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Obama-Pelosi popular ticket
  Mar 20, 2008

A random telephone sample of 1,327 respondents who are Democratic Party supporters throughout the United States of America between March 11-19, 2008. This poll was internally funded.

Question #1
Which choice for Democratic nominee for President of the United States do you support at this moment in time?
Barack Obama    52.59 %
Hillary Clinton    46.49 %
Question #2
Nancy Pelosi is the Speaker of the House and follows the Vice-President as next in line to the President. In your opinion would Nancy Pelosi be a good bet to succeed current U.S. vice-president Dick Cheney as the next Vice-President of the United States?
Yes    40.61 %
No    20.84 %
Question #3
What is your expectation for Iraq from your Democratic nominee?
Get out of Iraq    57 %
Get out of Iraq with Honour    21 %
Consider the situation at the time of becoming President and make a decision    06 %
per Q#1
Senator Obama ‘decided’ sample cultures roll out like these examples from ‘distinctly different’ calling cultures (53.1%). (52.2%), (52.57%), (52.9%), (50.3%), (50.7%), (54.86%), with low cultures scores in the minority of (46.4%), (44.2%) featuring high cultures (based on 94% ‘decided’ per culture) of 50% + (7.4%), (6.9%), (6.2%), and (4.4%). These outcomes of decided including evidence of higher decided cultures reveals that support for Obama remains in majority territory, a place he has held for weeks now despite recent high drama with his Pastor, and the compelling tribute to Unity of race/country the Illinois Senator delivered nation wide on Tuesday, March 18, 2008.
These numbers from ROBBINS affirm the recent CNN/Opinion Research poll of earlier in the week. ROBBINS was the first pollster in North American to realize a Barack Obama lead over Hillary Clinton on January 28, 2008, when mainstream had Senator Obama behind her by 12-20 points. ROBBINS followed with I Pythoragas a very large sample poll which affirmed this lead and was also substantiated by a CNN/Opinion Research poll.
In this ROBBINS large size poll two elements of the outcomes are clear. Barack Obama is more popular across the United States, (but 11% behind in Pennsylvania), and his popular vote across the country has changed little as the two Democratic nominees are pursuing fewer and fewer state delegates.
This ROBBINS poll revealing Obama’s lead has widened is inconsistent with a Gallup poll over roughly the same period which shows Clinton ahead of Obama for the first time in weeks.
*We remind readers of some dubious polling conducted around the time of New Hampshire and the earlier ROBBINS polls revealing an Obama lead over Clinton when Gallup and other major firms said the opposite.
per Q#2
(58%) of Hillary supporters says “NO” to Nancy Pelosi as Vice-President, while (48%) say “YES”. Nearly twenty percent of Clinton supporters were Undecided/or otherwise divided on this question, particularly those that doubted the likelihood of a two-woman ticket.
Barack Obama supporters were much more eager to embrace Speaker Pelosi. Only (21%) said “NO”, while 56% said a resounding “YES”.
Ironically, former Democratic vice-presidential nominee Geraldine Ferraro got in a ‘dust up’ with the Obama camp over race- which has manifested in huge rewards for the Illinois Senator. His emergence as the new ‘prince of peace’ in the United States following a courageous speech which established the basis for change in terms of how new generations might deal with race, by professing his own experiences growing up in a bi-racial family. Who would understand this better than the Illinois Senator?
Many Obama supporters are already in concert with their position that the press has favoured Hillary Clinton since she complained about Obama favoritism. One Obama supporter went as far as to say: “I knew we’d see another ‘lynching’ sooner or later-the Clinton’s can’t win so now we’re seeing it”
Could a Pelosi-Obama dream team write foreign policy that supported the aspirations of well over one half of its party’s supporters?
If you read earlier ROBBINS polls you will see our suggested path was through San Francisco-“it is where began and where it will now be” according to pollster Glen P. Robbins, President and CEO of ROBBINS Sce Research (1998).
On May 22, 2007 ROBBINS prophesized:
“I would dearly love to see either Ms. Clinton or Mr. Obama in San Francisco playing Scott McKenzie's original rendition of that 60's song "San Francisco". Now that's a statement. Wasn't Ms. Clinton a hippy many years ago? Forgive me if I am mistaken.”
Certainly Mr. Obama can make the trip to San Franscisco and seal the deal within the Democratic establishment to ensure both a regular delegate and Super Delegate of equal measure (or better) will accrue to his side of the column. It is difficult to measure the absolute power of the minority Clinton support which wants a Clinton-Pelosi ticket. It has Democrat ‘supporters’ well ‘charged up’ though.
per Q#3
Barack Obama’s supporters in a clear and unequivocal majority want Americans to “Get out of Iraq”, a small minority of his supporters want to get out with honour, while only a couple want to assess the situation?
Hillary Clinton’s supporters to a lesser degree want to “Get out of Iraq”, while relatively speaking, more want out with honour, and a minority want a decision closer to the time of becoming President.
Glen P. Robbins 604) 942-3757

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