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Canadian Homeowners have no Property Rights or Charter Rights
  Jun 19, 2008

A random sample of 225 respondents in Coquitlam between June 16-18, 2008. No margin of error is included, but is estimated at (5%) owing to the skewed results on similar questions within the poll. This research was prepared by Glen P. Robbins, Jim Van Rassel, and Davis Friesen-son of a local pastor.

Question #1
Which of these (3) civic issues is most important to you?
Private property rights    25 %
Environment    51 %
Lowering taxes    24 %
Undecided    13 %
Question #2
Coquitlam city councillor Fin Donnelly believes that municipal government should aggressively encourage property owners to donate their property located near streams and watercourses to the city, while proposed candidate for Coquitlam city councillor Jim Van Rassel believes that municipal government should leave private property owner’s alone.
Jim Van Rassel’s private property ‘rules’ position    92 %
Fin Donnelly’s donate ‘your property for the environment’ position    08 %
Question #3
Section 32(5) and 16 of the Community Charter permit the municipal government to not only go on private property but go into private property without permission as well-when they are considering land expropriation or other. Is this acceptable to you?
Yes    07 %
No    93 %
Undecided    10 %
Question #4
Would you support any Coquitlam city councillor or mayor for re-election who has supported Section 32(5) and 16 of the Community Charter—their legal right to do as they please with citizens’ private property?
Yes    07 %
No    93 %
Undecided    06 %
Question #5
Do you support Gordon Campbell’s BC Liberal carbon tax?
Yes    17 %
No    67 %
Undecided    15 %
A bare majority of Coquitlam residents are of the opinion that the environment is a more important issue than private property or lowering taxes. Remaining respondents are split between these latter two issues.
Fin Donnelly’s position on aggressively pursuing donations of private property adjacent to watercourses and streams is crushed like a Sumo wrestler jumping on an ant by Jim Van Rassel’s devotion to private property rights for citizens of British Columbia and the rest of Canada.
An enormous majority of respondents reject Section 32 and 16 of the Community Charter, while many of the Undecided are simply too stunned to fathom how undemocratic this Community Charter is. The municipal government under common law has no more rights than you and I—until the introduction of the Community Charter—now elected officials or the faceless bureaucrats who work for them-can come and go as they please---in your home.
No municipal politicians running for re-election anywhere—, and in particular, Coquitlam, who support this legally valid attempt to steal private property under the Community Charter-- -will be re-elected once their names are published as accepting this awful circumvention of democracy.
Gordon Campbell’s carbon tax is falling not climbing. An Ipsos poll on Gordon Campbell TV last night suggested (38%) support the carbon tax. That’s (05%) higher than our massive ROBBINS poll suggested. However, it’s the context of the poll’s delivery as news-and the history of bias at the station which concerns me. The second half of the news feature focused on rebate cheques coming in the mail. I can smell a cause and effect set-up coming can’t you? Once the rebate cheques start sailing in---let me guess---Gordon Campbell TV—and other liberal news agencies will start saying—‘the carbon tax is being accepted by more British Columbians’. This ROBBINS poll reflecting the dishonesty of legislators-reveals that support for the carbon tax is plummeting in this 'swing' region of the province from its point barely more than a week ago.
Liberals are in a panic. The carbon tax is ugly, it’s popularity on the downswing—but they are invested of it totally—if they turn back either provincially or federally---they will be mocked and ridiculed. What do you do when you own the mainstream news? Why cheat of course.
Our MLA Mike Farnworth has already gotten his constituents involved, protesting, signing a Petition. When Jim Van Rassel demanded Section 32 that was hidden away from scrutiny, what does the honourable public servant do? Why, he gets answers for his constituent. This makes Mike Farnworth a winner.
But what will Carole James do? Will she and her party continue on with the same fight—against the carbon tax—or will they do a half measures to please the mainstream? Campbell’s dead---Ipsos says the Liberals are at 47% and NDP 33%. We say their even. Who do you believe? The polling firm that successfully predicts political races—or the one with all the money?
Will Carole James and Mike Farnworth both be winners and move to get rid of Section 32 and 16---and protect British Columbians private property rights and Charter Rights.
But who will believe any news agency, newspaper, radio or television station willing to ignore the complete and unequivocal decimation of private property rights. But this is more than just about private property rights. It's about your Charter Rights as well. The city of Coquitlam can simply knock down your door, push you aside--and do as they please. Do you think Gordon Campbell TV will be doing any news stories about the rights of property owners being flushed down the toilet-currently hidden away from public view?
So Carole, who are you going to side with: ROBBINS, Jim Van Rassel ( ) ---the conservative democrat running as an Independent in Coquitlam---your own MLA—or Gordon Campbell TV?
This ROBBINS poll of Coquitlam residents is another stark and compelling piece of polling truth which reinforces that the people, mom and pop, sister Becky, and young son Toby-Charles are all together with us---ROBBINS---and Dutch treat Jim Van Rassel—in our quest to rid this province of the vermin that lurk in the shadows of the legislative dung-the Section 32’s, the 16’s, and other manufactured lies from lawyers who forgot what common law means a long, long time ago.
To achieve this, don’t re-elect any incumbents WHO REFUSE TO KICK OUT SECTION 32 AND 16- of a community charter which permits the totalitarian right of these elected people of the billion dollar bastards who assist them in their wanton and reckless eradication of our rights—particularly our right to protect what Prime Minister Stephen Harper has referred to as our most important asset and investment---the family home.
Anyone who supports this---(in our opinion under our Charter Rights to express our opinion) is a criminal. The police won’t do anything about this---they attend private homes to help bailiffs carry out illegal enforcement orders---the Marxists are right---the cops get the guns—so they can—if they have to-- help the elected crooks steal your property from you---and they can. In this communist/fascist ‘political hole’ called British Columbia (Canada) the government can do any damn thing it wants. The news is bought off (in our opinion) ---the mainstream polling is Taylor made (in our opinion) ---and in our professional opinion—this is the stuff of the most dangerous ambitions of corruption ever undertaken in the western world.
Folks—guess who ultimately can decide about expropriation. The lieutenant governor in council—who is presently an aboriginal man---is this ringing any bells of alarm? The crooks in government or in the press with yell racist---ROBBINS is yelling---we are in grave danger.
Jim Van Rassel—is working on his home on Burke Mountain---where the city of Coquitlam wants to steal citizen’s property to make room for a soccer field for a city councillor who won’t support Mayor Make-it-up. But yet the three vans that pull up with municipal voters’ each three years---while the rest of us yawn---is proof that this is exactly what you get with apathy. A bunch of crooks---crooked politicians---in it for a buck—for attention—for power—often with little or no talent (what happened to your ethics and morality?).
Newspaper shills getting $100,000 per year and more to sell lies to the public. There’s the door, there’s the bridge---jump—you are in part responsible for ruining our province
How long do you think people will support this trash? The municipal government—not the big crazy’s in the federal government or the cigar store Indian Campbell-can do anything they please---with your home. The only thing that isn’t taxed when you sell it. Even when there are rumours your RRSP’s won’t be worth spit to you in 20 years---your home where the new car you bought as prices went up---as others couldn’t buy---and now you look at a carbon tax---tax tax tax tax tax tax---and give the money to Campbell’s Olympics and his friends.
Now---when I started the polling business---my callers were interrupted when they left work, harassed, bothered---on and on. We realized who our enemy was---and soldiered on. Now Jim Van Rassel---harassed—cars with windows blackened out—mysterious people---for two years now---this is a hard working citizen—why does he bother you? Because he tells the truth---and as Jack says’ “you can’t handle the truth?” His neighbours in the northeast sector, same thing---harassment, cars in the driveway-city officials and manager want the property for a soccer field—just do as they please—and make it impossible for honest citizens to enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
We have the addresses and contacts of every Coquitlam city councillor and administrator---if you don’t believe us---ask them-ask these ***** what they think of your private property rights. Trust me..they do not care about your private property..they just want your taxes. Lou Sekora, Maxine Wilson, Brent Asmundsen, Doug McDonnell, Richard Stewart, Fin Donnelly, Mae Reid, Barry Lynch, Neil Nicholson/ city manager Steblin and various and sundry faceless sychophants---you all approved this---every municipality and every city government approved this abrogation of private property rights. You knew what you were doing
'Rocky', John---right now this country is as crooked as it gets----do as you please—it can’t be made worse.

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