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Metro Vancouver Poll-Port Coquitlam mayor and city council assessment bleak.
  May 09, 2008

A random telephone sample of 110 Port Coquitlam residents between May 3-7, 2008. The margin of error for this poll is not included owing to the smaller sample size. This poll was sponsored by Jim Van Rassel (604) 328-5398.

Question #1
Right now, which political party in BC do you support?
BC Liberals    27 %
BC NDP    40 %
BC Green    15 %
Undecided    18 %
Question #2
All in, how would you characterize the performance of Port Coquitlam Mayor and city council?
Good    04 %
Fair    92 %
Poor    04 %
Undecided    00 %
Question #3
A Port Coquitlam city councillor becomes a born again Christian. His friend and political confidant leaves his wife of twenty years for a woman one half his age. Assuming this premise is true—which of the following conclusions best reflects your opinion of this?
You’re judged by the company you keep, the Port Coquitlam councillor is not acting in a manner with his alleged beliefs    22 %
Frankly, I don’t trust any politician-born again or otherwise    08 %
Its politics-a born again city councillor can associate with a ‘creepy friend’ if he chooses    52 %
None of these    18 %
Question #4
In your opinion would you like to see Mayor Scott Young re-elected Mayor in November 2008?
Yes    37 %
No    50 %
Undecided/Can't Answer    13 %
Question #5
In a hypothetical BC public school, one school averages 20 children per class, while another averages 30. The school averaging 20 students has a higher grade average than the school with 30. In your opinion is the school with 20 students a better school?
Yes    55 %
No    22 %
I don't know    26 %
Question #6
A woman working as a bank teller is five months pregnant with twins—and is the victim of shooting in a bank robbery. The woman survives being shot but her unborn children die. Should the bank robber who shot her be charged with murder-the more serious charge-or infanticide-the lesser charge?
Murder    62 %
Infanticide    41 %
Undecided/Can't Answer    14 %
BC NDP justice critic and longtime MLA for Port Coquitlam Mike Farnworth’s party attracts (48%) of ‘decided’ support in this ROBBINS quick poll of Port Coquitlam residents. This is similar to what the outcome from the last provincial general election in Port Coquitlam-Burke Mountain.
On the other hand the BC Liberals are dropping like a stone in this traditional NDP area-with only (32%) of ‘decided’ voters currently supporting the party a drop of (27%) from last election’s totals-from Port Coquitlam Burke Mountain.
Post gerrymandering in the region, there is a new separate riding ‘Burke Mountain’ whose ‘voice’ is not featured in this poll-suffice it to say-with the anticipated environmental protests over longtime Richmond land developer and ardent BC Liberal donor Milan Ilich (who gave the Campbell Liberals $300,000 over the last four years) having potentially ruined the only chance for sustainable development on the mountain.
{Should we help the Nazi’s—I don’t know-are they winning?}
The BC Liberals at the end of the day---may have difficulty taking this new riding with the avalanche of BC Liberal support sliding over to the Greens and to a lesser extent the BC NDP.
Port Coquitlam city council’s numbers are worse than Coquitlam’s. Only a handful of respondents think they are doing a good job, while the vast majority says “Fair”. None of the respondents who chose “Good” to describe Port Coquitlam’s city council performance-were willing to re-elect Scott Young—who garnered his support from those who answered “Fair”. “Who else is there?” some respondents willing to re-elect Scott Young proclaimed. Who else indeed?
During the political crisis over criminal charges being leveled at Mayor Scott Young—city councillors asked “what can we do?” despite whining incessantly like taxpayer paid school children about the Mayor’s decision to stay on. ROBBINS says---‘get a gut check’-its obvious by these numbers the people are saying the same thing.
For years now teachers and others have fought the basis of determinations of the Fraser Institute’s reporting of BC public school performances. This ROBBINS poll suggests that everyone has missed the boat. Based on this ROBBINS poll—if smaller classes gets you better results---than let’s get smaller classes everywhere. Enough said.
Well over one half of respondents in Port Coquitlam see the deaths of two unborn twins as murder and not infanticide—the latter charge carrying lesser penalty. I don’t need to say too much about this now do I? is the only public opinion company in the world to accurately predict every aspect of the current United States Presidential election---see US and World polls.

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