to lead Canada.
A. Strongly Agree-17%; B. Agree-20%; C. Disagree-24%; D. Strongly Disagree-24%; Undecided-15     %
Question #2
Do you agree or disagree with this statement. If Paul Martin does not call a spring election I will be very annoyed with him.
Agree-75%; Disagree-23%; Undecided-02%     %
Question #3
If Canada were sending Astronauts to the moon tomorrow and you had the power to select one of the following liberal political leaders to be sent to Mars and never return, which one would you choose
A. BC Premier Gordon Campbell-41%; B. former Prime Minister Jean Chretien-33%; C. current Prime Minister Paul Martin-25     %
Question #4
If a federal general election were held tomorrow for which of the following federal political parties would you cast your vote?
A. federal NDP Party-19%; B. Conservative Party of Canada-35%; C. Federal Liberal Party of Canada-32%; D. Undecided-14%     %
Apparently with BC voters the 'wrong' political strategy has worked for Paul Martin. Castigated by the media for aggressively challenging the Quebec scandal, Paul Martin has indeed gotten in front of it. More than one third of British Columbians affirm Martin to be the best person to lead Canada. There isn't any doubt that British Columbians want the next federal election to be held in the spring of 2004.
Gordon Campbell is a good political baseline for polls and surveys, if you are liked less than he is, you really are in trouble

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