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Metro Vancouver ROBBINS poll-BC Liberal coalition fractures.
  Apr 15, 2008
A random Metro Vancouver telephone sample of 1,045 respondents between April 3 and 11, 2008. This poll features a margin of error of 3.03% 19 times out of 20 @98% competency/confidence (ROBBINS standard). This poll was sponsored by Tri-City businessman, political advocate-and ROBBINS sponsor Jim Van Rassel (604) 328-5398

Question #1
Which of the following political parties in BC do you currently support?
BC NDP    38.4 %
BC Green    21.2 %
BC Liberal    37.5 %
Other    2.8 %
Undecided    17 %
Question #2
In your opinion should British Columbia Judges be:
Appointed    36 %
Elected    61 %
Undecided    03 %
Question #3
Are you confident in Premier Gordon Campbell’s BC Liberal government’s policies in terms of health care, k-12 and post secondary education and the environment?
Yes    33 %
No    57 %
Undecided    10 %
Question #4
Do you approve of or reject standardized tests for school age children in grades 4, 7 and 12?
Approve    44 %
Reject    40 %
Undecided    16 %
Question #5
For this question we are asking you to speculate about the future: In your opinion would BC NDP leader Carole James and the BC NDP do a better job as government in British Columbia than Gordon Campbell and the BC Liberals have done since the BC Liberal government came to power 7 years ago?
Yes    43 %
No    41 %
Undecided    16 %
Question #6
ROBBINS has been informed by ROBBINS Whistleblowers that blueprints of BC prisons provided to contractors bidding on work at those prisons are routinely not accounted for, are not properly numbered and are not expected to be returned to those having custody of the prison. In your opinion does this policy potentially threaten BC public safety and concern you?
Yes    82 %
No    18 %
Question #7
Recently, a private-government initiative named “Run of the River” at Burke Mountain was cancelled by BC’s Environment Minister Barry Penner, immediately following a significant protest by BC NDP leader Carole James- prominent environmentalists like former Social Credit Cabinet Minister Rafe Maier and others. Many people in past and present BC governments are now looking to the potential of building the Site C dam in northern BC which would provide enough energy for the cities of Vancouver and Surrey at a construction cost of approximately 4 billion dollars. As a citizen of BC would you provide your approval for the construction of this dam to serve BC Hydro’s energy needs for British Columbians for the cost of 4 billion dollars over 10 years?
Yes    38 %
No    23 %
It depends on factors such as the environment and other ‘trade-offs’    39 %
Undecided    07 %
Question #8
According to a Metro Vancouver report (partly reiterated for this poll) in the Vancouver Sun newspaper dated March 24, 2008 and reported by Kim Bolan-A young man gunned down in Surrey this March (sic)stood accused of working with an organized crime ring to steal luxury vehicles and resell them with fake vehicle identity numbers. Harkinder Singh Hans, killed in a targeted hit outside the Eagle Quest golf club, worked with Raminder Singh (Mindy) Bhandher and others to defraud the Insurance Corp. of B.C. in the elaborate stolen car scheme, according to a civil lawsuit filed by the insurance agency in December 2006. Bhandher was charged with first-degree murder last month in connection with the Jan. 28 slaying of Tejvir Singh (Sunny) Bains, in Surrey. Bhandher was a defence witness at the Air India trial for Ripudaman Singh Malik, who was later acquitted of being involved in the 1985 bombing of Air India Flight 182 that killed 329 people. We would like to ask two questions relating to this Vancouver Sun article and ask that you simply do your best to answer it. Have you lost confidence in The Insurance Corporation of BC?
Yes    59 %
No    36 %
Undecided    05 %
Question #9
Would you like to see a full public review of The Insurance Corporation of BC by someone who is not part of the government’s history?
Yes    66 %
No    24 %
Undecided    10 %
Question #10
Should Stephen Harper’s Conservative government intervene to interrupt or seriously reduce the trend in the number of immigrants coming to British Columbia from countries like India, China and that general region of the world?
Yes    68 %
No    23 %
Undecided    09 %
Question #11
In your opinion should the BC Attorney General/Solicitor General and Solicitor General Critic with the Opposition BC NDP agree to create a BC metropolitan police force including Vancouver police to replace the existing RCMP and city police forces in the lower mainland?
Yes    44 %
No    48 %
Undecided    08 %
Question #12
In your opinion should the BC Liberal government continue to permit the sale of city and community land-without compensation-in order to settle aboriginal land claims?
Yes    22 %
No    78 %
Undecided    03 %
Question #13
In your opinion should real estate agents and developers have to forfeit their licenses in order to run for elected office in municipal and city politics?
Yes    76 %
No    24 %
Question #14
In your opinion how should the 53 million provided to BC from the federal government for policing be allocated based on the choices provided?
The BC government should spend the money on the integrated task force fighting crime    35 %
The BC government should disperse the money to police forces around the province based on population for policing needs    29 %
The BC government should spend the money on preventive policing    34 %
Undecided    02 %
Question #15
Do you support BC NDP Carole James call for a two year wait period- for MLA’s and senior government officials working for the government-who want to benefit from later lobbying government?
Yes    77 %
No    05 %
The wait period should be less than two years    04 %
The wait period should be more than two years    14 %
Gordon Campbell’s BC Liberal government is finished. The coalition is now fractured. Told you so.
The pressure has been building against this government for some time now. One of the multitudes of political boils on this government has been lanced- but continues to seep ugly puss. There are many other ugly boils-but it remains to be seen if the press will give the Premier a break until just before the next election to help subsidize his chances for success-or finally if he and his abysmal government will be held accountable by them-or does ROBBINS and others continue to keep the fifth estate. Hopefully the recent surge of recent investigation continues (but I wouldn’t hold my breath). The mainstream press usually hits with one article and than panders with two. The real press won’t do this deal-is it always about the money?
The Children and Families ministry has never been a winner. It has always been a loser, and the result has been devastating for children in the province. In addition, the difficulties associated with Gordon Campbell’s top aide Ken Dobell, the current ICBC fiasco, and now the resignation of Solicitor General John Les (who talked a big game as top cop but stunk to high heaven on merit) on files relating to gambling, to ICBC, to lawlessness and gangsters’ in bars, restaurants and nightclubs-with few if any suspects’ arrested-questions over Olympic costs-tasering-police problems-court problems-big taxes and little if any proper functioning of the system-will now haunt the Campbell Liberals like Jacob Marley (no relation to Bob)as a provincial election looms.
This John Les development deal was an inside ‘hit’ in our opinion to get a weak minister out-of a very important ministry-to ‘pay’ for the sins of the minister-and to deflect away from the growing curiosity over the BC Rail fiasco-and the long laundry list of El Stinko (Gordon Campbell to be played by veteran actor Eli Wallach-with Robbins played by Clint Eastwood) government practices.
Transportation failures, and a less than enthusiastic work rate-the BC ‘Lazy-Liberals (BCLL) made it relatively easy for many respondents to finally say “enough”. A resurrection from these numbers is unlikely. Government policy looks like it is written by a first year college student.
The BC NDP will no longer be able to ‘carry’ Gordon Campbell through to 2009. They will have to turn up the heat on him-so that the public sees even Les of him AND combined with many BC Liberals desire to rid themselves of Campbell-to cleanse themselves and start anew-may ultimately lead to his resignation-once enough incriminating files have either been shredded or hidden (to the latter endeavour-perhaps some place the sun doesn’t shine?) and other messes sufficiently covered up.
The Green Party has not filed its financial papers with Elections BC which suggests to me they don’t want to disclose how little money they have raised. No matter, there is a growing number of British Columbians who don’t want the BC Liberal or the BC NDP—and are prepared to sit with the Greens until they hear something they like. The Campbell Liberals have had the floor on environmental policy but failed-because BC conservatives don’t like the carbon tax-many others don’t trust the alleged Campbell conversion-or are getting sick and tired of a few mainstream environmental groups-who don’t appear to truly represent the public interest. Others simply don’t believe Campbell’s conversion to Green and are saying “If the environment is so important than why not just support the Green Party?”
Other BC Liberals need to be concerned as there is blood in the water and anyone of them could be eaten alive at any time-so long as the status quo remains in place.
Nothing new here-the majority of British Columbians continue to think that Judges should be elected-while the Judges cannot understand (or don’t care) what the public thinks. The courts don’t appear to trust the police, the police don’t trust the courts, and fewer of the public trust the politicians, the courts, and less so now-the police. As a consequence the numbers related to electing Judges don’t change-and a lack of confidence in BC’s courts persist.
Gordon Campbell had an opportunity with the Conversation on Health or whatever name he took off his list of “Good names for things by Gordon Campbell”-but he does not have the confidence of the public on BC’s biggest ministry and his pre-occupation with private public partnerships will continue to lead him astray here as he tries to either dig his way out-of this political quicksand- or give up and get his friends and associates even more dollars while he scorches the earth prior to a BC NDP win in 2009.
The perception is that the Campbell government does not get along with teachers. More people are backing the BCTF on standardized testing simply because they now believe the teachers over government. Will teachers be able to contain themselves or will they ‘go rogue’ and help Campbell? (Press: please don’t take this as an invitation for any more manipulation of causal news like the teacher thing in 2005-which looked as ‘press rigged’ as the Randy White federal Conservative thing during the general federal election in 2004).
It doesn’t appear that BC Teachers will ever achieve 51% of decided’-- to remove standardized tests. The public doesn’t trust the government, which to many includes teachers- and many respondents feel that teachers may be more self-serving than concerned about kids and their parents on this account. In this age of higher demand for accountability and transparency in government-it is unlikely that teachers will ever win a majority on this- for this simple demographic reason-women-the most likely to say “NO” to standardized tests-are consistently split-and the men are not yet buying in.
Many male respondents view the education (k-12) as matriarchic or even feminist lead, and they resist or reject anything that gives teachers what they perceive is a monopoly on education.
This question is manipulative and calls for speculation-however it does show how respondents shake out-particularly those who indicated they were Green or undecided in the previous question relating to party loyalty.
Just when you thought public safety could not be any worse in the lower mainland (in the province); blueprints for BC prisons are lying around different contractor’s offices and who knows where else? Olympic security? Sure! Where will we get the money? The new and improved BC Liberal energy proposal to have BC Hydro meters installed in people’s homes-so that they can regulate cost fluctuations and save money-all for a cost of one billion dollars (written and read per Dr. Evil). Install the meters in a half dozen homes or so and keep the rest of the money to pay for the Olympics or stuff it in accounts somewhere outside the country-yea baby-that’s the stuff of policy wonks. Federal Conservative Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day was supposed to deal on the bribery allegations leveled against Setanta and Rogers by Robbins-but neglected to ever get back to us-its some four months later---la la la loser-instead tough guy Day traveled to Arabia to make sure a Canadian citizen causing trouble over there in ‘return to the 1600’s’ was properly taught how to wipe his bottom with his other hand, after breaking the law with his orthodox wiping hand. Stockwell, thanks for that cool first name-and keeping everyone in BC safe with the Arabia strategy.
The recently failed ‘Run of the River’ project-did not make Gordon Campbell appear reflective on environmental policy, instead it appears he isn’t in charge of government. The son of a former Howe Street promoter-Jake ‘the snake’ Krushninski (SR) in charge of the project-was genuinely shocked by Environment Minister Barry Penner’s decision to cancel the project. It wasn’t clearly thought out-the troubles and trade offs did not support the energy outcomes suggested-and has now encouraged many in the general public to be cautious of any hydro power projects—this province dearly needs (for alleged self sufficiency). This is a typical example of what pitiful planning and directionless policy initiative produces---nothing-and little confidence from the people for future initiatives Respondents want preventive dollars they can expect in the system now-Gordon Campbell has no business talking future money-people don’t trust politicians and their future promises, and they certainly don’t trust Campbell to keep his. The question remains: who compels British Columbians to turn the channel on the television faster-Gordon Campbell (when he shows up for work) or US Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton?
Nearly two-thirds of respondents have lost confidence in ICBC. There is speculation by some respondents that Campbell is pleased with ICBC’s failure because he wants to privatize it-supporting his 3P’s initiative (private public partnerships). No matter, the public doesn’t trust ICBC nor the Premier, and not his government. Good luck with this mess. ICBC has always been an investment litigation business-with cheater policies enabling half hearted legal representation who take both defense and plaintiff work-and a court system that cannot accommodate plaintiff cases. One word of advice to readers and their families. If you are injured in a traffic accident don’t expect to be treated well by ICBC. A gangster organization from the get-go in our opinion—good riddance-if they go.
The immigration issue is not going to go away. Here is the real deal. The main source of immigration to BC, at least in the last decade has been from India and China. 100,000 Sikhs or 100,000 Hindus-or 100,000 Chinese won’t change this sentiment from among the preponderance of Caucasian respondents. This isn’t racism-and it may be growing intolerance-but it is how it is. Deal with it.
It is not easy to suggest ‘replacing’ a police force-until now. Respondents are split on the idea of a “BC metropolitan police force”. This is a sign that the RCMP have had problems and the press and the courts desire to make the front line police the problem-when the courts have likely contributed far more dysfunction to a criminal justice system in the province that presently stinks to high heaven (and that skunk smell doesn’t come off easily-ask our friend Jake Cooke the Dog).
There really isn’t much sympathy or support for aboriginal land claims anymore-and certainly very little for the land without compensation give-away. More people bought into the aboriginals’ plight in the past-even still that was more about women and children. When aboriginal bands wanted to protect their treaty lands claimed in order to preserve their culture-or to ensure that this or that animal was spared-a higher number of the gullible public bought in. Now everyone knows that the courts facilitate the claims-with long and complex-windbag legal decisions-all designed to help aboriginal big shots and their friends in government become rich and put up condos and a parking lot. We conservatives always knew this was about money-I’m with Vander Zalm on this one. Final settlement for every man woman and child-than hit the road-we’ve got important things to do-not the Olympics. Let’s all face the truth-government doesn’t really give a shit about women and children-they pay lip service to it-or do create outrageous policy initiatives like the Human Rights Tribunal under the BC NDP and BC Liberals that made every man in the province with employees a pervert, deviant or worse. Imagine permitting harassment cases against men for staring in the direction of women. Ladies-honestly-there aren’t that many of you that are THAT good looking-so let’s keep it real.
Many complaints are provided to ROBBINS from citizens who cannot understand how real estate agents and others in the development game-should be permitted to run for politics-particularly at the municipal level where one stroke of a pen can make that benefactor to the puppet politician and his friends rich or another honest Burke Mountain citizen (and others) poor or poorer. A ROBBINS axiom for political standards-if it looks like a conflict-and I don’t mean a jolly old man test-I mean a ROBBINS test—than it probably is a conflict and someone or some people are looking to use their position more proximate to the people’s cheque book to enrich themselves.
More evidence about preventive dollars being spent on policing notwithstanding how the police force is constituted. The days of political promises until perpetuity or outside the election cycle are being routinely scoffed at by the public who is on to the government ‘tricks’ (and othersorcery). ‘What are you doing for me now?’ they ask.
91% of respondents in this poll want a waiting period of two years or longer-as proscribed by BC NDP leader and Carole James-for elected officials and government-desirous of a career in lobbying government. However nearly 10% appear to support the BC Liberal government policy of ‘carry on cheating and enriching yourselves’-a number which Gordon Campbell-voracious reader that he is-will find sufficient to vote against any bill for accountability while he continues to fund his way with corporate donations. Cheater cheater pumpkin eater.
Can’t wait to drill down on the rest of the BC Liberal Party MLA’s and Cabinet Ministers-have a nice day!
Glen P. Robbins (604) 942-3757
*Jim Van Rassel is a member of MRIA Marketing Research and Intelligence Association/L'Association de la recherche et de l'intelligence marketing

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