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McCain leads Obama by 2%--ROBBINS-most accurate public opinion pollster in the World.
ROBBINS is 100% Glen P. Robbins and Family owned--no partners-no debt.  Aug 13, 2008

This is a random sample of 1,050 U.S. citizens ‘who claim to vote’ in -national elections each four years-. This poll was conducted between August 8-14, 2008. This poll has a margin of error of 2.75-3.15%, 19 times out of 20 @ 95% confidence. Thanks to our Aussie brothers for the help.
ROBBINS makes note that in the narrative section there are some comments that follow with the name of a rock song and the artist (in this poll The Rolling Stones particularly) we suggest reading the commentary with that song on a good stereo. See if the narrative doesn't provide a better story with the music!

Question #1
In your opinion is the United States better off now than in September 2001?
Yes- (511)    48 %
No- (487)    46 %
Question #2
In your opinion is the United States better off now than during the View Nam war?
Yes- (485)    46 %
No- (312)    30 %
Question #3
Which candidate and party—if you had to pick one today- do you prefer to be your next President of the United States?
Barack Obama and Democrats- (472)    45 %
John McCain and Republicans- (495)    47 %
Question #4
If the United States were to legalize marijuana and raise taxes from it—would it give away the impression to other nations, and the European Union—that America was getting soft?
Yes- (462)    44 %
No- (399)    38 %
ROBBINS broke with tradition and asked respondents about candidate and party support at the end of this poll of American voters. We have no idea whether or not the two main questions preceding this question (and other piggyback questions fused into the poll) made a difference in response. We do know that generally speaking, the majority of respondents are of the opinion that the United States is better off now than after September 11, 2001 and of decided respondents, a clear majority is of the opinion that the United States is better off now than during the Viet Nam war.
If the sentiment among those respondents more familiar with the Viet Nam war—is that Viet Nam was a “dirty” war, not popular with American citizens—are we to assume by these respondents in this historic ROBBINS poll covering the run for the President of the United States is that the war in Iraq is less dirty, or is it because the war is more quiet and/or is being covered less, or is because they feel the United States is winning the war? (When the whip comes down-The Rolling Stones).
Many respondents unfamiliar with the Viet Nam war could not, would not, and DID not answer the question-although a significant minority of the total is certain that the country has gone is not better off now than during the Viet Nam war. The number who think that the country was better off during Viet Nam---what is this all about? Was this awful time actually American at its best?
Today—as the question prompts-- is when respondents had to choose between Barack Obama and John McCain and the political parties they represent.
For the first time in ROBBINS polling on this Presidential election--- “the most accurate pollster in the World” Senator John McCain of Arizona takes the lead.
The problem appears to be less about Barack Obama and more about the party he represents. Americans are losing confidence in the Democratic Party. Only (39%) of respondents are claiming to be supporters of the Democratic Party, while (35%) claim to support the Republican Party. The majority of the remaining respondents (24%) claim to be Independents. The John Edwards affair, ambiguity over the Clintons, more conversation about why the Clintons ‘got robbed’ and what their most loyal supporters might do about it—have induced many respondents/voters to basically move over to John McCain. Most, I suspect are already dressed for his success. The Paris Hilton—Britney Spears stuff—was politically unattractive—however--- for pure and meaningful spin on the other end of the phone—I speculate that it took (1.0 of overall respondent/voter) support or more of younger male voters from Barack Obama to John McCain-based on the number of male respondents under 40 that are supporting McCain. That’s a nice swipe.
A large minority of respondents in ROBBINS strategic calling/// knows the military history of the McCain family. There is a strong military contingent in this poll and it’s all McCain. Now—is this a surprise? Not necessarily—particularly when one considers the strength of support in that demographic (67%) for McCain and (33%) for Obama. That’s roughly two to three points of OVERALL support in America.
The Blacks got used in Viet Nam—sorry now—don’t write and yell. I am certain there were a grossly disproportionate number of African Americans to members of other ethnic demographics including Caucasian soldiers (who nevertheless made up the bulk of all ethnic groups in the battle).
Muhammad Ali made Viet Nam an ugly word in the black community---and certainly did not square with word on the street that Ali wasn’t simply a person who refused to be inducted into the armed forces—knew that he was the heavyweight champion of the world---but was Muslim—it was a racist decision. I mean there is some jaw dropping illogic to all this-including our perception—sometimes/// of honest to goodness Muslim Americans. (It’s all over now-The Rolling Stones).
To counter this: Russia attacks Georgia—a sovereign nation with the same name as a beautiful United States state. This is no accident---this is a message to the United States---look at Russia’s oil reserves---McCain called Putin out early---McCain will talk—but while he’s doing --his talking-- he’s strapping on his gun belt-and saying ‘say hello to my little friend’ “You f-ck with John McCain at three in the morning----figure it out”. This statement/response typifies the emotion provoked during a period of crisis—particularly out of the southeast.
Putin wants a piece of McCain//McCain is drooling over the opportunity Putin has provided. The world is scary—but not the kind of scary it was during the cold war and Viet Nam. People have more information—the U.S. has been attacked on its own soil---global warming—oil as a conspicuously strategic commodity---Russia is concerned about it’s own ability to transport oil as Eastern European nations and other Soviet bloc breakaways move towards democracy—leaving Russia in a position of being diplomatically isolated---particularly on the European side. If Russia becomes trapped---the talk of oil independence through offshore efforts and T. Boone capitalism will materially change the strategic advantage of the United States---and reinforce relations between the U.S. and China----who doesn’t want trouble in the region—and although China has an incredible army—it also recognizes what Russia is saying about Tibet, Taiwan, Hong Kong etc. If China doesn’t make progress post Olympics---the young people of the world—will never forgive it.
Putin could actually give the advantage to Obama----like Krushchev gave to Kennedy over the Cuban Missile Crisis----nobody needed X-Lax back then.
The United States may be in debt up to its armpits---but it’s beat this problem before—the system knows how to do this---and the people essentially---are telling us that they are better off now than they were 35 years ago. What was the “new normalcy” under Eisenhower---to stop communism? What is the “new normalcy” since 9-11—to secure scarce resources like oil? The strategic advantage the United States has made under George W. Bush is far more extraordinary than any media dares to discuss. A cursory review of history would reveal this as true.
How’s the U.S. debt looking now China? How about a little relief----there are policing costs.
John McCain is benefiting from this.
Every leader of every country in the world knows that John McCain talks while he is strapping on his gun belt. Barack Obama has to show power to prove he is tough enough. It’s unfortunate---because a lot of people in the world love him the way he naturally is—strong and confident. But McCain does not delude himself about political realism---if the other guy has a gun—he’s as likely to use it as not. Russian aggression helps the Presidential candidate perceived to be toughest. (Blue Turns to Grey-The Rolling Stones).
If Barack Obama hasn’t seen Gary Cooper in High Noon----he better watch it now—because this is what his party has brought him to. Sometimes this is how life goes down—and if you go up or down---you do it with machismo. Let Nancy Pelosi put flowers in her hair-. Barack---show them the anchor punch.///Show 'em the rope a dope. Ali’s heroism is about his machismo—I don’t give a shit about the rest of it—they are the ingredients yes—but his legendary status is knocking out George Foreman against all odds---in Africa---he pissed blood in hospital for two weeks afterward. I’ve seen “When we were Kings” fifty times. That’s macho----McCain’s macho---
If we love Ali in an almost God-like way---and he is Muslim—and—wasn’t Muhammad Ali arguably the most beloved personality anywhere anytime—Big as Elvis---in many ways different—even greater—in terms of the physical nature of his heroism---and the sacrifice that he was burdened with—while Elvis’s sacrifice was the burden of his own identity. Both painful journeys from time to time (but isn’t that the awesome beauty of life).
Out of nowhere it seems the events of the past two weeks—or maybe an accumulation of little things over a longer period of time than that—have many swing voters changing their minds about Republicans---maybe even about George W. Bush—but certainly John McCain is steady---unshakable—solid. McCain is a white replica of Joe Frazier and George Foreman—and although Ali eventually beat both of these men---they were legends---death by explosion in each hand. I don’t draw down McCain as dark or evil—because he isn’t---but Lord and Mary watch Old Country for Old Men---McCain moves through his political career, through the Republican nomination---through this Presidential election like he’s unstoppable---like he can’t be denied.
That’s five years in a Vietnamese prison---spending time with mentors like Ronald Reagan---learning his way around Washington---yes the people want change—but you don’t drive your own campaign bus to save money—eating hot dogs—staff not working for any money---democrats pay concubines tens of thousands. It’s about experience and that is what John McCain is selling—people in the United States are still buying. It isn’t Bush—and yes McCain is an old man---a seventy year old man---but this isn’t any 70 year old man….it’s John McCain. And like Ali----Barack Obama is going to have to throw everything at this guy to win----or he will lose.
----this deal here is about Barack. Barack Obama is attractive, popular—I believe many Americans hope he wins—but the party is looking ‘flaky’---and the Clinton luster of the 1990’s is wearing thin- fast with at least a hard and dirty (35%) per cent of the nation positively just don’t like these two. There are a lot who love them—love them both still (mid to high 20”s overall)—and a lot of these like Barack Obama now—so the Clintons ought not to divide of their own house, but sow seeds of renewal in the next flower—Barack Obama. (New kid in town—Eagles).
In late August ‘08 we are either going to bear witness to the greatest political disaster of modern times—or the greatest political resurrection since Winston Churchill in pre-war Britain (and this guy was the toughest ‘bitch’ of all time). You--- young folks want to know what courage is---read anything on Winston Churchill or Franklin Delano Roosevelt. See also Conrad Black—Canadian journalist, newspapers baron, and incredible writer—re FDR>. Obama is on the ropes and McCain is throwing bombs. To take back his 10 point lead Obama will have to drop McCain—hurt him badly---and tell everyone how pretty he is----. The next month of U.S. politics is going to be pretty intense. Where is Obama?—stud---it’s the women who vote for Obama—he’s a sex idol—it’s not his fault—it’s unbelievable----it’s out of body from the realities of what is actually going on in this election. It’s like a psychological civil war on three fronts in the Kingdom of United States—America—Middle East, Northern Asia----and within it’s own borders.
Somehow and sadly the Edwards family difficulties will increase John Edwards name recognition—but hurt his family deeply for a while.
///I don’t believe this marked error in judgement makes John Edwards any less than the best of what we know of him as a man.
There are many important figures in American history, including many African Americans. The best public speaker of all time is Dr. Martin Luther King (Jr.); the most beloved is Muhammad Ali. Whites, Blacks, Christians, Muslims, Jews—have already integrated—they are well entrenched in American communities. Let’s be strategic—but never so brazen that in defending ourselves—we hurt those who support and love us. I send this message of hope of to both my U.S. and Canadian brothers and sisters.
The next ‘chosen’ one is Barack Obama—he may be God’s choice—(certainly not the anti-Christ) but people vote for flesh leaders not idols in elections. His critics, and other doubters are able to exploit his lack of experience—not just because its true—but also because it is more worrisome in the culture of a party which appeared—(and I’m talking past tense—because the war is on with McCain)-------- destined for victory—but is unraveling more and more each day because after Bill Clinton--- it lost it’s way---
creating a situation where the new kid in town (Obama) will need to save the party from itself/for himself---and the irony of all ironies--- Obama may need Slick Willy to help him win. Hillary has to take it on the chin for her country again—what’s new here? What a tangled web we weave.
Insiders are telling ROBBINS that Hillary Clinton is saying “I won’t spend one more minute as second banana”, and has told Bill to ‘go have fun---I will look after the Senate’. (Ava Adore—The Smashing Pumpkins voted second BEST rock love song to 1960-2008 (United States ROBBINS Internet poll of 13,425 regular computer users).
(Greatest song in America right now------“Sweet Home Alabama”—KID Rock---hope Warren Zeon’s family gets a few million). Americans love their nation---Russia attacks Georgia---like the Americans are going to let this happen---the north attacking the south. If I had a rich partner for the worldwide development of ROBBINS---the new world journalism--- for my business it would ultimately be Richard Branson of Virgin-- --the last time on CNN. Larry King---that whole T. Boone Pickens, Ed Begley Jr. Richard Branson smells like bank account win — environment win----World win. I like these guys. Begley’s credibility is the standard of living the truth of environmental sustainable. (Till the next goodbye—The Rolling Stones).
------Obama likes to play the game from the penthouse with the poetic soul of a bohemian street artisan—he’s a basketball player—that sport is all about the air. Still how long is his own party going to kick him around? I mean fundamentally this is bullshit…..right?
George W. Bush may have been a little awkward about his approach---by I’m wondering if a growing crowd of Americans aren’t looking at him a little more fondly folks? (ROBBINS Bush approval rating is now 40%) When they pay at the pump they aren’t always blaming Bush and Cheney the way his political enemies lampoon.
McCain doesn’t have this problem. He’s John McCain and is an identifiable//- almost absolutely quantifiable mainstream candidate/apart from George W. Bush///who doesn’t get Democrat support///McCain does though—and right now, today—he is the more popular of the two candidates in the race for the Presidency. Rising oil prices and risk of shortage—through over dependence makes Iraq almost understandable to Americans now—even if they were sick of it one year ago. The focus on China and Russia fighting Georgia----and the limelight in this region of the world—much closer to Afghanistan than Iraq—coupled with John McCain’s gutsy call on Iraq a year ago—has made him the go to guy for more Americans.
We need to speak to Americans about the draw on successful offshore wells from the total of reserves expected to be depleted in 50 to 100 years. We need to relate it to anticipated revenues from taxes which the successful oil producers are certain to pay in return for the right to grow or maintain any business advantage. Perhaps the federal government should take control of the offshore drilling in conjunction with oil companies? Get some of those huge profits being made from fossil fuels and put it to work advancing through independent entrepreneurs, not subsidiaries of big oil companies—the efforts of alternative energy sustainability. (Trampled Under Foot---Led Zeppelin).
With fossil fuels becoming increasing scarce year by year---very serious strategic concerns regarding this form of energy must be considered----so long as the United States could show cause of it’s anticipated successes in the development of its own oil U.S. corporate delivery of oil into the American market is only a fraction of other oil—in terms of global American use. Now this oil we’re going to get from offshore—based on anticipated revenue flows—direct taxation///corporate taxes, it must be seen to be available to benefit to a large extent environmental pursuits in the United States. We must not be deterred from those that say this won’t come on stream for a decade or two. We must take pledges of funding from oil companies engorged with profits who are willing to provide venture capital to arms length businesses willing to get wind, solar, power, tidal---etc. moving. In return the government will work with them reasonably on permitting licenses to drill for oil. But we must watch for conflicts of interest! This is as important as homeland security and the market cannot be the only players. (All along the Watchtower—Jimi Hendrix).
My business associate (and friend) Jim Van Rassel makes his home in Burke Mountain in Coquitlam, BC Canada---not far from my home on Westwood Summit, next to homes and multi-million dollar mansions in Toney Westwood Plateau.
Van Rassel is currently working on his own environmentally perfect homes. He is even able to successfully monitor water quality for the entire Burke mountain development---scheduled to be the most environmentally friendly. If the water quality is reduced as a consequence of development issues—Jim will be the first to know and he’s running for city councillor in Coquitlam Canada (population: 140,000,000—regional population—just under one quarter million---come on down). With this in mind they almost have to elect him---better to keep him inside than on the outside eh? By the way—LID (low impact development) means such things as water flows from the property will not be mixed together which introduces chemicals from other flows with rain water. Homes with be designed to include solar panels, geothermal heating—sufficient to reduce monthly home heating, and energy use will be no cost. Models may be available in higher price brackets which will produce more energy sufficient to sell back to the grid—leaving money in that person’s pocket.
Americans like Europeans have LID programs on impervious structures (buildings) ----Canada has difficulty getting through an honest democratic process to construct these types of developments on mountain tops where they most certainly belong. How backward is this?
Democrat men in leadership roles apparently cannot manage their own lives---and John Edward’s admitted indiscretion has not helped the credibility of Bill Clinton— or his wife Hillary ---who tolerated the behaviour and now seems out of step for so doing—as “Stand by you Man” woman are looking to John McCain for their President. Ironically, the rock love song most attached to John McCain supporter (average age 54) is “I’ve Got you Babe” by Sonny and Cher. Isn’t Cher a Democrat—hardcore? Correct me if I am wrong---.
Barack Obama has to wonder if maybe his party isn’t simply out to sabotage him. The Democrats are going to need to be very good at the convention—because if they aren’t McCain’s advantage will increase—one female respondent said—“I don’t even know if I like John McCain—but nobody is going to give him trouble without expecting it in return” He is already seen as comfortable in his own skin with American voters—even when some of HIS party isn’t comfortable with him. Look at him now!
(Baba O’riley-The Who).
Glen P. Robbins.
Kellie Robbins.

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