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TOP POLLS and NEWS at ROBBINS for August 08
ROBBINS is 100% Glen P. Robbins and Family owned--no partners-no debt.  Aug 28, 2008

From total hits/visitors,unique and return.
Number 1 for August 08:
Poll title: Sea to Shining Sea published: August 02, 08
Number 2
ROBBINS calls on Prime Minister to appoint federal prosecutor for BC Legislature raid-corruption trial published: August 11,08
Number 3
ROBBINS declares BC NDP leader Carole James winner of 2009 election published: November 27, 2007
Number 4
Beijing 2008 Olympics, Vancouver's mayoral race, Pamela Anderson published: August 22, 08
Number 5
Public opinion in Canada published: July 28, 08
Number 6
BEST places to live in Vancouver published: February 17, 2007 Voted most popular 'poll' or news' for 2007
Number 7
Public opinion in Coquitlam/Port Coquitlam-who will win Mayor? ROBBINS Van Rassel published: August 10, 2008
Number 8
ROBBINS Comprehensive (massive) poll of Canadians pre-election--see Ipsos Reid (massive) as well. See how accurate we are! published: December 11, 2005 (one month + before last general federal election).
Number 9
Prime Minister Stephen Harper's popularity on the rise published: August 05, 2006
Number 10
BC Liberals hold statistical lead over NDP (province) plus six suburbs published: April 09, 2005
Note: to Number 7--"Public opinion in Coquitlam....ROBBINS Van Rassel" 225 return visitors to ROBBINS from Coqutlam, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody for the month of August.

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