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Metro Vancouver Poll V- mine camp
  Mar 17, 2008

A Vancouver Metro Poll V-A random telephone sample of 505 residents of Metro Vancouver-4.14 + - 97% confidence competency-This poll was sponsored by Jim Van Rassel, businessman and citizen advocate- (604) 328-5398.

Question #1
In your opinion is multi-culturalism working for British Columbia?
Yes    38 %
No    62 %
Question #2
Is it your “ impression” that BC’s health care system is working for British Columbians?
Yes    35 %
No    65 %
Question #3
Do you agree or disagree with this statement: Our BC government could be doing a “much better” job than it is?
Disagree    36 %
Agree    64 %
Question #4
In your opinion should ALL post secondary education be FREE for those BC students who attended at least 6 consecutive years of K-12 education in the province?
Yes    64 %
No    36 %
Question #5
In your opinion should British Columbians receive priority over citizens of other countries like the United States- in terms of access to BC energy and fresh water?
Yes    74 %
No    18 %
Undecided    08 %
The majority of British Columbians in this Vancouver Metro Poll V are of the opinion that multi-culturalism is not working for British Columbia//and that the health care system is not working for British Columbians and/// the BC government could be doing a “much better” job than it is. A contrasting outcome for BC students who are well affirmed in their desire to see post secondary education dumped.
Obviously, British Columbians are of the opinion that their energy interests should take priority over citizens of other countries like the United States in terms of access to BC energy and fresh water. A discussion of Nafta isn’t going away. The foreign ministers of Poland, France,-and representative from Russia and a former US Ambassador have recently expressed similar concerns about Russia, and their fears that the burgeoning new democracy has aspirations of choking off either former Soviet regions like the Ukraine, or the entire EU from a steady supply of energy. Russia is speaking diplomatically about economic relations (which sound significantly more beneficial to Russia), and the United States want to impress upon these leaders the need to pay attention to Serbia and its relationship to Kosovo-wanting all of their collective support for the US over Iran and affirmation of the need to stabilize the situation in Iraq along with an acknowledgement that Russia can do little in Afghanistan owing to its own history there. Russia doesn’t just want to turn the energy tap on as we have done in Canada.
Gordon Campbell put BC up for sale and he didn’t get the province a good deal in return. Now his friends in the court are holding up the people’s ability to get at the truth of the problem in the people’s house. Not a strong basis for confidence in the government acting in the people’s interest, and this reflects in responses in this poll.
The courts can make anything happen at any time if they want to. This BC Rail thing has become a hoax by the BC Supreme Court on the people of the province-and it is hurting our credibility badly. Surely, these appointees cannot be this arrogant.
If I’m Premier; (and this is a promise) I’ll investigate everybody connected to the Attorney General’s Office for the last ten years. Every suspicious looking case, more Air India if I have to-but I need to know why we required two Indian Canadian Attorney Generals for eight of the last twelve years including one who was a BC Supreme Court Judge for so long it’s hard to find out where he practiced law. Was it because we needed a kind of stop loss on the excessive per capita problems caused by that community generally, or was it because that group of people produces more politic militants that threaten national security? Have we done nothing about it-or worse yet-tried to cover it up because the majority of Indo Canadians have voted Liberal federally and provincially. I can smell the corruption coming out of the courts-we’ve got to go in and find out what is going on. (GPR)
Gender plays an important role in determining outcomes for each of these questions. Just less than one half of female respondents are of the opinion that multiculturalism is working, while just more than one quarter of male respondents is of that same opinion. On the other hand ONLY (15%) of female respondents are of the opinion that BC’s health care is working for British Columbians, while (45%) of men are of the opinion that the health care system is not working.
(78%) of female respondents are of the opinion that our BC government could be doing a “much better” job than it is, while men are split nearly evenly.
The gender gap converges on post secondary with a clear majority of women and a noteworthy majority of men demanding FREE post secondary education for BC students.(and not quite as benevolent on their impression of multiculturalism’s success).
There is little doubt how British Columbians feel about their own resources being prioritized to citizens of other countries over the interests of their own citizens.
This ROBBINS poll reminds me of US respondents (very little talking-here’s what I think----{it’s getting tougher and tougher to get through to a respondent-but when you do and your approach is right-the quality of interviews goes up one hundred fold. You cannot pay phone people $8-10 per hour and anticipate quality collection of data as this relates to complex issues-that’s for the mainstream polling environment.
Most women in Metro Vancouver agree that the health care system isn’t working. This position is a Super majority in the negative. There is no mistake about it. The vast majority of women have little confidence in BC’s health care. (60%?) of the budget and the majority of one half of the population thinks that to some extent the health care system in British Columbia “stinks”.
My good friend Harold Hamilton of Sorrento Nurseries in Salmon Arm tells me George Abbott is supposed to be a good guy-what is the deal? Health Care and Campbell have not been showing up very well for quite some time in public opinion. The province has -got to- have -credibility on this file. (‘Harry’ and his friends in the Silviculture industry are already years behind in their tree growing-because the proper resources and government contract allocations have not taken place-----what about the planting?—that will take even more time).
Harry Hamilton-a former Simon Fraser discus thrower and one time professional bodyguard to the Stars including Yul Brenner and Nick “orange shoes” Hebeler- nicknamed “the Bear” is a real BC Business success story. Started in the late 1980’s, Harry and his father Ton Hamilton, along with their partners at Sorrento Nurseries have built a quality business here. From nothing but a dream to a business that may now be worth 10’s of millions. This is what British Columbians are capable of when the government doesn’t interfere or collude with their friends to steal business away from more legitimate small business. Harry is originally from Duncan BC. Get Harry and his people some trees please Rich. Harry is an honourable man-look him up and he’ll tell you what you need to know. - I have also discussed the idea of growing Government Issue {medical} marijuana. I believe this is being researched.
If I were Premier I would ask the people if I could grant the television broadcasters a few dollars to expand coverage of provincial news-or otherwise integrate more provincial news. Maybe, I would start my own government news station avoiding politics-but showcasing the beauty of the province while we spoke of great community endeavours. If you pursue high production values-we would reap great benefits-maybe expanding the channel to more local markets for tourism and such. I would talk to folks about this however. I don’t believe for a minute that news coverage in this province is to a level of satisfaction and fairness that consumers should find acceptable. We have the CBC, why not BCBC? The question provoked might be “should the government be in the broadcasting business?” My answer would be-“we already are”-and it is good we are-to keep the few hands on the private side from idleness.
This means that the issue of health care, on its own, should be enough to bury the Premier. We still don’t have statistics relating to health care costs—people---really!! We had this discussion two years before the 2005 provincial election-thereafter-a Conversation on Health—some Geoff Plant University garbage well, tickets as garbage do you put the tickets in land fill or to ICBC to create more ill will?--and on it goes-and we still don’t know this information.
We never know anything. We know the ferry to see my family in Victoria is too expensive and we know the Coquihalla Highway doesn’t always operate in the winter-so we can’t get out snow ploughs on our main arteries of commercial traffic-but Gateway/Port Mann twinning is just one bolt away for Frankenstein-yes it is pretty much in the bag. How can we put any faith in this government when the basis of their arguments is ridiculous on their face?
--People in the public service---and I mean health care---this is offensive---where is the website with all of the data—relating to surgeries, wait times—everything I want to know about the health care system and its costs, and its accountability to me---. As BC’s next Premier I would make this type of accountability to the public- job 1.
What about education? Not one week after the BC Education Minister Shirley (james) Bond talks about ‘documenting’ exercise efforts of younger BC students, the children at the middle school where I live- are selling boxes of chocolate bars to make some ‘sliver of profit’ for the school library while the entire family puts on 15 pounds as part of the fund raising. Three dollars to the school fund-raiser and another twenty coronary by-passes at the local hospital. The Education Ministry explains “that some contracts are still in place”, so explain this-how can you sell physical health without a conscious effort to educate about nutrition, and how do the boxes of chocolates fit into this plan? Or is this simply another petty BC Liberals vs. BC teachers fight. Poor schools need nutritious food for students-and all students need to be ‘indoctrinated’ with good habits about nutrition-this is our pre-emptive strike against escalating health care costs/ and happier longer more satisfying lives.
Now I am talking about-- some very dynamic programs here-and this government is down to stunts resembling ‘dunk tanks’-and ‘go fish’. Where’s the money? the government would ask---
“Well, I’m not aware of what you’ve got stuffed in your trousers and in your briefcase sir, but I’ll just bet we can find it somewhere.”
How about children and families? Always a mess-it’s like a perpetual nightmare. George Abbott-Health Care-major ministry in the BC government. Isn’t George up in Shuswap? Isn’t Tom Christensen up in Kelowna? Wasn’t he the former BC Liberal Education Minister? Isn’t the new Education Minister Shirley Bond up in Prince George? Isn’t this like nearly 80% of the provinces’ annual budget up there East of Hope?
Come to think of it, once you get to Merrit it’s like you’re in a whole new province. I think I’ll give it-its own name-Country BC-that’s a good name for that-- entire East of Hope experience. I believe it was Chris Delaney former Unity leader, and possibly looking to Unity 09 in some capacity-who said the north and interior, needs its own party. Chris is a good man, it would be good to see another choice for British Columbians (and soon).
The Vancouver media doesn’t have all of the reach it ought to-in the East of Hope region. The Coquihalla Highway is the divide. Swartz Bay is the other divide into the Tri- provinces-(Island Province (IP); Mainland Province (MP); and Country BC Province (CBCP). So now less media access to the people responsible for 80% of the budget. The Minister responsible for much of our revenues is up in the northeast of BC. The place where you work-in on Island Province-and all the money-all the money in the province and than more, and than some, and than some more-all goes to Vancouver 4 Whistler.
(I love polling Whistler—“oh I don’t know if I can answer the questions-I mean I’m a resident-but I’m away so much I spend so little time watching what’s going on in the province”-what precisely are saying darling-that you’ve got a few bucks-you and your rich friends- in the south of France- so much-thanks-{spoiled ballot}?
The media spent little time on these Ministries-there is little mainstream documentation of the obvious decline in proficiency in each of them. Yet it’s true we are in beige and getting worse. How many legislative sessions were taken off? This whole design-accident/whatever makes me very uncomfortable. -There are some times when I don’t believe we have any real non-partisan reporting in this province.- When this happens, there isn’t any hard consistent reporting any more, there is- just selling something-and we don’t need any more of that do we? There is something really wrong here, really creepy-and it begins in Victoria and ends in Vancouver-while the rest of us-quasi hillbillies look on in utter disbelief that this is happening to us. I feel it’s really quite desperate.
I like Vancouver-Vancouver City I mean, but frankly we’re not in touch much any more-I get the sense the city has been taken over by outside forces-a party is being prepared for the World, and guess what? You’re not invited dude; you’re not on our list. That’s what Vancouver has become-all on its own. Since 1992, all of premiers of the province have represented ridings within the city of Vancouver-that’s sixteen years. Glen Clark former BC NDP leader represented Victoria and Vancouver Island very well as I recall-but after the Island and Vancouver-what’s the deal with the rest of us? We get the shaft-all of the time.
//back to children and families-and that posturing over 1.7 million dollars in additional funding// to give the appearance that the government is lean and mean, while at the same time handing over hundreds of millions to friends in development- and recently gifting the money required for light rail in the northeast sector- to art and culture benefits in Vancouver city. I mean who in Port Moody, or Coquitlam can in good conscience vote for Iain Black-he makes a nice move on the booster seat for kids thing-milks it a little too much though-than the government screws up that photo-shoot-badly, and Iain’s political comeback is to spend a fortune on improvements to offices-all nice aboriginal stuff-but somewhat overstated-and deny the request for 1.7 million dollars from the Children’s advocate-who everyone worked hard to achieve-how frustrating is this? I live in this area, and I can tell you most of the people who live here aren’t like this. Iain Black in my opinion doesn’t belong here. In the local newspaper, Black says he isn’t sure what riding he might run in-including the one incumbent Solicitor General Mike Farnsworth-currently owns-Iain-Mike Farnsworth would beat you by 15-20 points. Mike’s assistant Brad West may come over and take your Port Moody seat-just like Karn Manhas held the PoCo seat for Christy before she and her husband fled to Vancouver to conduct Infomercials of some type at CKNW.
I watched a local Port Moody city council meeting discussing the Evergreen Line. If you want to see overworked underpaid local politicians trying to do their best---and grasping at straws because of the massive problems with this project-watch your local community politics on Shaw Cable-it’s better than having a zoo-still the same clean-up costs- (Port Moody’s cable coverage could be clearer and with better sound. The theatre is so nice, why is it always so dark and shadowy-more lights maybe). Apparently 400 citizens showed up at the Inlet Theatre in Port Moody to discuss to various routes of the (N)Everland light rapid transit---but get his---only 2 people showed up to the Inlet Theatre to see Port Moody city councils vote on the route of rapid transit----a vote of all politicians in the region-on the subject- demanded by Transportation Minister Falcon/and the public----at least those living in Port Moody don’t show-they don’t give a shit what city council thinks. One city councillor said he would get in front of the shovel if ‘above grade’ Skytrain came to Port Moody-and than voted FOR the route through Port Moody. How can an intelligent person watch this without a Bong? Who actually makes the effort to come and vote for some of these people-amazing. From 400 interested people to 2. What is going on here?
There is no hesitation from women respondents of all ages, -young and old alike- that the health care system isn’t working. Is it their experience-or have others told them negative stories? We do know that it is the majority of respondent’s “impression” that the health care system is not working. We have the evidence-and the majority conclusion among women is that the health care system “is a mess”. Will privatization improve this situation? Not likely. The element of greed (profit) should seldom if ever be introduced to social institutions which are fundamentally necessary for all of the people. It is only a matter of time before privatized medicine corrupts the entire system of health care. Has Gordon Campbell’s government purposefully screwed up the health care system to open the door for more privatization? I say YES-say yes to the BC government’s solutions to all its problems. Private money-well not really-private money mixed in with much much more of your money-for which the regular person receives little or not benefit or any accountability.
The Premier’s problem- as he adorns himself in his more liberal political attire is that the men who are of the opinion that BC’s health care system is working successfully for British Columbians-are NOT of the opinion that multi-culturalism is working. The point is-/ the Premier’s support is not high to begin with and support is easily Balkanized by divergent issues such as multiculturalism, health, and confidence in government as he slides into ideological boundaries of no return, and no guarantee that gaping landscape to his right won’t be filled-and soon. {“How big a truck Glen”? “A big truck-Jim-a big truck”) The vast majority of respondents simply do not think multiculturalism is working. Of the nearly 80 respondents who described themselves as visible minorities-almost one half said multiculturalism is working, while the other half said it was not. For the Premier to hold the ground he wants in the middle-leaving his right side protected only by the ‘existence’ of a few paper tigers- squeezing the life out of the party seal-and won’t (or can’t) let go of. (Unity 09 it is).
Soliloquy-a change in culture-retire the ‘drinkers’ as leaders!
The province has been led for seven years by an alcoholic- who says he hasn’t drunk alcohol since his drinking and driving conviction in 2003. The province is more at risk because of it (if you believe the Premier). Without two or three years of solid support in counseling and twelve step programs, (at least 2-3 meetings a week) any person who is alcoholic or otherwise has a ‘serious problem’ with drinking-is “white knuckling” it and “cannot possibly be of a mental state to make right-thinking decisions on behalf of (often) themselves, and certainly not for an entire province.” The Premier by his own admission is either “drunk” in office or “dry-drunk”-(no-one I know has seen him at any meetings and Metro Vancouver is loaded with meetings). It has to be one of these two-unless he doesn’t have a history or an issue with alcohol-but he admits he has. Although I don’t wish to appear anti-boozing-I do know that the alcoholic person, particularly with money behind them, is capable of being one of the most dangerous persons in society. They appear to function when they cannot, and many people around them will readily act as apologists in order to maintain whatever benefit they are receiving by supporting the ‘sick’ person.
I know what it is like to be ‘dry drunk’ and-there is no angrier person on the planet.
No doubt part of the Premier’s inability to empathize with ‘little’ people relates to his growing up in an alcoholic home-which sadly led to the death of his father by his own hand. My father who I also loved dearly- was a terrific man and adorable human being. He died at 52 of heart failure-he drank too much and smoked. I sometimes think how sad it is that he did not see his grandchildren (and there are many beautiful grandkids).
Dealing with this as a young man, and now dealing with his own addiction-would put him in a position, without comprehensive treatment and likely accompanying psychological treatment as well-to be frozen like a deer in headlights-as leader of the province. People who abuse alcohol and other drugs have a psychological problem of a maladjusted ego. Their view of who they are relative to the world around them is never consistent with reality. The resulting incongruence manifests frustration and fuels the desire to escape reality through the continued use of alcohol and other drugs. The concept of God as we understand him/her is really the psychological transcendence to the Super Ego which will deny the Ego the temptations put to the alcoholic by the ID. That’s the Carl Jung scenario and it seems easy enough. It never is. But the ability to properly function at optimum levels means lots and lots…hours and hours of treatment, work on personality, thoughtfulness. Politics has no place in recovery. What were you thinking?
Was anyone thinking about anyone else but themselves? {See: “Year of the Cat” by Al Stewart}.
Many of the Premier’s top Ministers were spawned from the alcohol business. This is the wrong generation of leadership for this province going forward.
Enough preaching- here is the ultimate rub. Every alcoholic person I have ever met (and there have been hundreds I have met in and out of recovery) is extremely intelligent. ALWAYS very creative, and many who appear to be extroverts-are actually more introverted. No-one ever readily believes this—“him introverted…oh no-I don’t think so”. The so-called functional alcoholic fears more than anything- confronting the true depth and breadth of their ‘higher intellect’, when succeeding and functioning in society permits them the easier softer way of coasting on ‘smart’, as people will affirm their ‘goodness’ as they drive up in their Mercedes with their excellent clothing for all to gander.
This matter of the Premier’s drinking (or not) cannot be explained any other way- as it is simply impossible (as any of us who have been down this road know full well) to realistically function as a practicing alcoholic-or to function as an alcoholic who is not drinking without a long time program of sobriety.
To properly recover from alcoholism a person must be “completely honest with themselves”. There are many men (particularly) men of the Premier’s age- who are not able to be honest with themselves at all. By this age their alcohol has either taken away everything they have, or helped them through guile, stealth, and a complete disregard for any integrity, to become wealthy enough to appear to be ‘functional’ and protected by the firewall of economic security.
There are no honest alcoholics. By the premier’s age these are the only two career paths of the alcoholic male (read 'em and weep).
In International relations this can be cause for a disaster, imagine what it means to a human being-think about how complex people are-absolutely perfect beasts (except for all those genocides). I base this on the generally accepted psychological premise that it is difficult for people over the age of 30 to make significant changes. Does this ‘inability to change’ become more entrenched as men get older? I believe it does. This situation is mitigated somewhat for women because (a) there are more male alcoholics and problem drinkers than female (although it is getting closer to a tie); and (b) for some reason-women over the age of 40 are more willing to make a fundamental life change-for the better-from the problem of addiction than men are-without (necessarily) the same requisite of a twelve step program.
The Premier’s position is similar to that of many people in his age group who have drinking problems-the denial of reality is so entrenched psychologically-that their ability to get ‘sober’ is severely hampered. Manifested in the extreme this could lead to ‘water on the brain’ or an overall exacerbation of the underlying mental illness. The Premier’s family history, his own history including the decision to get drunk and drive in Hawaii (out of province so that’s okay)- won him the favour of a healthy minority segment of society-all you need to win the province’s cheque book, but a low point from a previous high of 57% in 2001. I remember being the first to poll the public on the Premier’s drinking and driving. Barely (40%) and trending downward wanted him to stay on. We gave him the margin of error, published the poll and than were followed by the mainstream. What were we to do? Ten premiers in ten years or something ridiculous like this.
Political leaders that have been around as long the Premier, and who have lost significant public support while in power don’t generally bounce back up-as political garbage is more likely to be attracted by the governing party, not the one in Opposition. (21%) of voters who supported the BC Liberals in 2001 fled the party during the 2005 general provincial election, while BC NDP support increased (60%), and Green dropped around (10%). Adrienne Carr the former BC Green leader- left the party to support the federal Green as Deputy Leader. How does the Premier last 14 months like this? Simple, he doesn’t. He will run, but he will force the party to go under with him-make it a contest by again prostituting the mainstream press, but that isn’t before he rails against the BC NDP and fear mongers how they ruined the province and how he saved it, so we can all be sure that a majority of eligible voters are holding their noses trying not to barf as they contemplate casting their ballot for either the loser liberal party or nasty ndp. Convince Papa that it’s otherwise. You cannot do it.
Remember about one half of society has no personal issue with alcohol, while anywhere from 7-15% of society is alcoholic. We need to implement a strategy into classrooms-about grade 4-that alcohol is poison. Don’t distract with all the other awful addictive drugs-do alcohol first. It has had its place in our society—but left in the hand (the body mind and soul) of decision makers who have not reconciled their difficulties wholly on this matter-there can never be any trust.
To the Premier I would say-if you found a way out now-take it-I don’t see these numbers growing-the ground is fast becoming soft under your feet. The news can only keep distracting a smaller and smaller audience for only a short period of time-never until the next election. If Chris Delaney (or someone of equal quality) makes a move that that empty parking lot in BC called the conservative party-no matter how well he does-the BC Liberal right flank is so mushy it would make the Pillsbury Doughboy look ‘six-packed’. Imagine stepping down now-to better yourself-the current slope of retreat of public support has not become so acute that you could not re-introduce yourself anywhere on the planet-and find another good political appointment. If you do this-a little of your work will be remembered well, while the remainder may be less lamented.
While the Premier tilts in limbo-who is actually running the show?
Why have I written this? Two people have asked “how can I be so hard on the Premier?” I always respond---“have you read the polling work we has done in the province since 2002?” My polling site-was the conservative Opposition, while only two New Democrats Joy McPhail and Jenny Quan were left to fight for the rights of at least one half of the province that were being ignored. Those- two women -defined much better the true spirit of British Columbians-than the Premier’s government has ever once even hinted at.
To the media: please don’t try and link that Spitzer scandal-to 14 minutes on the ‘tape’ of the BC Ferry workers that along with others apparently were responsible for the ferry going down. At least that is the inference of some of the evidence. It is before a civil court now-so discovery will be required to glean more evidence and that won’t be for awhile, but too bad-fix the BC Railgate trial-and maybe we will become a little more amenable to poor reporting overlaid with desperation for gossip-- for the purposes of selling what could only be very average looking-sex. If you want to sell sex-make sure it is of the scintillating type like that elephant eared power monger Spitzer- and not the BC Ferry workers-or in the alternative just superimpose the former Governor’s head and the prostitute’s head on the BC Ferry workers in future reporting- so-we can all understand what you are really getting at. Fair enough?
When the Premier has finally left office-I would like to speak to the Prime Minister about constructing the world’s finest social science, psychiatric, and mental health facility at Riverview. It would be state of the art with the brightest minds in their fields training new younger bright minds as they pursue academic supremacy, and an understanding, a true understanding of mental illness. We could construct neighbourhoods where all the people could ‘choose’ to live as they come under contract (internship etc.) to work at the facility- and where they would look after-and conduct research on those people with mental illness. I would also like to integrate within this overall concept the understanding that anyone can be subject to a mental illness-although some may be more pre-disposed as others-but that persons would addictions should be eligible for treatment. Not just people who work for government or otherwise eligible for special treatment-but the poor-BC citizens. BC citizens. I’m thinking in terms of large numbers of people. The cost will be high-but if we don’t begin to discuss this now---we won’t move the people in the direction we are capable of going to---an unequivocally more superior society-the best in the world and there are some great non-profits out there that might provide the Gate-way to some financial assistance once we demonstrate that our society has improved and other societies can make the same improvements predicated on our model. The improvements that we can make to society and the increased productivity (because money still matters) for society would be stunning.
Speaking of Gateway-a new crown corporation for the Port Mann eh? Let me guess—oh yes---have the private partners put their money into the new Crown corporation---use these funds for the budget leading to the next provincial election to make the Liberals fiscal management deception viable in ’09.
I’ll bet this never crossed the Premier’s mind. How could it? His best friend former AG Geoff Plant-was responsible for decimating Riverview-forcing many of these people onto the street, particularly the downtown eastside-where he was than contracted for hundreds of thousands of dollars to make determinations about making the streets safer and he comes up with the bright idea of collecting taxes from tickets. Unbelievable! What goes on in these people’s heads? Now we see the Premier’s right hand man Ken Dobell get off Scot free-represented by the same lawyer-who was also Special Counsel that saw the Attorney General Wally Oppal’s brother get off Scot free. In the Dobell case-the ‘Clinton’ daisy-chain PR approach was used. First introduce the general charges-say what you are pleading guilty to (obviously the lesser charge(s)-and explain why you won’t pursue the other charges-the ones that would stick to the rest of us. The public says “oh well-the old greaseball is getting charged with something-and they let it go-than the emails start-all angry—“he got off Scot free”. “Who is the lawyer? ---isn’t that the same guy who just got Oppal’s brother off-saying he didn’t believe charges would be successful?”
People- all of the these Cabinet ministers and all of these Supreme Court Judges live in the same part of Vancouver and went to school together. How corrupt does it have to appear before the people who get paid to report this—tell their bosses they can’t fake it any more? Get a little dignity-ask yourself “what would Vaughn do?”
The province is in trouble on a lot of fronts, and the press doesn’t want to properly deal with the reality. It is time for the people to get to work. Start with the students, the respondents in this poll have given their blessing.

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