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ROBBINS PERFECT POLL (RPP)-BC Liberals-carbon tax-2010 Olympics-Losers in BC
Jim Van Rassel (archeologist) researcher on 'missing' Section 32  Jun 14, 2008

The Glen P. Robbins lawsuit against the BC Government AND 'missing' Section 32 of the Municipal Act-proof of conspiracy theory. Here are some new arrivals to our site over the past few days: Telecom Italia (440) pages; AOL proxy (ac04)(ac03) 176 pages; Government of BC (60) pages; Future Shop (43) pages: How can we help?

Question #1
For which political party did you vote in the last general provincial election in 2005?
Gordon Campbell and BC Liberals    46.45 %
Carole James and BC New Democrats    40.41 %
Adrianne Carr and BC Green Party    10.23 %
Other    2.41 %
Question #2
If an election were called today for which BC leader and political party would you caste your ballot?
Carole James and BC New Democrats    38.51 %
Gordon Campbell and BC Liberals    42.17 %
Jane Sterk and BC Green Party    13.12 %
Other    6.32 %
Undecided    16 %
Question #3
Do you support the BC Liberals’ carbon tax?
Yes    33.24 %
No    57.55 %
Question #4
Do you agree or disagree with this statement: I wholeheartedly support the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games and work of the Vancouver Olympic Committee?
Agree    36 %
Disagree    55 %
The main business:
BC Liberals are down (09%) from last elections totals, while the BC New Democrats are down (05%). The BC Green Party is up (28%) from their 10% totals in 2005, while ‘Other’ a more nominal total is up (232%).
Based on ‘net’ responses from question #2 (net of undecideds) the BC Liberals are supported by slightly more than (75%) of their previous 2005 election totals while the BC New Democrats are supported by nearly (80%) of their 2005 totals. The BC Greens still remain (10%) above their (net undecided) totals while the category that receives the least support ‘Other’ remains over (200%) from its 2005 totals.
Based on question #1 totals comparing BC New Democrats to BC Liberals (only) the governing party has an (08%) lead. The actual (overall) difference between these two parties from the general provincial election was (04%). The difference based on overall decided percentage as between these two parties from question #2 is (06%). As between the two parties between question #1 and #2 the lead for the BC Liberals decreases by (25%). Based on the actual outcome from the general provincial election in 2005 relative to the random outcome from question #1 and after factoring the difference between the two main parties from question #2—the BC Liberals have a (03%) lead over the New Democrats at this moment in time.
ROBBINS believes that the overall popular support of the BC Liberals—where the ‘overage’ of percentages is (excess) relative to the number required to win first past the post —after subtracting BC New-----
Democrat (excess) votes and after factoring adjustments and other averages—have been considered in calculations---- reflect that the BC Liberal Party (at this moment in time) has a (2.37%) lead in (OVERALL) popular support--- over the BC New Democrats.
This is important when we consider -recent polls reported- which reflect overall leads of anywhere from (8-12%) for the BC Liberal Party. The BC Liberals have (90.8%) of the support these respondents allege they had in May 2005. The BC New Democrats have (95.3%). I would thus scrape away another (.04%) from the aforementioned (2.37%) for a net net lead by the BC Liberals of (1.97%). Certainly not enough to win the next election.
The BC NDP popular support has dropped around 15% from their previous totals in November 2007—but we suspect the mid 40’s (the November total) is where the BC New Democrat votes to arrive at---ultimately. We are of the opinion that this number is affected as much by Other or Green votes. We do know that the BC Green party support is not a direct impediment to the New Democrats to the exclusion of the BC Liberals.
Gordon Campbell has managed to push the NDP ‘looky loos’ off the rail—but NOT to him— but rather to Green’s and undecideds. He may have had a chance to bring some of the lost Liberals back to the fold---but the Carbon Tax (and accumulation of other baggage) has assured him at just above 40% popular support and holding there. There isn’t a Cabinet he can design which can bump him up—what Tom Christensen in the Attorney Generals office?
The BC Liberal government ought to have properly considered how the price of gas would impact on consumers’ opinions of auto-makers. The deal (hereinafter the reneged deal) between the auto workers and General Motors is reminding everyone that the current situation involving gasoline prices—oil prices---concerns about price fixing- which have been brewing for nearly two years now---are going to come barreling back to haunt the Liberals with the advancement of the carbon tax. The government is making money off gasoline taxes and increasing their revenues in the midst of rising oil and gas prices. To ‘bust another move’ in the midst of this whirlwind---spiralling downward in the consumers mind---was folly.
The NDP and many Greens will prey on this--.
Currently, it is our professional opinion that both the governing Liberals and New Democrats have about 30-35 seats each in their column-with the rest of the seats are up for grabs---and the Greens and maybe-just maybe BC Conservatives or Independents look to scoop a seat or two---. The entire Okanagan region is fertile ground for BC Conservatives, Independents and others.
The Carbon Tax may not be a bad thing overall, but remember the environmental issue is huge relative to the ‘policy handle’ we have on it. This is the next dimension-- the new economy. But dude, don’t take your seed cash out of the middle class all of the time, every time.
This Carbon Tax looks GST and Stephane Dion may get tacked (attacked) with Jean Chretien. Dion doesn’t care----it’s an opening and he knows the song sheet. I think Campbell sort of gets it, but mostly he doesn’t-- he doesn’t understand social cost accounting, and you need to fully grasp the concept of social cost accounting and AT THE SAME TIME feel comfortable walking in front of the Canadian Taxpayer’s Federation (or Vaughn Palmer of the Vancouver Sun). The end of the Liberal innocence, the grassy knoll---Los Angeles for Gordon Campbell comes in this fine piece by ‘political Bacharach’---The Sun’s Vaughn Palmer in May---relating to the unceremonious ripping up of Taylor’s Reform pieces, while stroking last chance at conservatism Rich Coleman….. No gentleman this Campbell. Taylor wants the Premier’s job---finish it.
The 2010 Olympics is getting closer on the calendar but is a great distance from the hearts and minds of British Columbians. There are pockets of polling outcomes, particularly east of Hope—in places like Merritt. McKenzie, Prince Rupert, 100 Mile House-where less than 25% of the population could be expected to support the Olympic Games. There are virtually no pockets of support in the majority. There is an unscientific correlation between those respondents who reject the carbon tax and those who reject the 2010 Olympics. Gordon Campbell promised the party would be equal to the cost of a Volkswagen and ordered a Cadillac Escalade. Idi Amin Campbell.
Numbers in support of both the carbon tax and the 2010 Olympics were falling as the polling ended relative to calls in particular areas—undertaken in all parts of the province.
A different approach: this is long- don’t read it if you don’t want to---miss a few things:
I talk a lot simply to deflect from my own little thoughts! (Waldo Robbins)- Where are you my darling Carole Taylor? Did I not show you true love? Was I ever dishonest with you? We could have been a beautiful couple. What happened?
“Closer to the heart”------a national anthem? What brilliant musicians---Run—don’t walk from “The Gargler”.
The forestry industry in B.C. is the Kennedy’s retarded kid—somehow it’s everything and yet it’s treated like its nothing. God bless Edward Kennedy from all Canadians-I’m sure. Prayer brings remarkable cures. Really, it’s everything—when you understand what it means/and just don’t get down on your knees for people to see you ‘talking’ to Haseuz—while you hand out cards. I’ve met a bunch of folks like you---you’re dangerous people-you see only what a fairy sees.
I met Hollywood actor Barry Corbin---(Urban Cowboy/Lonesome Dove/The Big Easy/One Tree Hill/ and Maurice Minnifield-the Astronaut on Northern Exposure) great actor-- in Pitt Meadows at Jersey Joe’s Bar in the Ramada Inn- filming a movie. I was singing Buddy Holly “Peggy Sue” Barry is a Texan-from Lubbock Texas same as Buddy. Texans all sound like they could give a good fight-but would rather tell a better story. Google him---great guy. Says he is a life long Libertarian—and in that….
Texas drawl with a pinch of chewin’ tobacco adds “I’ve been thinking lately about turning socialist”. Be nice to get his one man stage show in the local theatre---
Never mess with your bread and butter, and if forestry is nothing than let us know. This business got us where we are today, the people of the province deserve better from Rich Coleman. Short bench and a flood of conservative voters with no where to go. To Rich—Why? What does he care>? Any-- discerning mind would get this.
I watched Putin disrespect George Bush recently (don’t take this wrong Vladimir/it’s my opinion you were the best politician in the world in 2007—)—about three months ago--- by talking Politburo. BC Liberal health minister George Abbott wants to keep his job. Shuswap is moving away from BC Liberals---George Abbott talks politburo---it doesn’t tell me anything. It does tell me he doesn’t want to say anything—because he isn’t (really) proud of his party’s efforts on health care in this province.
Everybody knows Campbell has gutted this province. Am I the only person with sufficiently proficient testes to tell you the truth? I’m asking this honestly.
I get Ontario and Quebec. Upper and Lower Canada won two world wars—English and French- (was Quebec in the second??) You and I both know what I’m talking about. That’s twistin’ it old school, huh…come together right now…..Carole Taylor saw the 1996 film clips from the BC Reform Party going after ICBC on day one of the campaign---a bomb scare at that. Campbell says nothing doing. One week after Carole Taylor is out of cabinet---the BC New Democrats will have a 4 point lead (solid) over the Campbell Liberals. Oppal goes it’s another 3-- Bet on that.
My favourite political show in Canada is AT ISSUE- ON cbc. I have been known to drive dangerously over sidewalks putting pedestrians at risk to get to my house to watch AT ISSUE on CBC.
Look, Prime Minister Harper---you are my Prince—but thou art but a man---my associate Van Rassel hates the needle exchange. A fellow who has always been very kind to me is Bill Vander Zalm—I think he’s against it as well.
The apology to the aboriginal children—is a long time in coming—but we have many aboriginal children, white children, and children of all beautiful colours who don’t have enough to eat every day of their life. What is the point of the study or statistics when we know this is JUST true. The vocation of man, particularly men and women of high places, specifically government is to ensure that people who need help get it. We have been talking like this for a long time---but the problem only increases---
No more speeches---no more promises or apologies—tomorrow is our last day—and we go nowhere—we stay in one solitary place, until we reach out to the little ones—the desperate ones.
My older brother Barry (Barack) Robbins is so tough…..he would go through a grizzly just to pump a boot into the skunk- in behind. He had like 500-600 people at his teacher’s retirement in Victoria. I had to leave Victoria when I was 19---there wasn’t enough room for two of us. Barry is a conservative (teacher). My daughter had a few conservative male teachers at her high school in Coquitlam—Glen Eagle Secondary. Things started making more sense to her after that.
Barack (Barry) Obama is so hot (how hot is he?). Barack Obama is so hot that racist’s are now claiming it’s the White part of him winning. Barack Obama is so hot that Hayden Lake is thinking of holding a homecoming for him. That’s how hot ‘Rocky’ Obama is.
My younger brother Gordie is my hero. I visited him in Victoria with his wife Kelly and sons ‘famous’ Jacob and Owen. Jacob I have written about. He is not able to use his legs very well yet—but every day his feet move on his piano—and each time a new tune emerges a smile comes on his face. Gordie and Kelly are people who suffer but carry no burden—only the love they have for their children. Trevor—never mind hockey—head up the BC Children’s Hospital—it’s a gift to you from the King---Walking in Memphis.
A good point made from an otherwise frequently foolish man.
_____________________________________________________________________I don’t want anymore people to die if we can prevent it. It will happen---.
I owned a publication in the 1990’s about War Veteran’simply called Remembrance Day- --made the inaugural publication some 80 pages----all kinds of interesting information. Federal Liberals Veterans Affairs under previous Prime Minister Jean Chretien wanted most of the paper to be written about how minorities and women helped in the war---I
fought hard to increase average white guy content from 25%-- to 70% for white men/blacks, Chinese/ Hindu/aboriginal/ Women---the remaining 25%-it’s all about percentages you know. My paper was a huge success-where we worked and played. The local Reform Party MP’s refused to buy an advertisement.
It was one of the most honest experiences of my life—I understood—as serious people went---I wasn’t as serious.
Government shanked me out of my business/ I squeal about from time to time because I’m pissed they haven’t fixed it—and I got real serious after that. When you’re doing you’re thing and someone—particular the government robs you—your family---it’s as much about body count after that. That’s why we have wars---sometimes people who aren’t as good or talented as you-- mess with you---and it is your duty and obligation to straighten them out—no matter what it takes. My wife had difficulty with this trauma-my twelve year old Kellie had to pick up the slack—she took me to watch the movie Ali---five times. I was back in business soon after.
My former publishing company worked with Veteran’s Affairs Canada and some lovely liberals there at the time---we did a shindig for the Veterans—a few pints, buffet and awards-----one ‘chap’ decorated—I am speaking about decorated people here---gave me his war helmet---my father drank sometimes---and talked about the (2nd) war-he was in the Navy. Bob Dole of Kansas was like my dad, happy just to get a new pair of boots---I try to tell my daughters this---I think they get it now. ---Cause I was walking in Memphis--
When I am writing about politicians I sometimes think about those Veterans at Jericho---I think about Gordon Campbell---how things are in the province---and ask---what was the point? What we have here is kind of good---but as Jim Van Rassel said to me the other day “Glen, when I look at the common law—for the common person---read the community charter (at least the stuff they don’t hide)—taxes, the courts, property rights---I am correct in saying we live in a minimum security prison of sorts?” “Yes Jim”, I replied (all pontificating and stoking my professors pipe)—“I believe we are.”
Rex Murphy is the best writer in Canada in my opinion-and that is why Prime Minister Harper ought to give Glen P. Robbins and Jim Van Rassel—Thee Order of Canada award. Rex Murphy ought to write about it. We saved your ass----
don’t be embarrassed—over the Obama NAFTA sloppiness- but now don’t be uppity- you’re a Reformer and so am I (sans the cranky attitude)—but things change—this is BC-
--if we take the opportunity to get a few more women and others in the process----maybe we need not stand on that principal absolute---but it’s a one time offer from the King---that’s a fair offer there—just our due and proper as citizens who have gone that extra mile for democracy--- look at the deal and tell me we didn’t pull it off---Senator Robbins from BC—even better—appoint time is running out. If No OG---let them have it Rocky.
But ladies, let’s come clean. Teenage girls are bullies too and women are just as apt to be violent in domestic situations as men. Equal pay for equal work, not socialized adjustments for equal value—that part of the NDP in the 1990’s was just nuts. It’s good for you (and not for the province) that Campbell and his business friends ended up being dirtier than that crazy government of yours under Clark.
I just heard the song “Laughing” by Canadian Guess Who--- (American Woman). Randy Bachman, Neil Young, and Burton Cummings---all of Winnipeg, Canada---these and Gordon Lightfoot—nothing better anywhere.
Maxime Bernier and Julie Couillard R the hottest thing in Canadian politics. Bernier is a sex symbol---hot as a pistol---and every man-every man---ALL MEN (and many women) in the country want-and it’s a want--- to sleep (snoozing-snoring-you know) with Julie Couillard. (70% don’t care about the relationship-but they all think it’s HOT (from Paris))---(70% pissed about the secret documents---but not in Quebec). This isn’t what you wanted to hear—but—too bad. Pollster Alan Gregson Of Harris Decima says (sic) “it might tart up politics a bit”. I laughed---yea just a bit.
Stephane Dion must by crying with joy looking at these numbers-for a carbon tax, and Jack Layton must be singing his lucky stars. The environment has in the past been perceived as a centre left (so-called) social issue. It still may be more centre left than centre right—but the conversation is all around it---and a good start might mean something to some people---but it is too big a deal in terms of how we actually manage the issue—with a real view to being successful with the policy---not just the announcements. Conservative Jim Van Rassel is coming up with something really good on this account in the fall of 08. Looking forward to this.
Ridings which are currently held by BC Liberals in constituencies like Burnaby North, Delta South, Surrey Tynehead, Oak Bay Gordon Head, Saanich and the Islands, Kamloops, East Kootenay, Comox Valley and even Nanaimo Parksville are toss-ups. Moreover, BC Liberal strongholds like Shuswap and Okanagan Vernon—are surprisingly even. Prince George will be no picnic for the BC Libs. On the other hand, there are NO- BC New Democrat seats which appear in any jeopardy, save for Gregor Robertson’s seat if he wins Mayor—an outcome inconclusive at this stage of the game. Michael Smyth reports that Sean Holman caught two more Campbell insiders on the lies for lobbyists walk of ‘shit and shame’- (hereinafter the SS) that’s right---- it’s NOW on the BC Liberals menu- and my brothers and sisters-these dirty dogs are dining out. Dobell hurt the BC Liberals---this---and Vaughn Palmer’s article regarding Carole Taylor’s legislative initiatives for insurance integration with Alberta are clear signs---along with a laundry list of other policy and practice blunders by this government---that the end is here for Gordon Campbell. He can’t be trusted.
My father Douglas Robbins wouldn’t permit us to watch American football. Claims he and his four brothers in Edmonton wrassled Kiniski. I collected the William Fleming, Norm Fieldgate, and Joe Kapp coins from my potato chips. I would try to stay awake until 11 PM to watch the cable replays of the BC Lions. I have always loved the BC Lions-mostly as a kid growing up in Saanich BC. I would have to sneak away from working at home with my dad in favour of playing all day—hockey, football, soccer---in those days we would play sports all day long-fall asleep in our dirty clothes—wake up and here a new song on the radio---every week a great new song----“That was ‘White Room’ by Cream”---damn that’s good. Campbell doesn’t look like an athlete to me. You need to have played sports all day long to understand camaraderie of the athletic spirit. Gordon Campbell would never be in a kids chip bag, and that’s why the poor guy is walking dead—now. He’ll still sell the chips---.
What right thinking politician would go with a carbon tax in the midst of rising gas prices? What reporter, columnist, or journalist outside of Victoria BC can honestly say that this thing can sell at this time—or ever? Who buys revenue neutral? Sounds very much like a song from Between the Buttons. You get in your car---the gas is low again-again God damn it-I just put in $30 yesterday---only $30 when it takes $80—because I’m always in a hurry—or don’t have the cash—or didn’t bring my wallet--so is everyone else at this self serve---all the others are miles away—its full serve only in Coquitlam. This is the market driving this—or is it CARBON TAX---I know its coming---not exactly sure when---but they tell me CARBON TAX is just around the corner. Like the guy in No Country for Old Glen---CARBON TAX—uhh scary.
Nearly every paper in the province is more liberal than not. You can’t make an unattractive policy—acceptable to the majority-- through manufactured polling and news anymore. People want the truth. The rest quit voting when Mulroney got the boot. Some more followed Chrétien’s kingdom. My daughter asks (for her political science class) which system is better parliamentary or U.S. republic—At first she thinks it’s our system—I explain a dictatorship based on 40% popular vote---executive and a lot of hooey----stacked Senate---she changed her initial opinion-within one minute. Professor Robbins eh?
I think fewer and fewer people respond to polling questions unless they are voters. More dials---better overall results if done in two or three minutes. (A note to Mustel—got a call at my home—the intro was too confusing---Evi try making a few calls and test drive that intro--)
There are pockets of the Okanagan where the carbon tax gets one-third support with a chunk of undecided---there are pockets---Sicamous—Shuswap—Salmon Arm where it is well under 30%. Gordon Campbell has never understood the province.
Neither does Stephane Dion but one third support for carbon tax in BC is okay by him—it’s a death knell to Campbell. Yet, only (52%) of respondents in this ROBBINS poll who say they currently support the BC Green Party, support the carbon tax---and only a majority, not all of BC Liberals support it. (72%) of those respondents who selected ‘Other’ DO NOT support the carbon tax---Where’d ya get the gun Chris?
I do not believe for one minute that 50% of anybody---anywhere supports the carbon tax---that’s just ridiculous. People pumping gas are never happy anymore---taking their thirsty monsters to the ‘gold machines’. My dog Tucker a cross border collie and kuvatz-is always trying to lead when we walk. The machines have now taken over our lives---time to develop those senses a little better eh Tucker. What say you now to Mr. Ilich? He (Ivan-not Milan) saw this coming. It might be a good start—but I do public opinion and I say it’s a problem—Believe me or don’t—.
Rich Coleman can’t hold Conservatives---Carole Taylor was reaching out to Reformers—but Campbell has ordered her a taxi. He is becoming Nixonian---it’s on the way—he probably doesn’t know that he is---but his Secretariat---can you imagine? Gordon Campbell takes a 100 million dollar slush fund to try to keep his skinny ass in office---while better and more talented people can’t get a whiff of justice///watch for these Commissions---the unions should not be involved with these contrived institutions---they are bad for BC---they are unaccountable---it’s all about Campbell wanting to sneak in for another term—so he can go to the Olympics---and continue to let his friends empty the provinces treasury. I’m supposed to be non-partisan---but this is BC politics---it is too grungy and too isolated in its shameful display of pandering--the ignoring of reality---that anything goes///It would be better for the province if Campbell goes--- frankly I think a growing movement is getting sick of him-we need a lovely revolution (after I wrote this I watched Voice of BC rerun with Vaughn Palmer, Keith Baldrey and Justine Hunter-calling it a compassionate revolution in the province)---just to cleanse ourselves—and if we are going to do this Olympics—as I have said……. before—put Gregor Robertson in the mayor’s chair---or at least have a sensible debate with Peter Ladner (wrote this before the NPA result). Somebody help out the BC Conservatives—so that we can get some of the realities of all of the potential pressures in the political system in the mix—prior to the next election and the referendum underneath----we can’t let Campbell do the pathetic Spiderman into office for another term.
There are a few problems yet with the BC New Democrats---generally they can be summed up with this line from a recent ROBBINS country and western division tune—goes like this---“I can’t live with a girl with a moustache---they just ain’t attractive to me.”
I like Carole James—she’s smart, compassionate-and an attractive person//can we talk? Carole dominates the women’s vote in this ROBBINS poll but a majority of women who support the carbon tax also supports BC Green. Many men who support BC Green in this poll DON’T support the carbon tax. Now y’all go figure this out---because the stereotypes you’re selling to the public aren’t the new and improved polling demographic---the demographics you are selling? flat out crap.
Campbell has a similar problem—men support him far more than women —but many men have left him---for “Other’. So far if ‘Other’ is a political party---its male dominated. Other, BC Green, and Undecided are nearly double what that group was just around the end of the fall sitting—when the BC New Democrats got a bump.
Campbell didn’t understand the province in 1996 when he lost to the BC NDP----he won an election in 2001 when anyone could have won a landslide---and he very nearly lost to the BC New Democrats in 2005 when the economy was percolating upwards. Gordon Campbell still doesn’t understand it.
Gordon Campbell cannot be successful unless he cheats. Either the media has cheated for him, the courts have cheated for him---or he has not confronted the Opposition. He says he may not sit the legislature in the fall. I’m laughing my guts out---this guy is so frightened he will do anything to duck a real competition---what a zero. This is because Gordon Campbell cannot confront democracy.
This will mean that we have propped this guy up for eight years---simply because we couldn’t keep a Premier in office for more than two or three years. Whether you are aware of it or not—we are actually at the bottom right now in BC politics—we’ve simply been functionally dysfunctional---ya know? Think about where we are at now---and think about the fast ferries---almost seems smallish—our hospitals were working better before.
The fact of the matter is that---even when the press squeezes the Opposition---why the Opposition—Campbell’s had seven years?---The New Democrats dropped off six points from the mid forties support we showed for them in November 2007.
But the near 40% they have now is solid---the BC Liberals haven’t gained any/like many a middle aged man’s hairline—and their affinity for Campbell—it’s in retreat—come on over gents and join the ladies who have been sitting comfortably. For the BC Liberals 40% is well—not enough to win---and the new CARBON TAX---say it over a few times---CARBON TAX—now use it with an unrelated question---“Who killed all those people?” CARBON TAX—see what I mean?
Carole gave that to the federal liberals---a brilliant move—Campbell realized his cupboard had been emptied---and is now scorching the earth internally---we knew people were going---but this doesn’t feel like new blood-what Iain Black a cabinet position? Denies impoverished children, many aboriginal---by saying “No” to $900,000 while a bundle is spent on the office in Victoria. This on its face may be sufficient in my world, to have Mr. Black placed before my guillotine. Or alternatively—the next time there is a raid on the legislature—maybe a few rounds accidentally go off---you know what I’m talking about---like Los Angeles in the 1990’s here’s Gordon Campbell just getting up to speed on the 1990’s—he’s starting to remind me of Glen Clark (no direct relation to Christy Clarke of CKNW) ---but it’s too late baby (Carole) - 2010 is nearly upon us.
There’s more. Mr. Black’s works on a private members bill for safer children’s seats in automobiles. Nice work, but than his party sends out seats to those children only in BC Liberal ridings---where incomes are generally a little higher//and than announces he intends to carry this message in ‘09 into parts of Coquitlam where poorer children live. Now that’s a plan. Where to put Mr. Black or Mr. Christensen---Minister of Meanness? How could Tom Christensen be Attorney General—aren’t they responsible for negotiations with aboriginal treaties and such? Aren’t one half of children and families—aboriginal children. Did he do 'good 'on this file?
This picture says Iain Black doesn’t care about kids---if Gordon Campbell is left what is Iain Black? PC ‘leftover’? It might seem subtle—however if Campbell gives Iain Black—a Cabinet position----that will be a clue to jackals everywhere. Ooooooooooooh. What I’m saying is that it’s my opinion that both Campbell and Iain Black are bullies---they don’t look how you might expect bullies to look---but they are bullies---and bullying is a bad thing. the BC Liberals are in decline---the party is bleeding off support and relying on blood thinners— slowly and consistently---they cannot win with Campbell---unless he cheats. I would like to see if Campbell has the fight in him to actually confront the electorate---he doesn’t. My father in law Peter Matich was 95 years of age when he died in 2005. A more decent human being could not have been created. He survived two 50/50 operations in his late 80’s and early 90’s because he wanted to live so badly. In the end they set him aside in essentially a janitorial room—no beds---in his own way he must have thought they were telling him something---I met a woman in Starbuck’s—quite random---there was a headline about diminishing health care in one of the newspapers in the stand---she told me about her own father---and the humiliation he suffered—in a lower mainland hospital “bastard drunk” she muttered—said good-bye and walked away with her fancy coffee—sad.
I would like to see Chris Delaney-get- a real shot at BC politics. He can knock out Campbell in round ‘1’ and will test the BC New Democrats. I would like to compete against Chris for leader of the BC Conservative Party---but there isn’t enough money around to make it worth my while—and—well AND I would prefer to watch him and comment on his success. Yes, there I’ve said it and quite diplomatically too. Wilf Hanni and BC Conservatives will take 3% from Campbell. Wilf’s from the oil business. Go figure.
The polls will keep coming no matter. Would you vote for Glen P. Robbins to be Premier of BC? Yes-100%; No-0%. If ROBBINS says it’s so--
Here’s my campaign song—Walking in Memphis—I can’t take it.
A random sample of 2,900 respondents throughout the province of British Columbia including every conceivable nook and cranny. This ROBBINS PERFECT POLL (RPP)—was conducted between May 27 and June 10, 2008. This poll features a margin of error estimated at (1%), 19 times out of 20 @ 95% confidence---99% competency—we believe the respondents included were being truthful nearly to 100%. This poll was sponsored by Jim Van Rassel (604) 328-5398. Jim Van Rassel is seeking a city council seat in Coquitlam’s November election—and is a member of the Conservative Party of Canada.
*Jim Van Rassel is a member of MRIA Marketing Research and Intelligence Association/L'Association de la recherche et de l'intelligence mark

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