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Beijing 2008 Olympics, Vancouver Mayor's Race, Pamela Anderson
Gideon-My Morning Jacket  Aug 21, 2008

This is a random telephone sample of 625 respondents in the City of Vancouver, British Columbia between August 15 and 21, 2008. This ROBBINS poll features a margin of error of 4.4%, 19 times out of 20 @95% confidence. This poll was sponsored in part by candidate for Coquitlam city councillor Jim Van Rassel (JVR) (604) 328-5398, Glen P. Robbins and Associates, and another.

Question #1
Which leader and political party in BC do you currently support?
Carole James/ New Democrats- (247)    39.5 %
Gordon Campbell/ BC Liberals- (231)    37 %
Wilf Hanni/ BC Conservative-(17)    2.8 %
Jane Sterk/ BC Green-(59)    9.5 %
Undecided/Can’t Answer (71)    11.5 %
Question #2
Are you impressed by the 2008 Beijing Olympics?
Yes-(188)    30.1 %
No-(156)    25 %
Not watching-(281)    45 %
Question #3
(Entertainment question)Hollywood personality--animal rights activist---and BC born Pamela Anderson could consider a run for BC provincial politics. In your opinion which BC political party is she best suited to?
Green Party    12 %
Marijuana Party    10 %
New Democratic Party    28 %
BC Liberal    6.5 %
Undecided/Can’t Answer    43.5 %
Question #4
Currently, who is your favourite choice for Vancouver Mayor in November 08?
Vision Vancouver’s Gregor Robertson-(266)    42.6 %
NPA’s Peter Ladner-(241)    38.6 %
The numbers:
Carole James and BC NDP take narrow lead over Gordon Campbell and BC Liberals in this ROBBINS poll of Vancouver residents.
30% of Vancouver respondents are “impressed” by the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.
Over 50% of respondents are of the opinion that Hollywood/BC beauty and animal rights activist Pamela Anderson is best suited to Green, Marijuana or BC NDP.
If decided respondents are any indication, Gregor Robertson looks like the odds on favourite to win the Mayor’s chair in the upcoming Vancouver civic election with (52.5%) decided respondents supporting him.
Supporters of Gordon Campbell’s BC Liberals and NPA’s Peter Ladner are of the opinion that Pamela Anderson is “best suited” to any other party-- other than their own. These respondents were apparently serious when they indicated that Pamela and the Marijuana Party was a good ‘hook-up’. If respondents did not take Pamela Anderson seriously they were more inclined not to choose one of the party labels offered, and instead either chose undecided/can’t answer or callers would place them in this category of response.
What is very interesting is that over one half of those who indicated Pamela Anderson was best suited to the BC NDP also supported Gregor Robertson. There is no doubt that many Gregor Robertson supporters would like to see him stump with Pamela Anderson. A significant number of those respondents who were of the opinion that Pamela Anderson was best suited to the BC Liberals were also BC NDP and Gregor Robertson supporters.
BC hockey legend Geoff Courtnall (prodigy of Barry “Barack” Robbins) paraded Pamela Anderson around her BC hometown of Duncan/Chemainus---but it appears the Hollywood sex idol and activist has a pretty decent following in the bigger venue-- Vancouver, BC. Pam could show US her local roots and maintain a very high profile if she were to run for the BC NDP in the by-election to replace Gregor Robertson in Vancouver Fairview—where Carole James affirmative action will be put into effect. Will BC NDP Opposition leader Carole James be looking more for a Jane Hathaway or Elly May Clampett type-to lead her affirmative action revolution?
There are near absolute correlations of support between BC NDP and Gregor Robertson and BC Liberal and Peter Ladner. This in and itself may not be a surprise, but was interesting to ROBBINS strategic callers was how decisive respondents were. Tick marks on callers sheets went back and forth between candidate selections. Daytime calls rendered a very close race between the two mayoral candidates—with nighttime calls giving Gregor Robertson a more clear edge. This will be a close race.
Politics in Vancouver, BC, Canada and the United States is getting very exciting—and people are talking. You heard it hear first.
It’s our professional impression that Gordon Campbell and BC Liberals are slowly fading. This may not be a trend absolute, however if Vancouver is any indication--- it matches up fairly well with the suggestions from a recent Angus Reid Strategies poll which has both the BC NDP and BC Liberals even.
The BC Liberals are giving ground to the BC NDP. Couple this with the fledgling provincial Conservatives—and Master BC investigative journalist--Public Eye’s Sean Holman speculation that BC Conservative leader Wilf Hanni will run in the Vancouver Fairview by-election---and you have the perfect recipe for Gordon Campbell’s potential electoral demise. Premier Campbell’s recent out of this world pay raise to senior bureaucrats, private jets---party attitude and dubious parliamentary work ethic-----linked to like minded efforts/firewalls (hiring of more and more overpaid managers) throughout BC Municipalities---carbon tax---who am I?? Green—oops Conservative---ooops Liberal-----and yes socialist—and bureaucracy Blottila the Hun--- dilemma and you have a Molotov cocktail for taxpayer revolt.
Gregor Robertson’s lead over Peter Ladner also supports this assertion. The parallels between the mayors’ race and provincial politics are clear. If the mayor’s race is close-// so too will be the provincial election in May 2009 and so on.
The 2008 Beijing Games in China provide some very interesting insight into public opinion in Vancouver home of the 2010 Winter Olympics. A clear majority of BC NDP/Gregor Robertson supporters claim they are ‘not watching’ or are not impressed by the 2008 Beijing Olympics, while a majority of BC Liberal/Peter Ladner supporters are ‘impressed’.
----I thought Global’s Keith Baldrey wrote a good piece for the local newspapers wherein// he questioned the ease with which Gordon Campbell claimed he could solve the homelessness problem. I drove my family down to visit friends at the fabulous Wedgewood Hotel—and we traveled down Hastings. My wife was nearly in tears-God it’s sad---I’m not saying Rich Coleman has an easy task of it---but this isn’t right. Hundreds and hundreds of people with sleeping bags right on the sidewalk. Skinny gaunt and pathetic----a modern day ‘Made in Vancouver’ Holocaust.
I’m ashamed---I’m ashamed of Gordon Campbell---I’m ashamed of his government---and I’m ashamed that we aren’t all angry. This is not acceptable. These people are lost---drug addicted—dirty filthy needles everywhere----this is hell on earth---and (apparently) we’re going to fix it overnight. The “I’ve got mine---you’re not my responsibility” people----should not lead anyone---- not anymore.
There are a lot of very good arguments why federal Health Minister Tony Clement should not fund Insite---and the needle exchange—but I can’t think of any of them at this particular moment.
Although the choices were not crystal clear for our 2008 Beijing Olympics question---we simply wanted to generally ask people if they were impressed. This does not necessarily mean they were watching or paying attention to the Olympics—however one would assume that something about the Olympics—the actual events—news reports—something was ‘impressive’. Similarly those who were not impressed (“No”)—may not have been unimpressed by anything they saw or read—or heard, however we might safely assume that this is the case—because the third choice specifically permitted respondents to inform us if they were “Not watching”—the Olympics are certainly first and foremost a visual event.
If we assume that those who answered either “Yes” or “No” to the Beijing Olympics question---had witnessed/watched some aspect of the Games—television, radio, Newspaper--Internet (including opening ceremony)—than these numbers are pretty darn good affirmation for Beijing.
Here is what I know on this. My community pool is well used by the large visible minority population---while conducting my snail’s pace laps—the Asian kids say “excuse me sir—I’m Michael Phelps.”
====Canada has to provide more resources for athletes---the Games themselves might annoy quite a few people----for any number of reasons—but the athletes are competing—and we are holding the Games here---let’s cut the Canadian cheapskate loser mentality---- (I am elected and or work in the provincial/federal politburo—and keep all the money and most of the holidays) ----- and fork over some dough for our athletes.
Glen P. Robbins Kellie Robbins

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