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RSR ROBBINS Research - Canada Politics February 26, 2008
  Feb 26, 2008

February 25, 2008
Press Release-
Glen P. Robbins, President and CEO of ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) says a large percentage of the Metro Vancouver public are concerned about “the inability of the BC Liberal, or BC NDP government’s ability to protect the citizens during the Vancouver 2010 Olympics.”
In a recent poll of over 1,000 respondents throughout the Metro Vancouver region (27%) of respondents indicated their concern over the fact that “there is a shortage of police for the 2010 Olympics” and the “likelihood that Vancouver is vulnerable to an International incident of attack or other”. Another (24%) saw the police numbers as leading to the “possibility of an International incident of attack or other”.
A ROBBINS investigation has determined that despite the demand for RCMP and other police officers for regular policing duties, “there are none available, and not enough are being trained to meet demand.” Moreover, the investigation also found that “existing police officers are being told they will be working 12 weeks of the year associated with security work associated with the Vancouver 2010 Olympics.” The findings from the ROBBINS Vancouver Metro Poll conducted in February 2008 also confirm that (52%) of the Vancouver public perceives serious crime “on the rise”.
ROBBINS adds the response to the public’s concerns have been met with indifference by both police and other insider’s. “We were told that the shortage of police for the Olympics is no big deal because the event (Olympics) is only two weeks long and the current plan is simply to borrow police from other jurisdictions across Canada”.
According to ROBBINS, the amount set aside for Olympics security is around $175 million when security costs for other Olympics often runs closer to 1 billion dollars. ROBBINS asks “are we so sure that Canada’s reputation as a nation that is generally well liked around the world, is sufficient to stop some type of International incident-in the midst of a police and security shortfall-or are we simply going to call in the military which has implications of its own, particularly with Canada in Afghanistan at this time?”
ROBBINS call the present strategy of both the federal and the BC provincial government “naďve, dangerous and grossly irresponsible” and asserts the local media and BC NDP Opposition response as “no better for helping to keep the public in the dark over this serious problem.”
“What this means” adds ROBBINS-“Is will be fewer police officers for local communities, and those police will be allocating 12 weeks of their local work time, (and in some cases sick days) away from the community needs for policing and toward the need for Olympic security. In addition, police from other parts of the country will be siphoned off community detail for the benefit of security for the Olympics. What kind of plan is this to “leave communities potentially vulnerable to criminals while people in Vancouver and Whistler BC enjoy the 2010 Olympics?”
ROBBINS through this press release is issuing a “warning to BC residents, and citizens of other countries-and particular our tourist neighbours to the south in the United States-to be aware of the facts related to the potential lack of Olympic security in the weeks and months leading up the event, as well as for travel plans scheduled for the Olympics specifically”. ROBBINS adds “make sure you pass this concern on to others who might be considering traveling to Canada, and in particular Vancouver British Columbia.”
Glen P. Robbins (604) 942-3757
Glen P. Robbins was born and raised in British Columbia Canada and has conducted private public opinion polls since (1998). His polling firm has exhibited an amazing ability to predict future political events such as the re-election of George W. Bush (2004), the election of Prime Minister Stephen Harper (2006), and the rise of Barack Obama in the U.S. Presidential elections. Glen P. Robbins is not associated in any way shape or form with any mainstream media in Canada.

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