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Glen P Robbins to sue Federal government for $35,000,000 (US) dollars
ROBBINS is 100% Glen P. Robbins and Family owned--no partners-no debt.  Sep 02, 2008

Glen P. Robbins President and C.E.O. of ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) “the most accurate public opinion pollster in the World” is providing Notice to the Prime Minister’s Office and to the Attorney General of Canada that he “intends to seek damages for the loss of his publishing business, libel, malicious prosecution, breach of his Charter Rights and Freedoms, and the systematic and sustained abuse and torture (by any International standard) of his person on Canadian soil.”
“My family has lived in Canada since pre-Confederation adds Robbins.”
“Ultimately, the end result of this contemptuous activity conceived, concocted, and affirmed by two provincial and two federal governments---is heinous in the extreme” says Robbins.
The ultimate meanness and cruelty, sanctioned by these governments was the posting on a British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal website that Robbins, (who has no criminal record), was a pedophile. “A 22 year old woman in an ex parte sexual harassment complaint where I was falsely accused of ‘staring’ and whose Arab father was the owner of a business to which I consulted------ wrongly and maliciously accused me of being a pedophile in her testimony and the Tribunal Judge in his infinite stupidity thought it wise to include that in his Judgement of the facts. This egregious pedophile accusation was listed on Search Engine Google under my name for over one year and despite Meta Tags being placed on the site, likely remains in perpetuity out there in the worldwide web.”
Adds Robbins “to have my publishing business taken from me through a fraudulent and contrived lawsuit, denial of my right to freedom of speech as an Independent newspaper publisher-- to have my lawyer disbarred, and to have all my legal documents in that lawyers custody go missing so that I could not properly defend myself and could thus not attend (at BCHRT), to be confronted with two attorneys from Heenan Blaikie namely Lyndsey Lyster and Tonie Beharell who I have publicly accused and can prove did commit subornation of perjury in the matter, (and who have since been made Tribunal Judges to avoid legal prosecution)---AND to be challenged with the conspired efforts of both a provincial and federal Attorney General’s office to use Canada Revenue to interfere or otherwise keep me occupied with concocted and erroneous demands for money, the malicious actions of the Attorney General of Canada and its lawyers to concoct fraudulent documents-- and the egregious neglect of two provincial and two federal governments to properly and fairly deal with the matter---AND to be placed on the worldwide web as a pedophile—with no criminal record whatsoever—
is tantamount to torture in a country which alleges itself to be a bastion of democracy and a promoter of the Rule of Law and Human Rights.”
Robbins adds he will file the case in the Federal Court of Canada next week (unless they close it down for some reason) and will seek $35,000,000 (U.S) in damages.
Robbins had already filed a BC Supreme Court action #SO12600 seeking similar damages and despite the fact the BC Attorney General was lawfully served has never filed a Statement of Defence. Robbins is concerned that with BC having an Attorney General who is an ex BC Supreme Court Judge—that he may ultimately never get a fair hearing and is calling on Prime Minister Stephen Harper to personally and directly address the matter prior to this matter being filed in the Federal Court of Canada.
“I no longer have any confidence in British Columbia’s or Canada’s Attorneys General” says Robbins. “What I want is financial compensation---an acknowledgement of wrongdoing by my government—so that I can take the public opinion business I have successfully built (ROBBINS Sce Research 1998; and develop it’s business model in the United States and other parts of the truly free World.”

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