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ROBBINS calls on Prime Minister to appoint fed prosecutor for BC Legislature raid--corruption trial
  Aug 10, 2008

(Vancouver) ROBBINS Sce Research President and CEO Glen P. Robbins is calling on Prime Minister Stephen Harper to appoint a federal prosecutor to look into the court case involving the raid on the British Columbia legislature, a case which is now in its fifth year with no sign of a trial—or just as important answers to why ‘the people’s house’ was raided by the police.

“From a democratic point of view—keeping in mind that the Federal government is responsible for peace, order and good government under Canada’s constitution—the fact that a high profile court case involving the BC Legislature—has yielded little or no tangible information to the public about this serious raid- and appears to offer little more for the future, the fact that the current Attorney General a political position is a former B.C. Supreme Court judge appointed by the Prime Minister’s Office—with special prosecutors—who refuse to be accountable to the public—and most importantly of all—the fact that this court case has now far exceeded the time of a complete election cycle—has produced potentially the biggest anti-democratic monster of a problem this province has ever seen—and the Prime Minister needs to take action now” says Robbins.
Robbins believes that within not more than 60 days of immediate appointment, the federal prosecutor(s) could provide a report on circumstances relating to delays and make recommendations regarding how the public interest and proper democracy could be served with the swift advancement of a public trial compelling by all measures including seizing Madam Justice Bennett—to ensure a trial commences and is concluded with a Determination before the end of March, 2009. “No more secrets—no more legal tricks—just the facts please.”
“It doesn’t necessarily take direct collusion between the Attorney General’s office and the courts to keep this thing stalled---lawyers through their actions can signal to one another what their intentions are—after five years—if you ask me or any other person with reasonable knowledge of the matter—they would tell you the fix appears to be in. If this trial is not undertaken prior to the next general provincial election in British Columbia in May 2009—and it doesn’t appear that it will—two general elections would have been completed in the province without the public in British Columbia being any the wiser about a raid on its most fundamental democratic institution—the Legislature—the place where elected people are expected to make laws, which unelected Judges are expected to enforce.”
“What is happening in this court case is complete mockery of justice and democracy and the Prime Minister needs to show some leadership here—it’s his office that appoints these Judges---and if they aren’t too concerned than maybe he ought to be.”
Glen P. Robbins (604) 942-3757

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