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Obama, McCain--heading through the backstretch-ROBBINS
Time has come today--Chambers Brothers  Sep 01, 2008

A random telephone sample of 948 with a total of 1,050 American citizens who are ‘likely voters’ between August 29, 2008 and September 1, 2008. The margin of error is 3.53% plus or minus 19 times out of 20 with confidence of 95%. 102 respondents have been called previously. This poll was sponsored in conjunction with GPR friends and associates (Canada, US, and Australia).

Question #1
Which candidate and party running to win the White House in November 08—do you most support?
Barack Obama and Democratic Party-(528)    50.5 %
John McCain and Republican Party-(488)    46.5 %
Question #2
In your opinion which ONE of the following limited number of choices BEST describes the type of person you would like to win the White House?
A person who is honest, straightforward and has integrity-(463)    44 %
A person who is excellent on foreign policy and world affairs-(244)    23.5 %
A person who is excellent on domestic policy and economics-(278)    26.5 %
Undecided/Spoiled    06 %
Question #3
In your opinion does a financially wealthy person who is not born into wealth normally have to be a ‘bit of a bastard’ to reach that economic status?
Yes    43 %
No    35 %
It appears that an earlier ROBBINS prophecy may be coming true. The US Presidential race is really starting to crank up the volume with both candidates and parties in position to win in a close election where basis points could make the difference. This poll reveals that the 10 point bump anticipated for Obama post Democratic convention did not materialize—. Obama nonetheless has strong popularity at 52% Decided support among ‘likely voters’. With Gustav interrupting the Republican national convention perhaps ROBBINS other prophecy from our previous poll of Presidential politics (that ‘God wants Obama to win’ has come true as well)!
We will leave that latter point for our favourite comedian Bill Maher to have some fun with.
Based on the suggested outcome from this ROBBINS poll Barack Obama already has enough support to win, but with a very small Undecided/Other (03%) among likely voters—and 8 weeks plus left to go, the margin for error for either candidate is very small. Obama supporters are absolutely convinced he can’t be beaten “Obama’s gonna win for sure” typifies supporter comment. The Democratic National Convention was a flawless political production, Ted Kennedy, both Hillary and Bill Clinton, as well as presidential candidate Barack Obama and his running mate Joe Biden providing near perfect performances. Against this majestic Democratic production, perhaps the Republicans more homespun folksy approach may ultimately serve them well. It certainly presents a sharp contrast.
John McCain’s introduction of Sarah Palin has helped him; it has brought the Republican base out. In our view she is an excellent choice. Firstly, geographically Alaska offers a lot—it is not far from Asia’s eastern coastline, has implications for somewhat dubious Canadian sovereignty—(allowing Canadian PM Harper who is expected to call a general federal election to go to bat for Canadian sovereignty---this is going to be THE issue in the Canadian general federal election). Secondly, Alaska fits in to McCain’s plans for America to lose its dependence on foreign oil—as Alaska is loaded with reserves—and yet is not located on the American continent.
On a personal basis, vice-presidential hopeful Palin is a real go-getter and is already the darling of the conservative set with her sexy good looks (that whole librarian thing), and history as an ass-kicker in Alaskan politics—her family is now the poster people for the average family in America—all this while reality television is on TV channels across America//keeping her Down Syndrome child instead of opting for abortion and supporting her 17 year old daughter’s choice the child she is expecting-are featured aspects of the news vetting of her candidacy. Brilliant move by McCain. Production teams may want to sign the contracts now for: “Hockey mom goes to Washington”, the real life story of an Alaskan hockey mom running for vice-president of the United States.
“A woman’s right to choose includes the right to have the baby as well.”
Mrs. Palin also supports John McCain’s reformer/maverick image and will certainly keep some conservative democrats looking the Republican way. If Palin holds up under media scrutiny-she could turn out to be John McCain’s’ advantage in the quest for the White House.
(I can see the super human image of Sarah Palin dressed in tights---you heard me tights---AK 47 in hand---cleaning up Washington old school---kids don’t try this at home).
Obama holds an eight (8) point lead over McCain in California (340 respondents) is tied with McCain in Ohio (100) and Florida (102)—and is only slightly behind McCain in Pennsylvania (87).
The American voter is most interested in the personalities for President of the United States. A significant minority prefers a real person with a real history---just like them. They are demanding someone who will be truthful with him and conducts the office with integrity. From our perspective the general civility and decency offered to John McCain (as a war hero), and to Sarah Palin’s daughter by Obama and others is an attractive approach to many Americans who now clearly understand the contrast between John McCain’s bricks and mortar and Barack Obama’s more innovative approach to leadership and vision for the country—and don’t want to be bogged down in the noise of the commercialization of politics—negative advertising etc.
The commercialization of news/politics is okay—because it is helping the American people who are fast becoming fully engaged in this unbelievably exciting election---frame their personal impressions of the two candidates for President---and of their running mates as well. CNN contributor Gloria Bolger’s assertion that the vice-presidential contest may make that part of the ticket a more important factor in the election outcome—is right on the money in ROBBINS opinion.
The biographies of the two presidential candidates by CNN (John King/Suzanne Malveaux) was absolutely first rate—another on the VP’s would be a real treat.
The remaining majority of respondents choose either expertise on foreign policy or the economy as most important elements of the person they see in the White House in November 08.
A majority of respondents in America are of the opinion that you have to be a bit of a bastard to become rich---if you are not born into wealth. Rich people and large corporations are not in vogue. There are far more respondents who support Barack Obama and his party who also support the ‘new rich bastard’ hypothesis.

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